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1* AlternativeCharacterInterpretation: Is Wander really a huge [[TheDitz ditz]], or does he [[ObfuscatingStupidity act like it on purpose]] to stop Lord Hater's evil plans? [[GeniusDitz Or both?]] [[TheLastOfTheseIsNotLikeTheOthers OR]] is Wander simply on drugs? [[WhatDoYouMeanItWasntMadeOnDrugs Given the overtones of the show]], this is something to seriously consider.²** [[spoiler:Season 2 makes it clear that he definitely knows more than he lets on and that he's surprisingly manipulative, though he's still a bit of a ditz. Which begs the question: Exactly how intelligent IS Wander?]]²** Also, what he mean at the end of [[WhamEpisode "The Wanders"]] when he said that he don't want anybody to suffer like he did, was he talking about [[AndIMustScream his role in the episode]] or his past or both?²** [[spoiler: 'The Night Out' and 'The End of the Galaxy' paint one for Dominator. Is she really an irredeemable monster, or does she take her anger out on the universe because she is lonely and doesn't know what friendship is like? Also, did she really deny reforming in the finale, or did Wander get through to her? (at least to an extent) To add on to this, is she evil beause she is lonely, or is she lonely because of her being evil? Was her loneliness the cause of her evil? Or is she conflicted between her love for destruction and her desire for companionship?]]²* AngstWhatAngst: Beeza and her species in "The Ball" had to constantly move from planet to planet to escape from Buster, who practically destroys not only the planet but all the hard work they had done in it. Sure, they treat it as routine, but it gets worse when she mentions that they have no planets left and they will just keep flying until they run out of fuel or food, whichever comes first.²** [[spoiler:More significantly, Wander is apparently thousands of years old and he has likely outlived most of his past friends and companions. He certainly doesn't show it. That is, of course, unless ''[[WhoWantsToLiveForever this]]'' is what he was referring to when he said he knows what it's like to be helpless...]]²* AwesomeEgo: Lord Hater definitely, but to a lesser extent, Emperor Awesome fits this by trope and even more so by trope name.²** Dominator fits this tropes as well. She knows she's awesome and so does the audience. [[spoiler:However this is actually deconstructed later in the season. Her egomania has disastrous consequences on her as a person, causing her to view everyone else as inferior causing her to cut herself off from any social interaction, resulting in crippling loneliness. Worse still, her ego further prevents her from acknowledging this as an issue, and hence, she makes no effort to change herself for the better.]]²* SugarWiki/AwesomeMusic: As detailed [[AwesomeMusic/WanderOverYonder if you Wander over here]].²* BaseBreakingCharacter: ²** Wander, the lead protagonist, has become this. Many fans love him and find his antics entertaining and fun, but others find him incredibly annoying and uninteresting compared to Lord Hater. (Though this has largely died down as of Season 2.)²** Lord Dominator. For half the fanbase [[spoiler:she's a breath of fresh air, a GenkiGirl OmnicidalManiac and a competent villain who poses a legitimate threat and remains immune to Wander's attempts at friendship and shipping with Hater.]] For the other half, [[spoiler:she is considered a flat Mary Sue-type villain who unfairly steals attention away from the main 4. Though this changes slightly towards the end of Season 2, where she received a bit more character development.]]²** Lord Hater's change in personality between Seasons 1 and 2 is also subject to debate. To elaborate, in season 1, while still a PsychopathicManchild whose tyranny is being diminished by his obsession with Wander, he is still a badass force to be reckoned with. In season 2, he has been reduced to a BigBadWannabe, his PsychopathicManchild traits have been turned UpToEleven, and he is incapable of performing the simplest of tasks without Peepers' assistance. (Who himself went through a similar ''reversed'' change between seasons, but has been very well-received.) [[spoiler:Fans rejoiced at the sudden return of his utter badassery in the season finale.]]²** The season 2 finale has raised one major question. [[spoiler:Should Lord Dominator be reformed? Or is she better off as a villain?]] ²* BizarroEpisode: "The Void", in which Wander and Sylvia visit a white space (think Michael Crichton's [[ Sphere]]) where anything either of them dream up comes immediately true, and the rules of logic and common sense do not apply. It's pretty much non-stop insanity from start to finish. Which, considering that the normal episodes are pretty deranged too, is saying a lot.²** "The Bad Neighbors" is essentially "What if this show was a cheesy sitcom starring Hater and Peepers with Emperor Awesome as the SitcomArchNemesis?"²* BrokenBase: ²** The plot of The Battle Royale has stirred up the fanbase. While the fight scenes featuring recurring and [[EnsembleDarkhorse fan favorite villains]] along with Sylvia and Peepers getting development on their [[EnemyMine relationship]] was very well received by the fandom, the main criticism comes from Wander's romance plotline. Some have vocally expressed disgust over Wander trying to fix Hater up with Dominator [[UnfortunateImplications after discovering her secret since it feels that Wander is using her as a tool to make Hater good]]. Others have looked over this problem and have faith that Dominator will still be her own person, and vicious threat to the galaxy, and it will lead up to Wander's own character development. The ending to the episode, too: Some are excited to see what will happen now that Hater has a crush on Dominator, other's are calling it a cop out and are worried the romance will take over the show. [[spoiler: It later turns out that the latter is not the case.]]²** Due to what was mentioned under Main/WhatCouldHaveBeen , is the show good as it is by being mostly episodic with hints of a larger story, or could it have been better if it was more serialized?²* CrazyAwesome: Wander, continually saving planets by basically acting like a complete goofball. Highlights include stopping a feud in "The Good Deed" by acting out an elaborate courtroom scene [[TalkingToHimself by himself]] and literally confusing everyone into submission, to saving an entire planet by [[ItMakesSenseInContext wining a dance off]] in "The Party Animal".²* CrossesTheLineTwice: ²** In "The Boy Wander", Dr. Screwball Jones gets this with his tickle machine. Subjecting TickleTorture on unwilling subjects, and then overpowering Hero!Wander in a fight? Deliberate NightmareFuel and suspense. Doing it while singing a polka VillainSong? ''Hilarious''.²** In "The Black Cube" when everyone where confessing their bad days, one of the gang of teenagers mentioned that he is suffering from a distinct case of ennui... but then he admitted that he use words he doesn't understand to sound important.²** Lord Dominator slowly petrifying Emperor Awesome with cooled lava as he looks on in complete and utter fear is actually kind of horrifying. But then...²--> '''Awesome (afraid):''' Don't be like that babe! Come on, what about the good times? Hey... take it easy D!²--> '''Lord Dominator:''' That's ''Lord Dominator'' if you're ''nasty''. ²** Dominator stopping to [[spoiler:take a selfie with a crying Wander and Sylvia, who have PuppyDogEyes as she prepares to destroy the last flower they've found]].²** [[spoiler:Dominator performing a continuous fake-out with her drill just to scare the refugees over and over again in 'The End of the Galaxy'. Wander tells her its very emotionally exhausting.]]²** The rallying cry for the whole galaxy at the climax of the season 2 finale. [[spoiler:ItMakesSenseInContext, as they are cheering Lord Hater who's trying to stop Dominator's giant drill, but still...]] ²--> "Hate's great!"²* CultClassic: Ever since the announcement of the show's cancellation, the fans have recollected stories of how ''Wander Over Yonder'' cheered them up on bad days or even helped them through depression. To this day, letters continue to be sent to Disney XD and the petition continues to receive signatures. The series is now remembered for its fluid animation, heartfelt storytelling, charming characters, and being one of Disney's best yet most criminally underrated shows. ²* DesignatedHero: Wander in a few episodes. Heck, in "The Egg" he spends a good portion of it singing a song to Sylvia on how to nurture babies rather than actually helping her make the dangerous trek to the nest with the large egg, and in "The Showstoppers" he allows Hater to [[spoiler:take a planet of bunny aliens hostage so that Hater can impress Dominator with his rock concert]].²* DracoInLeatherPants: ²** Lord Dominator is getting a lot of this, especially after the reveal that she's actually a GreenSkinnedSpaceBabe under all that junk. In fact, her VillainSong in "My Fair Hatey" can be seen as a TakeThat towards this trope. ²** Peepers too. Although he is TheDragon and quite ruthless, he also earns sympathy for being a [[{{Moe}} cute]] little eyeball that is good at his job and would have conquered the galaxy earlier if not for Hater's terrible leadership. He also spoke for so-called "nerds" everywhere in his HannibalLecture to Emperor Awesome.²* EnsembleDarkhorse:²** The Tumblr fandom was excited for Westley months before his episode aired. When the episode finally came out, the fans were not disappointed.²** When an airdate for "The Enemies" was announced, Brad Starlight got a small fan-following as well.²** Dr Screwball Jones. Being voiced by Weird Al certainly helps.²** Sourdough the Evil Sandwich after The Axe, for being a [[KillerRabbit threatening villain even by the fact that is a sandwich]].²** The Black Cube was popular in the fandom ever since his episode debut, however after the episode "The Black Cube" he won the hearts of the fans.²** Ripov was a one-off parody character who instantly became a fan-favorite.²** Major Threat is one of the most well-liked minor characters for his hippie personality, cool powers and design, and his change of heart caused by "Tumbleweed".²** An odd variant occurs with Giuseppe, the watchdog tailor from "The Eye on the Skullship". After a misspelling of his name on the Wander Over Yonder wiki, a fan character was created by the name of Jacepi the Watchdog, a bizarre, snake-obsessed weirdo who the fandom is absolutely in love with. ²* EvilIsCool: Among the things in Lord Hater's army are catapults that launch flaming stone skulls and ''a giant robot''. Emperor Awesome too.²** Lord Dominator, who is essentially Lord Hater turned UpToEleven, such as having regenerating MechaMooks and [[MagmaMan powers over lava]].²* EvilIsSexy: [[spoiler: Lord Dominator turns out to be quite the GreenSkinnedSpaceBabe under all that armor.]]²* FanPreferredCouple: ²** So far there is no {{Love Interest|s}} for anyone in the show, but [[FoeYay Wander/Lord Hater]] is already being hardcore shipped. ²** [[PlatonicLifePartners Wander/Sylvia]] is gaining popularity, too.²** TheReveal [[spoiler:that Lord Dominator is actually an {{Adorkable}} girl not unlike Wander in terms of personality has resulted in many people shipping Wander/Lord Dominator or even Hater/Dominator]]²*** After the summary for The Battle Royale came out, Hater/Dominator spiked in popularity. [[spoiler: It helps that [[TheMatchmaker Wander]] ships it in canon.]]²** Heck, the fandom pretty much ships almost every character with every other character. Wander/Peepers, Peepers/Sylvia, Sylvia/Dominator, you name it. See IdiosyncraticShipNaming for more. ²* FanficFuel: OH BOY. Where do we start? ²** Wander's backstory is hinted at throughout the second season but never revealed. Where did he come from? What was it that made him feel so helpless that he dedicated his life to helping others? We know that he's lived for a very long time, but what did he do during that time? What is his relationship with Dr. Screwball Jones? (The status of his backstory as FanficFuel is even lampshaded and parodied in "The Legend".) ²** What happened to Sylvia's dad? ²** How did Hater and Peepers meet? For that matter, what is Hater's origin story? This was originally planned to be revealed in season 3 but since that is cancelled, it remains shrouded in mystery. ²* {{Fanon}}: Wander is often called a "star nomad". [=McCracken=] did call Wander "nomadic" and there's a star on his hat. This also became in-universe Fanon in "The Legend" when a girl talks about her fanfic of his origins.²* TheFireflyEffect: It's rather telling that the show's popularity skyrocketed ''only'' when it was announced that it was going to be canceled.²* FriendlyFandoms: ²** Wanderers and [[WesternAnimation/GravityFalls Fallers]] get along very well, especially since ''Wander's'' space and planets motif is often crossed over with [[GenkiGirl Mabel Pines]].²** The fandoms for ''Wander Over Yonder'' and ''{{VideoGame/Undertale}}'' are also on good terms with each other, thanks to the shared premise of befriending new faces as opposed to battling them, the quirky characters and settings, and off-the-wall humor. You will find no shortage of crossover fanart between the two across the Internet, with the characters from both universe either cosplaying or getting along fine with one another.²** Wander, [[WesternAnimation/StarVsTheForcesOfEvil Star Butterfly]], [[WesternAnimation/GravityFalls Mabel Pines]] and [[WesternAnimation/StevenUniverse Steven Universe]] are often referred to as the four "Star Children" due to their star motifs. ²** There's a bit of an overlap between fans of Wander Over Yonder and fans of [[Series/ThirtyRock 30 Rock]] due to [=Jack McBrayer=] playing similar characters in both shows. ²* FunnyAneurysmMoment: ²** An odd inversion. In "Battle Royale" [[spoiler: Wander]] defeats [[spoiler: Dr. Screwball]] with a BangFlagGun, prompting the latter to enact an overly dramatic death scene. Hilarious? Yes, only it recalls when [[spoiler: the DCAU Joker died due to a BrainwashedAndCrazy Robin shooting him with a lethal version of the gun.]] Bonus points for [[spoiler: Wander being in his "grim and gritty" heroic mode.]] ²** Emperor Awesome hitting on Sylvia, especially [[AbhorrentAdmirer Sylvia's reaction]]. Then [[spoiler: Awesome tries the same on Dominator and gets coated in lava; then in the next episode "My Fair Hatey", being trapped in the dungeons, broken.]]²** Sylvia in "The Egg" stubbornly refuses to be affectionate to the titular egg, which provides for a lot of gags as Wander through banjo tries to convince Sylvia to act more motherly until they return the egg to its nest. Then you learn that [[spoiler:Sylvia ran away from home and has issues with her mother, and it can be very hard to watch her lack of affection.]]²** Wander thinking he got Lord Dominator a cactus in "The Sick Day" becomes drastically tragic when in "The Flower" [[spoiler:she chases him and Sylvia down just to destroy a flower they've rescued, and to take a selfie of them with PuppyDogEyes and BrokenTears]].²* GrowingTheBeard: Season 2 features [[AnimationBump more fluid animation]], [[WhamEpisode a break in the status quo]], and spends more time delving into character's pasts and motivations.²* HarsherInHindsight: ²** "The Bot" ends with [[spoiler:Beep-Boop refusing to give the location of the planet he met Wander in to protect him and being destroyed by Dominator for it.]] However, by the time of the seons 2 finale,[[spoiler:Dominator has destroyed all the planets of the galaxy except the Secret Planet, which means that his sacrifice was in vain.]]²** With the news that Disney is pulling the plug on the show prematurely, some of Wander's lyrics from "My Fair Hatey" become ''extremely'' painful to long time fans.²-->'''Wander''': We gave it a go/Put on a heck of a show/And did a lot of fun stuff we'll get to laugh about after...²* HeartwarmingInHindsight: ²** In the Wander Over Yonder shorts, Wander at one point does an accurate impression of Lord Hater and while in character ends up listing [[spoiler:all the things that he and Hater end up doing together]]: "We'll have brunch together, throw a raging party, play songs, sing songs, maybe do a whole musical. Or perhaps I'll find love, and Wander will be ''so'' happy. And I'll make him my emergency contact-"²-->'''Hater''': [[HilariousInHindsight NO WE WON'T!]] RRAGH!²** Sylvia perking up every time Wander sings "If You Wander Over Yonder" becomes this after learning [[spoiler:she named him after capturing him for a bounty]].²** The Watchdogs clamoring for Andy's show in "Eye on the Skullship" after Hater forcibly cancels it becomes this in light of the fans doing the same thing on hearing the news that ''Wander Over Yonder'' was not renewed for a third season.²* HilariousInHindsight: ²** [[ This particular fanart]] from July of 2015 has it declaring Lord Dominator as the new [[Disney/{{Frozen}} Elsa]]. Come "My Fair Hatey", [[spoiler: she gets ice powers at the end. As a matter of fact, the staff even wanted to reference ''Frozen'' in [[ the ending that they had originally planned for the episode]].]]²** One episode has Hater hire the three most evillest and deadly bounty hunters in the galaxy. Who's the third one? [[VideoGame/{{Undertale}} A murderous flower.]]²** A lovably immature skeleton with an InferioritySuperiorityComplex? Hater or Papyrus?²** A magic green hat that gives you what you need, not necessarily what you want. [[WesternAnimation/DungeonsAndDragons Sounds familiar.]]²** Keith Ferguson in this series plays Lord Hater, whose legitimately dangerous qualities are outdone by the fact he's kind of an [[IneffectualSympatheticVillain insecure loser]]. He'd later go onto play [[{{VideoGame/Overwatch}} Reaper]], who is legitimately dangerous, but due to his "edgy" design and motivation that boils down to [[spoiler:wanting people to pay attention to him]], fans treat him like an [[MemeticLoser insecure loser]].²* IdiosyncraticShipNaming: The fandom is full of these:²** Wander/Hater: Skeleton Dance²** Sylvia/Hater: Zboneak²** Hater/Peepers: Death Glare²** Sylvia/Peepers: Black Eye²** Wander/Peepers: Wandering Eye²** Hater/Awesome: Conquering Boyfriends²** Awesome/Sylvia: Seahorse²** Cashmere/Sylvia: Zbaaanak²** Black Cube/Lil Bits: Cat Box²** Hater/Dominator: Dom N Hater²** Sylvia/Dominator: Sylava²** Dominator/Awesome: [[Film/TheAdventuresOfSharkboyAndLavagirl Sharkboy and Lavagirl]]²** Wander/Dominator: Death Star²** Dr. Screwball Jones/Sourdough the Evil Sandwich: Banana Bread²** Hater/Ripov: Skull Hunter²** Wander/Major Threat: Tumblesquid²* InferredHolocaust: ²** While we don't see an owner in "The Ball", Buster does have a dog tag with his name on it. So Beeza and her people have a new home until Buster's owner (or someone else) finds him and decides to give him a bath/flea dip. (Though it's possible Buster may have simply run away from home, and the Ballzarians seem to be alive as of season 2)²** Stretching the definition of "inferred", the number of planets that Lord Dominator has destroyed has led to an onslaught of refugees and survivors seeking sanctuary. "The Secret Planet", "The Show Stopper", and "The Legend" actively shows the consequences.²* InformedWrongness: In ''The Loose Screw'' Wander and Sylvia tag along with Starbella, an elderly space heroine, and end up learning that she'd not as useless or delusional as she might seem. Except she actually is, almost letting her ship self destruct, and meandering around while a planet is being conquered while Wander and Sylvia need to push her along.²* JerkassWoobie: ²** Lord Hater. He's proven himself to be a very evil and ruthless individual, but he's also a socially awkward ButtMonkey. Certain episodes also imply that he's only evil because he's trying to compensate for his insecurities and really just wants to be popular. ²** Commander Peepers. Evil bad guy and ruthless second-in-command? Yes. ButtMonkey whose boss is a ManChild and has only recently come to appreciate him? Also yes. ²** The Black Cube of Darkness may be a soul-stealing EldritchAbomination, but after the events of "The Black Cube" it is easy to see why he turned out that way. [[spoiler: He is staying at a run-down apartment that he can barely afford rent because he has a crappy job at a fast food joint, his girlfriend dumps him, his lack of hands makes even the simplest of tasks a chore, and everyone either hates or fears him because of his power. Even when he saves one of the punks harassing him, a mob forms to attack him. Luckily, things seem to be looking up for him in the end.]]²** Whether [[spoiler: Dominator qualifies for this is up for debate. In "The End of the Galaxy", she's revealed to be excessively lonely, and despite the fact that she enjoys torturing others, she's still desperate for companionship. Her VillainousBreakdown at the end of the episode also implies that she has problems with denial. However, given all the atrocities she's committed, and the fact that she actually turns down Wander's offer of friendship, there are fans who refuse to sympathize with her.]]²** Janet from "The Lonely Planet". Yes, she's a mentally unstable {{Yandere}} who tries to murder Sylvia but she's also extremely lonely and desires companionship. ²** Emperor Awesome is a narcissistic frat-boy who wants to conquer the galaxy as much as any other villain. That said, it's hard not to feel sorry for him when [[spoiler:his encounter with Dominator gives him PTSD.]]²* JustHereForGodzilla: ²** Most of the adult interest from this show comes from the fact that Creator/CraigMcCracken and Creator/LaurenFaust are making it, considering WesternAnimation/{{the|PowerpuffGirls}}ir [[WesternAnimation/FostersHomeForImaginaryFriends previous]] [[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic work]]...²** A lot of [[Series/ThirtyRock Jack McBrayer's]] fans took an interest in the show in the first place specifically because he voices Wander.²** A lot of fans who don't like Wander or Sylvia but love Lord Hater will only watch the Lord Hater episodes.²** Lord Dominator's song "I'm the Bad Guy" went viral on Tumblr (at over 50,000 notes), earning her many new fans who had never watched the show, many of whom only intend on watching the episodes with Dominator in them. ²* LoveToHate: Fans love Lord Hater, with some even saying that he makes a better protagonist than Wander. Creator/CraigMcCracken eventually confirmed this was his intent. (The show is meant to follow Hater's character development, Wander is simply there to guide him along.) ²** Dominator gets this more than almost any other character. ²* MemeticBadass: ²** Commander Peepers!²** "Lord Hater! Number One Super Star!"²* MemeticMutation: ²** From "The Picnic", Wander carefully scooting down the side of the crater.²** Lord Hater is a reaction face gold mine.²** Wander taking selfies.²** It's quite common on Website/{{Tumblr}} for fans to take clips from the show (that involve notable movement) and sync them up to popular songs or pieces of music. Usually the first shot of Wander in the opening, where he's walking with changing backgrounds. This meme even resulted in an official Wander over Yonder promo set to [[ Quest to the Hall of the Mountain King]]²** Photoshopping Lord Hater's face onto gifs of other skeleton characters.²** [[ Captioning screenshots of Wander Over Yonder with The Onion headlines.]]²** A FreezeFrameBonus in "The Waste of Time" gave birth to the (surprisingly convincing) theory that Lord Hater was once an astronaut monkey. This spawned a series of "Lord Hater is a monkey" fanart. Even the creators have caught on to this!²** Captioning goofy gifs and screencaps of Lord Hater with "The Embodiment of Satan". ²** Photoshopping Lord Dominator's selfie face from "The Flower" onto tragic or horrifying scenes, usually from Disney movies. These are appropriately known as "Misery selfies". ²** A misspelling of the name "Giuseppe" on the Wander Over Yonder wiki has led to the creation of the fan-character Jacepi the (snake-obsessed) Watchdog. ²* {{Moe}}: ²** Wander, all of the Watchdogs, and even Sylvia all have their adorable moments.²** Angela from "The Legend".²** The Bitties from "The Sky Guy".²* MoralEventHorizon:²** In "The Tourist", Trudi crosses it when she pops Wander's bubble and leaves him to die in space.²** In "The Bot", we all lose our sympathy for Dominator when she [[spoiler:executes Bot 13[=/=]Beep Boop after undergoing its HeelFaceTurn]]. It serves as a reminder that despite her silliness and annoyance with Hater, Dominator is still a serious and threatening villain.²** [[spoiler:Brad Starlight]] crosses it in "The Hotshot" when he and his cousin [[spoiler:plan to kill Wander and Sylvia for realizing Brad is the FakeUltimateHero Hotshot]].²* {{Narm}}: Prince Cashmere from "The Troll" episode is a tough and brave goat warrior... then he opens his mouth and out comes [[WesternAnimation/SpongebobSquarepants Patrick Star's]] voice.²** The art style and overall tone of the show really takes away the spookiness "The Heebie Jeebies" tries to set up.²* NarmCharm: ²** The song "The Commander's Last Command" from "The Axe" contains such silly lyrics as "[[ItMakesSenseInContext a sandwich took our planets]]". Does this make the song any less heartwrenching? Hell no.²** The episode [[MonsterSobStory "The Black Cube"]] is about a floating black cube's spiraling depression. The episode has a sense of silliness given the main character but the episode's continuous HumiliationConga and oppressive atmosphere successfully makes it rather sad. ²** Despite Cashmere's voice actor, as stated above, he remains a relatively popular character in the fandom.²* OneSceneWonder: Several, due to the many different worlds seen in the show.²** The pink and green alien who appears at around 0:19 in the theme song has quite a bit of fan-art for a character who has never appeared in the show.²** The two-headed fruit bartender from 'The Bad Guy' has a ton of fanart, moreso than any of the other characters in that episode.²** The drill sergeant and Giuseppe the Watchdog tailor in "Eye on the Skullship".²** Helpless!Wander²** Ted from Accounting.²** The Willhelm Warbler.²** Ms. Myrtle [[spoiler:the space turtle.]]²* ParanoiaFuel: In "The Lonely Planet", we meet a planet who is not only alive, but can control the weather, plant growth, and plate movement, and use those to harm people. How do we know the ''other'' planets in this universe (including ''ours'') aren't like this?²** In "The Sky Guy", we see a roughly tennis-ball sized planet full of small people that exists within a small orb. Said small people have no idea of the universe that exists outside of their orb. How do we know that we aren't in that exact same position? ²* RootingForTheEmpire: As of "The Cool Guy" and Peepers' HannibalLecture to Emperor Awesome about how "nerds" get things done in the world, at least one viewer is rooting for Commander Peepers to spread evil through the galaxy.²** [[spoiler:Hater's speech in "The End Of The Galaxy" is so damn epic it's almost IMPOSSIBLE not to root for him!]]²* SuspiciouslySimilarSong: The melody of Emperor Awesome's theme song "Let's Get Awesome" almost completely sounds like "I Like To Move It" by Reel 2 Reel, made famous for the ''WesternAnimation/{{Madagascar}}'' series.²* TastesLikeDiabetes: Bingleborp till Lord Hater invades it.²* TheyCopiedItSoItSucks: Tony Luke believes Lord Dominator to be plagiarised off his ''[[ Dominator]]'' character.²* TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodCharacter: Dr. Screwball Jones. The EvilCounterpart to Wander who is a WellIntentionedExtremist about spreading happiness throughout the galaxy, and nearly managed to succeed. Come "The Battle Royale," however, he ends up [[spoiler: losing to Wander in a CurbStompBattle, then losing off-screen to Lord Dominator before "My Fair Hatey"]] and doesn't even get to sing again in the latter. Justified as the creators mentioned that they had trouble getting Weird Al in to record more lines for Screwball, as Weird Al was very busy at that time, and [[ the staff underestimated his popularity]].²** Major Threat is a badass ex-villain who turned good after meeting Wander, yet he barely shows up outside of "The Good Bad Guy", and never once interacts directly with Wander, despite the two being reunited in "The End of the Galaxy". [[ Apparently he would've appeared more prominently in Season 3.]]²* TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodPlot: "The Robomechabotatron" is about the main 4 working together to fight Dominator in a giant robot battle, right? [[spoiler: Nope. They can't set aside their differences and end up destroying the titular robot in the end. Lord Dominator is understandably peeved about the lack of a fight.]] Although seeing as how a third season was planned, this may have been meant to show that the main 4 characters still have a long way to go in terms of character development. ²** Although almost all the minor characters from past episodes showed up in "The End of the Galaxy", they barely interact with each other, or even get to fight the Dom-Bots onscreen for that matter.²* TooGoodToLast: The show's cancellation was officially announced after the ''very'' well received ''My Fair Hatey''.²* UglyCute: Captain Tim. Look at the [[ little killing machine.]]²* VillainDecay:²** Hater has been suffering this ever since encountering Wander in the first season. This actually becomes a major plot point for him in season 2.²** ALL the villains in season two [[spoiler: once Dominator catches them and breaks them]]. ²* SugarWiki/VisualEffectsOfAwesome: ²** The opening sequence, showing off the sheer variety to every character and world introduced in the show, repeatedly cycling through different backdrops and aliens- each of which feels different to the last. It's a real testament to the creativity and imagination behind the show.²** Wander and Emperor Awesome's dance off in "The Party Animal" has some very fluid animation.²** Wander and Screwball's duel in "The Boy Wander" has amazing lighting usage that lends a sinister air to this otherwise silly fight scene.²** Hater's and Dominator's fight in "The Battle Royale" is brilliantly animated and action-packed.²** "My Fair Hatey" is full of this. One notable example is "I'm The Bad Guy", Dominator's VillainSong which is animated very smoothly. ²* WhatDoYouMeanItsForKids: Oh the first season is fine. The second season introduces a sadistic OmnicidalManiac for a main villain who murders a sympathetic character ONSCREEN and single-handedly [[spoiler:brings on a near-successful Class [[ApocalypseHow/ClassX3 X-3 Apocalypse]]]]. ²* WhatDoYouMeanItWasntMadeOnDrugs: ²** The entire show, ''especially'' what Wander [[DrosteImage actually first sees]] in the titular box of "The Box".²** Need we bring up "The Void"? The animators must have been on acid when they made that episode. ²* TheWoobie: ²** Wander at times, especially his helpless persona in "The Wanders" and "The Hole Lotta Nuthing". The reveal that he's [[spoiler:almost immortal and has outlived almost all his past friends only adds on to this. Many fans have wondered how he even has the strength to go on.]] ²** Sylvia as well; she's constantly on the receiving end of slapstick and AmusingInjuries. taken to an extreme in "The Sick Day" where she bends over backwards to fill in for Wander while he's sick, [[spoiler:getting mauled by Captain Tim twice, by Awesome's tigers once, chased by Dominator's bots, and more. All of this while trying to make sure Wander stays in bed and rests, and then has to contend with a lovable space turtle the size of a planet, who threatens to destroy the universe unless Sylvia gets rid of Wander's snickerdoodles.]] In a less ButtMonkey way, [[spoiler:she's also had a pretty bad past. Her father died when she was young and she had a poor relationship with her mother. This led to her running away and becoming a bounty hunter and a galactic criminal. It's clear Sylvia feels ashamed of we past and wishes to move on.]]²** Both Wander AND Sylvia in "The Flower". The duo spend the entire episode trying to save a flower, just to cling onto any hope they may have after witnessing Dominator's nigh-complete destruction of their home. [[spoiler:Their efforts are futile, as the flower dies anyway. However, Wander still doesn't give up hope, and as such, neither does Sylvia.]]²** Wander's Hat gives the wearer whatever they truly need, but in "The Bad Hatter", it's revealed that the Hat can be tortured into giving the wearer whatever they WANT. It's also revealed that [[spoiler: the Hat has had a history of being tortured for its power before Wander came along]].²----


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