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1[[quoteright:350:]] ''The Killing of an Egg'' is a 1977 animated short film (very short, about 2:50) made in UsefulNotes/TheNetherlands by Paul Driessen.A man wearing a yellow shirt, living in a house with yellow walls, sits down to eat a soft boiled egg. When the man taps on the egg with his spoon, he is surprised to hear a voice from inside the egg saying "Hey, who is it?" The man continues to tap on the egg as the voice inside continues to call out to him. The voice starts to protest as the man's increased tapping starts to crack the shell. Finally the man gets carried away and smashes the egg, killing whatever kind of tiny person was living inside. Then the man gets an unpleasant surprise.----!!Tropes:* BlackComedy: The man smashes the egg with the tiny person inside, only to be smashed in turn.* {{Foreshadowing}}: See that man crushing an egg that has a tiny person inside it? What color are the walls of the man's house? ''Yellow''.* KarmicDeath: After killing the tiny person inside the egg, the man certainly had it coming.* LimitedAnimation: Drawn fairly crudely, with an extremely simple background.* LineBoil: The inevitable result of hand-drawing individual frames.* RecursiveReality: The man, seen eating an egg, is himself inside a much larger egg that a much larger person is eating.


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