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2 [[caption-width-right:350:Holpa]]
4''Hopla'' is a Belgian TV show created and directed by Bert Smets that started airing in 1999. It is targeted at infants. It stars Hopla the rabbit with his three friends, entertaining and teaching the audience. The show formerly aired on Creator/BabyFirstTV in the US, but has since been pulled due to licensing issues. However, it has also received DVD releases in the US. Outside the US however, it still airs on [=BabyFirst=] TV. The [=DVDs=] in the US are distributed by [=NCircle=] entertainment, however, which still lists [=BabyFirst=] TV as the show's primary station, meaning that there is a possibility that the dispute has been settled and the show returning to airing in the US is very bright.
6!!This children's show has examples of:
8* AllCGICartoon
9* EdutainmentShow
10* FurryConfusion: The zoo episode.
11* LimitedAnimation: And how! For example, all characters move without moving their arms or legs. They just... hop around.
12* SpiritualSuccessor: A Spiritual Successor of ''[=TikTak=]'', which ran from 1981 to 1991, was also made in Belgium, targeted the same infant demographics, and was just as random as ''Hopla''.
13* SugarBowl: Not much of it is seen, though.