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1The {{Tintin}} series is chock full of woobies.* Tchang, especially after his crashing in the Tibet.* Zorrino in ''Prisoners of the Sun''.* The Indians who get kicked out of their land in ''Tintin in America''.* Everyone who was given that madness-inducing poison in ''Cigars of the Pharaoh'' and ''The Blue Lotus''. Especially [[spoiler:Sarcophagus]] and the young man who developed an obsession with decapitation (Didi).* The seven members of the expedition in ''The Seven Crystal Balls'' and ''Prisoners of the Sun'', kept in a state of AndIMustScream by [[spoiler:a xenophobic offshoot of the Incas]].** The Incans themselves could be considered Woobies, if you look at them/their actions through another perspective. They're wary of foreigners due to the Spanish conquest centuries ago and how it almost wiped out their people and culture, so any "extreme" action they may do in this book is just a way to preserve their culture from being "again" destroyed by foreigners. It's maybe not justified, but understandable.* Frank Wolff. [[spoiler:Trapped into becoming TheMole because of his gambling debts, and is horrified to learn Colonel Boris' real objective. Ultimately sacrifices himself to get the others safely home.]]* The Gypsies in ''The Castafiore Emerald''.* Our heroes also get their Woobie moments:** Tintin during all of ''Tintin in the Tibet'', and how during many moments in the story he almost loses hope of ever finding Tchang.** Captain Haddock struggling with his alcoholism in ''Crab with the Golden Claws'', and late contemplating doing a HeroicSacrifice in Tibet. And how apparently he considers himself "dead weight"...Sniff.** Snowy when he gets his leg broken by Jorgen in ''Explorers on the Moon''.


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