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1[[quoteright:350:]] ²[[caption-width-right:350:Stop losing and start winning! [[note]]Clockwise from left: Anna Jay (99), Alan Angels (5), Preston Vance (10), Stu Grayson (2), Alex Reynolds (3), and John Silver (4). Evil Uno stands within the middle of the group, and Mr. Brodie Lee looms over its entirety bearing the TNT Championship belt. Not picture: Colt Cabana and -1[[/note]]]]²²The Dark Order is a ProfessionalWrestling PowerStable on Wrestling/AllEliteWrestling currently consisting of [[Wrestling/TheSuperSmashBrothers Evil Uno, Stu Grayson]], Wrestling/ColtCabana, Alex Reynolds, John Silver, 10 (Preston Vance), 5 (Alan Angels), Anna Jay, -1 (Brodie Lee Jr.)[[note]]While only 8 years old when inducted into his father's group, Brodie Lee Jr. has actually been signed to an official AEW contract[[/note]] and their masked henchmen, the Creepers.²²The group debuted at Double or Nothing 2019, only consisting of Evil Uno, Stu Grayson, and a handful of Creepers, seemingly as a reference to supervillains seen on shows such as Franchise/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles and Franchise/PowerRangers. While reception of the group was initially mixed, the group began to gain interest when Evil Uno began to release a series of vignettes in order to recruit new members, leading to the addition of former jobbers Alex Reynolds and John Silver.²²Starting in 2020, Evil Uno began to tease the arrival of his superior, the Exalted One, who would later be revealed to be none other than [[Wrestling/TheWyattFamily Wyatt Family]] alumnus Luke Harper, now under his original ring name [[Wrestling/LukeHarper Mr. Brodie Lee]]. On the August 22 episode of ''Dynamite'' he defeated Wrestling/{{Cody|Rhodes}} to win the AEW TNT Championship, the Dark Order's first title. Brodie Lee would hold onto the TNT championship for 8 weeks defeating Dustin Rhodes and Orange Cassidy before Cody reclaimed the title in a dog collar match on the October 7 episode of ''Dynamite''.²²Sadly, that match was the final one for Jon Huber, the man behind the Mr. Brodie Lee gimmick, as he passed away on December 26, 2020 due to non-COVID related lung issues, surrounded by his family and loved ones. Shortly before Huber's passing, his son Brodie (8 at the time) made his first appearance with the stable as Brodie Lee Jr., aka –1.²²Tropes below apply to the group's actions in AEW as well as their segments on ''WebVideo/BeingTheElite''. ²²!!Join the tropes page!:²²* AloofAlly: In the Dark Order's BTE segments, Anna Jay is usually seen sitting at the back of the room, not getting involved with the guys' shenanigans.²* AscendedExtra: What was originally just a tag team with an experimental gimmick would grow to become one of the top factions in AEW.²* BadBoss: As the leader of a cult-like organisation that promotes the loss of individuality in the pursuit of power, Brodie Lee had a very casual attitude towards the welfare of the lesser members of the Dark Order. When Wrestling/JonMoxley responded to Lee's theft of the AEW Championship belt by beating up one of Lee's favoured acolytes, [[YouAreNumberSix 10]], in the ring and threatening to break his arm if Lee didn't come out and return the belt, Lee appeared on the screen and coldly stated "We all have to make sacrifices" before walking off, abandoning 10 to the tender mercies of Moxley who went on to prove he was ''not'' bluffing. Not to mention [[ what he had Evil Uno do]] to TheMole who'd infiltrated the Order...²* BaitAndSwitchComment: On BTE episode 238 in a flashback to a New Year's Eve party (that didn't even happen on New Year's Eve) 10 talks about quitting a bad habit he picked up during the year, deciding to quit gambling while doing a pile of coke.²* BaldOfEvil: Grayson, Silver and Angels are all bald.²* BeardOfEvil:²** Grayson, Silver and Angels all sport these.²** Mr. Brodie Lee also retained his trademark beard, albeit more trimmed and groomed.²* BloodKnight: Stu Grayson is noted to have been born and bred for combat, and between him and Evil Uno is always the more anxious of the two for a fight.²* BrainsAndBrawn: Evil Uno is the charismatic mastermind and Grayson is the physical behemoth, acting in accord.²* BrickJoke: Around the time the first [=#JoinDarkOrder=] vignette aired, AEW launched - featuring a registration form to allow people to submit applications to [[ShapedLikeItself join the Dark Order]]. Fast forward to February 2021, the website finally starts responding to the applications with the explanation that Five started going through the applications after Wrestling/HangmanPage offhandedly admitted to previously filling in the form.²* TheBrute: ²** Grayson is mostly in it to fight people and he's directed by Uno as a living weapon.²** Preston Vance fills this role when a trio with John Silver and Reynolds when they appear on AEW Dark.²* BumblingHenchmenDuo: Silver and Reynolds are a comical duo of jobbers of the Dark Order. Evil Uno and Grayson are the more serious villainous pair of the bunch. ²* ButtMonkey:²** Silver was often the victim of Mr. Brodie's abuse due to his childish attitude and incompetent nature.²** Evil Uno to a lesser extent, as he sometimes ends up being the one punished for Silver and Reynolds's incompetence, and his accomplishments tend to be overshadowed by Mr. Brodie preferring Grayson, 10, and 5 over him.²** Following after Mr. Brodie Lee took his leave of absence, Alan Angels shifted positions with John Silver. Becoming the victim of comedic verbal abuse where his ideas became dumb, his hair was shaved in moment of levity, and general disdain.²** Anna Jay constantly treats Stu like one.²* CatchPhrase: "Join the Dark Order/Join Us!" is their recurring battle cry among all members. ²* {{Corpsing}}: With how over the top some of the group's BTE segments can get, this becomes a common occurrence. Reynolds nearly fell into this and Mr. Brodie turned it around by asking him if he was going to cry. Silver nearly always has a smile on his face during the segments as if he is trying to hold himself back from laughing. ²* CostumeEvolution: Reynolds, Silver and Angels all started out wearing matching trunks & masks; Reynolds & Silver ditched the masks whilst Reynolds & Angels switched from trunks to personalised tights.²* {{Cult}}: This is what they appear to be depicted as in the vignettes, a widespread underground organization who could potentially be anywhere and anyone.²* CustomUniform:²** Anna Jay wore a simple face mask rather than the full mask worn by her male counterparts.²** Ten prominently wears white instead of black, in contrast to rest of the Dark Order.²** Reynolds and Angels started out wearing trunks that matched those worn by Silver; they eventually swapped these out for personalised tights.²* DarkIsEvil: Well, they're not called ''[[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Dark]]'' [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Order]] for nothing.²* TheDragon: Evil Uno, who is in charge of recruiting new members and leads the group in Brodie Lee's absence.²* EarlyInstallmentWeirdness: The Dark Order originally debuted at ''Double or Nothing 2019'' as just the Grayson/Uno tag team with an assortment of nameless masked minions referred to as “Creepers” and remained in this format even as AEW Dynamite premiered on TNT in October 2019, with Grayson and Uno even taking part in the tournament to crown the inaugural AEW Tag Team champions; the first “#[=JoinDarkOrder=]” vignette didn’t air until a month after they were eliminated from the tournament, the Exalted One wasn’t mentioned until January 2020 with Evil Uno being portrayed as the leader of the group until that point, and slowly the various members of the group started being fleshed out on ''BTE'', leading to Dark a Order becoming a more comedic group that they were originally portrayed as.²* EnfantTerrible: -1, Brodie Lee Jr, fits the bill.²* EvilIsPetty: Mr. Brodie Lee spent his portion of the Dark Order’s (in-universe) Chillis sponsorship on six riding lawnmowers, despite not actually have a lawn. Why? [[PrecisionFStrike Fuck Hangman]], that’s why.²* FauxAffablyEvil: [[InsistentTerminology Mr.]] Brodie Lee. When he wanted to recruit someone he can be calm, amiable and courteous. Of course, that's all for the purpose of recruitment, since if he already has you or if you refuse his invitation his vicious temper makes you suffer.²* FunctionalAddict: 10 apparently does drugs, most likely cocaine, leisurely and often offers it to other Dark Order members during BTE bits.²* HeelFaceTurn: The entire group made a collective face turn during the tribute episode following the passing of Brodie Lee, allying with various other face wrestlers to challenge and defeat a collection of heel teams in honour of the late Exalted One. While the episode, like the majority of wrestling tribute shows, is [[{{Kayfabe}} "non-canon"]], there were semi-canonical elements to it, such as the furthering of existing feuds between Lance Archer (who teamed with Evil Uno and Stu Grayson) and Eddie Kingston, Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa, and Cody (who teamed with 10 and Orange Cassidy), Darby Allin, Sting and Team Taz.²** On night 2 of the 2021 New Year's Smash the group confirmed that they would be faces going forward, in honour of Brodie Lee. They supported Tay Conti for her match against NWA Women's Champion Serena Deeb and, rather than trying to cheat to help her win, Anna Jay only consoled Tay after her spirited loss.²* InsistentTerminology:²** '''Mr.''' Brodie Lee.²** Dark Order is ''not'' a cult, just a supportive group of friends.²* LaughablyEvil: They're an imposing threat on TV, but on ''WebVideo/BeingTheElite'' they're prone to cartoonish antics. Some fans have compared them to a wrestling version of ''Series/TheOfficeUS''.²* MalevolentMaskedMan: ²** Evil Uno, Five, and Ten are never seen without them.[[note]]Five and Ten appeared unmasked in the ''BTE'' tribute episode following Brodie Lee’s passing in December 2020, but were back wearing the masks on the subsequent episode of ''Dynamite''.[[/note]]²** Silver & Reynolds initially wore the masks, before gradually wearing them less and less before ultimately ditching them entirely.²** The Creepers, who wore a black and green variant of the group’s standard mask.²** Anna Jay briefly wore a mask in her entrances following her induction to the group.²* TheManBehindTheMan: Brodie Lee didn't make his presence known on AEW until March 2020, instead giving orders to Evil Uno behind the scenes and using him to recruit new followers.²* NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast: "The Dark Order" as of itself is foreboding, but they're also billed as from "The Keep" (archaic word for a fortress) and their members include a man called Evil Uno and another known as The Exalted One.²* OnlyKnownByHisNickname: Alan Angels and Preston Vance are only referred to by their assigned numbers of Five and Ten respectively, in contrast to the rest of the group.²* PaperFanOfDoom: Mr. Brodie Lee used rolls of paper to discipline his underlings, with Evil Uno and John Silver being his most common targets.²* PathOfInspiration: The Dark Order is ostensibly a cult that preaches strength in numbers and self-empowerment, but in practice it brainwashes people into becoming mindless thugs of the megalomaniacal cult leader Mr. Brodie Lee. ²* PetTheDog:²** As bad as the Dark Order can be, everyone loves Trent’s mom Sue.²** ''Being the Elite'' episode 225 has arguably the most aggressive chewing-out of the Dark Order by Brodie to date, after his having lost the TNT title to Cody in a dog collar match. Each member of the Dark Order gets their own personal and very loud "fuck you" for either not being at ringside to help during the title defence or for being otherwise inept. Finally, Brodie comes to Silver, who had made a valiant attempt at helping Brodie during the match, but ended up getting hurt and was sporting a huge bandage around his head and eye as a result. In a shocking turn, Brodie acknowledges this with a simple (if rather rough) pat on the shoulder and a simple, "You can stay", before throwing the rest of the Order out of "OUR room". For a comedy segment including perennial butt monkey John Silver, this was surprisingly heartwarming. Also counts as heartbreaking, because it would be Brodie's last appearance on BTE before his death in December 2020.²** The December 30th 2020 episode of ''Dynamite'', which was the Brodie Lee tribute episode and featured the Dark Order teaming with various faces throughout the night, featured the in-universe justification (Courtesy of Wrestling/ChrisJericho) that the face locker room had no love lost for the Dark Order, but had nevertheless embraced them for the night due to Mr. Brodie Lee’s untimely passing.²* PintSizedPowerhouse: John Silver is on the smaller side of professional wrestlers, but he also tends to wrestle in a "strong man" style traditionally reserved for much bigger men. Usually this contrast is played for comedy, but he does have the legitimate athletic ability to back it up.²* RedBaron:²** “The Exalted One” Mr. Brodie Lee.²** “Queen Slayer” Anna Jay.²* TheSacredDarkness: Befitting their name and status as a wrestling cult, the Dark Order uses darkness as a motif of religious worship.²* ShoutOut:²** Evil Uno & Stu Grayson’s finishing move is named “[[Franchise/MortalKombat Fatality]]”.²** Anna Jay’s number “99” is a reference to legendary hockey player UsefulNotes/WayneGretzky, who wore that number during his playing career.²* TheSmurfettePrinciple: Initially they only had one female member, Anna Jay, who they recruited after she suffered [[SquashMatch an ego-crushing loss]] to Abadon. She wears a much more elegant masquerade ball-like mask than the male members do. After Anna had some moderate success in the Women's Tag Team Cup tournament teaming with Taynara Conti, the Order approached her for recruitment as well and she seemed receptive, although she has not as of the current moment made an official appearance as a member the group.²* StraightMan:²** Grayson plays the role of the more straitlaced cultist (compared to the wackier other ones) in the Being the Elite segments. ²** Anna Jay acts as Grayson's StraightMan and is in general far more straightlaced than the rest of the boys.²* TokenGoodTeammate: Colt Cabana, who generally seems to be oblivious to the Dark Order’s more malicious tendencies.²* TotemPoleTrench: Silver and Reynolds tried this to imitate Mr. Brodie Lee before he caught them and made them come down to not look up at Silver.²* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Chili's and their baby back ribs due to the group's (in series) sponsorship with the restaurant chain.²* WhatHappenedToTheMouse:²** The Creepers gradually disappeared from the Dark Order, without any further mention.²** Numbers Eight & Nine began appearing alongside the rest of the group in April 2020, before disappearing after several months with no explanation as to their identities.


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