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1[[quoteright:315:]] ²''Oswald'' (2001-2003) is a 26-episode British-American cartoon that aired on Creator/NickJr²²Taking place in Big City, ''Oswald'' follows the life of a talking blue octopus named Oswald (voiced by Creator/FredSavage) and his pet hot-dog Weenie. Amongst Oswald's friends are the cynical penguin Henry (voiced by David Lander), the sporty sunflower Daisy (voiced by Crystal Scales), the ice-cream shop owner Johnny the Snowman (voiced by Mel Winkler, and the large-but-shy dragon Pongo (voiced by Creator/RichardKind).²²[[NamesTheSame Has nothing to do with a]] [[WesternAnimation/OswaldTheLuckyRabbit certain lucky rabbit]].²²----²!!''Oswald'' contains examples of:²²* AlliterativeTitle: Henry loves watching ''Penguin Patrol'', a ShowWithinAShow that repeats the letter "P" in its title.²* AmbiguousDisorder: Henry likes having things set in specific patterns and gets upset when things go wrong. He is also an expert on all things snow related, and an avid spoon collector.²* AnthropomorphicFood: The egg twins.²* {{Catchphrase}}:²** Oswald has "Oh my gosh!". ²** Henry's motto "Slow and steady".²** Daisy often shouts "Golly tamale!", or some other variant of it. ²* CarnivoreConfusion: ²** Anthropomorphic sunflower Daisy loves eating sunflowers.²** Steve is a tree with a woodpecker for a pet. Said woodpecker often pecks him. ²* ADogNamedDog: ²** Subverted with Daisy, who is a sunflower. ²** Cactus Polly is a cactus.²* FriendToAllLivingThings: Oswald is friends with everyone in Big City, even the non-anthro animals, who he always goes out of his way to make happy. In one notable instance, he managed to satisfy some garden pests going after his tomato plants rather than resort to using poison.²* wet.²* GettingCrapPastTheRadar: Oswald’s daschund is named Weenie.²* InformedSpecies: Oswald doesn’t look much like an octopus.²* {{Irony}}: ²** Oswald is an octopus who needs to wear a life-jacket to swim. This was [[ mercilessly mocked]] in a ''WesternAnimation/RobotChicken'' sketch, in which Daisy calls him out on this, and shoves Oswald off the boat they and Weenie were in, causing Oswald to drown.²** Henry the penguin hates getting wet,²* LicensedGame: The series had a few web-games on the Nick Jr website in the 2000s, such as one where you give characters their food orders and another where you play with a baby Oswald.²* ALizardNamedLiz: Egbert is a talking egg. Subverted with his twin Leo. ²* NeverBareheaded: Oswald near constantly wears his hat. ²* NiceHat: Oswald always wears his black top hat.²* TheOner: The theme song is done in one continuous shot.²* ShowWithinAShow: Henry loves watching ''Penguin Patrol''.²* SpeciesSurname: Steve Tree is a tree, Andy Pumpkin is a pumpkin, Bingette Bunny is a rabbit, and Roderick Robot is a robot.²* StrongFamilyResemblance: Henry's cousin Louie is just Henry with a bow-tie. They even have the exact same mannerisms, preferences, and interests.²* ThreeShorts: The Nick Jr. airings pair two 11 minute episodes together.²* TrademarkFavoriteFood: ²** Oswald has Swizzleberry-Swirl ice cream. ²** Weenie loves vanilla dog biscuits. ²** Henry enjoys eating fish and fish-flavored foods. He also always drinks his hot cocoa with two marshmallows (it used to be with three marshmallows, but he found two was acceptable, much to Oswald's consternation as he had gone to Andy Pumpkin's candy store just to get another marshmallow to satisfy him). ²** Daisy loves peppermint tea and sunflower sundaes.²* TwoTimerDate: The episode "The Double Date" has Oswald agreeing on going to both Daisy's pool and watching "Penguin Patrol" with Henry. The conflict gets resolves as the three friends decided to place the pool inside Henry's apartment so they can both play in the pool and watch TV.²* VerbalTic: Leo has "yes, yes!" while his identical twin brother often calls people "old boy".


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