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Context YMMV / Panzermadels

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1* CrossesTheLineTwice:
2** The ''trailer'' for the game features ''real WWII stock footage'' (complete with ''covered corpses'' and civilians ''fleeing a city'') set to bouncy J-Pop.
3** The Russian tanks make ''constant'' references to [[ the annexation of Crimea]].
4** Pretty much everything about the [[ThoseWackyNazis German tanks']] "[[{{Ghostapo}} Occult Studies Club]]".
5*** When Erwin makes them stop their [[ItMakesAsMuchSenseInContext human sacrifices to raise money for their school trip]] they protest that they are not "[[GreedyJew J-]] [[LastSecondWordSwap just made of money!]]".
6*** And when Erwin suggests a bake sale instead, they get [[UsefulNotes/TheHolocaust creepily gleeful at the thought of using ovens]] while their [[HerrDoktor accents temporarily become stereotypically German]].
7** [[spoiler:T-34]] seduces Erwin into sleeping with her with the line "[[ItMakesSenseInContext I'd like to be a fascist today]]".
8** Pretty much all of IS-2's innuendo and mentions of her "Papa [[UsefulNotes/JosefStalin Iosef]]".
9** A vailed reference of "Juice in ze oven"
10** The credits end with [[spoiler:a teaser image for their fake (or is it?) next game ''Go! Go! Democratic People's Republic of Korea: My First (And Only) Trip To Pyongyang'']]