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1* SugarWiki/AwesomeMusic: The music on the nightclub level in ''Payback''.** Although the music in the series is mostly pretty generic, the final boss battle in the first game is accompanied by some seriously ''epic'' battle music, complete with grandiose choir.* DemonicSpiders: Potentially any enemy in ''[=SOF=]2'' on Consultant and Soldier of Fortune difficulties, due to the AI [[TheComputerIsACheatingBastard being a cheating bastard]] with accuracy (they have pixel-perfect aim at very long range even with sustained fire, while you are screwed by the crosshair's pixels and gun recoil), [[TheAllSeeingAI visibility (they can see you through thick brush, smoke, and fog, and even behind hills)]], and grenade timing (sometimes they will detonate it in midair ''a la VideoGame/{{Worms}}'', so better move a few meters as soon as you hear their "grenade out!" call, which you WILL learn to recognize).* DifficultySpike: The Colombian jungle. Terrorists concealed by bushes that they can see through fine, assault rifles come into play, and as mentioned above in DemonicSpiders, they can magically see you and lob perfectly-timed grenades over hills that you didn't even get close to. After you're done with it, though, the difficulty (or at least the GrenadeSpam) drops back again until Kamchatka, near the end of the game.* DisappointingLastLevel: the abrupt and insanely annoying jump in difficulty in the last few levels of ''Payback''.* FunnyAneurysmMoment: One of the levels has Saddam Hussein in it (he only appears in a cutscene), through cheats however, you can spawn and kill him. Now try to play this game now that Saddam is dead for real.* {{Narm}}: ** Most of the dialogue and voice-acting in ''Payback'' is so ridiculous and over-the-top that it's almost impossible to take seriously.** Some of the first game's death sounds and animations.** The BigBad's death in the first game. Despite getting ripped in half by falling machinery, the only sound you hear is his death scream.* GameBreakingBug: Exceeding 100 FPS on ''Payback'' is an outright game-stopper, as it removes hit registration from any shots you fire.%%(ZCE) * NightmareFuel: The slaughterhouse in the Sudan mission in the first game and the village of Pureza in the second game.* PlayerPunch: At the end of the Sudan mission (late in the game), Mullins is LateToTheTragedy and sees his accomplice Hawk [[KickTheDog get executed]] by BigBad Dekker.%%* ReplacementScrappy: Taylor, for some. (Administrivia/ZeroContextExample)* {{Sequelitis}}: The third game. No John Mullins, different developer, different story.* ThatOneBoss: ** The final boss of the first game is regarded as this by many, with an extremely powerful weapon, nasty turret back-up and being [[MadeOfIron absurdly resistant]] to everything with the {{Handwave}} of "he's wearing body armour".** The Interrogator in the Hong Kong prison in the second game, with his near-instant-death machine gun. And he's MadeOfIron even though he doesn't wear armor. The real boss, [[spoiler:[=Deviant1=]]], has a SniperRifle and WP grenades, but isn't anywhere near as dangerous as he is.** The FinalBoss in the second game is an Osprey that'll rip you apart in seconds if you're out of cover and takes an ''insane'' amount of ammo to bring down if you don't know what you're doing[[note]]shoot the engines' outer panels and their glowy insides until both catch fire like back in the hospital, and then [[SnipingTheCockpit shoot the pilot]][[/note]]. This is the one time where [[AwesomeButImpractical the OICW's alternate launcher]] actually comes in handy: if you can adjust the range properly, you can lob grenades at the chopper safely and defeat it much faster then you would with normal ammo.----


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