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1* LesYay: Charlotte and Nutty Annie's interactions have this vibe, especially since their "screw it all" plan to basically elope together to England, where Charlotte can be a monster-hunting husband coming home to Anne being the house-wife wearing a polka-dot dress with dinner in the oven. After a certain point in the story, they start acknowledging it to boot.²* UglyCute: Many of the abominations. Even a photo of a Deep One is a bit charming (it helps that his wife in the photo [[ looks happy]] too.)²* WhatAnIdiot: After solving the mystery [[spoiler:and learning that Miskatonic is performing morally questionable acts, Charlotte [=LeStrange=] storms to her boss's office, quits on the spot, and says she’ll be contacting the police and siccing her coven on the university. She even dares the university to stop her. All this is done completely unarmed EVEN THOUGH SHE KNOWS SHE HAS A WEAPON IN HER QUARTERS! It’s explicitly pretty true to the character, with her official Miskatonic Psych Evaluation noting her to be impulsive and not thinking things through once she gets angry enough]].


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