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1!!YMMV tropes from the web game series:* FridgeLogic: In ''Returns''. Considering that you got all of the game's animal abilities when you kill the man, why doesn't the Visitor just get inside the resulting SlashedThroat, absorb the man's genes and mutate into a humanoid form there and then instead of having to kill the woman to obtain them? Possibly because the man had been drinking copious amounts of alcohol which could have potentially weakened or killed the Visitor, or taking a large humanoid form would have made it a big target for the woman to shoot. [[GenderBender Or maybe it just wanted to be a pretty lady]]. Or maybe to get female organs for it [[FridgeHorror to reproduce]].* SugarWiki/FunnyMoments: In the first game, you ''[[IncrediblyLamePun ass]]''imilate a cat. When the Visitor bursts out of it, the thing ''meows''.* {{Narm}}: The monster at the end of the original ''The Visitor'' is pretty cheesy in appearance.* SophomoreSlump: The panned maze game ''Massacre at Camp Happy'', combined with MiddleChildSyndrome between the original game and ''Returns''. * {{Squick}}: There's copious amounts of blood and gore in the games. And in the first game, there's one where you kill a cat... by ''entering from its anus''.----


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