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1* SugarWiki/AwesomeMusic: See [[AwesomeMusic/Current93 here]] for details.²* BigLippedAlligatorMoment: "Paperback Honey", from the album ''Island'', made in collaboration with Hilmar Örn Hilmarson. It's a bossa nova song with lovey-dovey lyrics. Their earlier PissTakeRap song "Crowleymass" would have counted if a remix didn't also appear on ''Island''.²* FaceOfTheBand: David Tibet, to a nearly IAmTheBand extent.²* FriendlyFandoms: With Music/NurseWithWound, due to Tibet and Steve Stapleton having regularly collaborated on each other's projects. ²* GeniusBonus: The band's esoteric themes make a lot more sense if you have a robust knowledge of religion, occultism, mythology, and archaeology. ²* GrowingTheBeard: ''Thunder Perfect Mind'' is generally agreed to be the album where he really hit his stride with the neofolk material.²* HamAndCheese: The ''Looney Runes'' EP (or at least the A-side) is loaded with it.²-->And when the seeds begin to grow\²It's like a garden... '''''FULL OF FUCKING SNOW!'''''²* MemeticMutation: The band itself is used on Russian {{ImageBoard|s}} 2ch (and its SpiritualSuccessor 2-ch) on /mu/ the same way as Boku no Pico is used on /a/.²* {{Narm}} / NarmCharm: Several works in his transitional period (''Imperium'' until ''Island'') contain bits of unintentional hilarity, as Tibet was still getting his feet into the folk rock format. "Beausoleil" from ''Swastikas for Noddy'', apart Tibet's (and every other instrument's) constant howling, Tibet actually sings the line "There's no business like the devil's business" to the tune of "There's No Business Like Show Business" in the middle of the song. The constant "A-raping I shall go, a-raping I shall go…" in "Panzer Ruin" (also from ''Noddy'') sits high on the list as well. Plenty of fans find this perfectly normal and enjoy it – after all, ''Swastikas for Noddy'' also produced the huge fan-favourite, "Black Flowers, Please", and several earlier industrial albums also featured moments of random, unintentional hilarity.²* SeasonalRot: The transitional period between post-industrial drones and apocalyptic folk from 1987 to 1991 had plenty of moments that just didn't gel, for whatever reason. The album ''Swastikas for Noddy'' was even re-recorded and entirely resequenced as ''Crooked Crosses for the Nodding God.'' Then in 1992, ''Thunder Perfect Mind'' came and changed everything for the better.²* {{Squick}}: The liner notes (and Bandcamp page) for ''Bright Yellow Moon'' (done with Music/NurseWithWound) describe in great detail the hospital stay during which crucial parts of the album were written, as well as the events leading up to it.


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