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1[[quoteright:300:]]²[-[[caption-width-right:300:From left to right: [[AcePilot Zap Monogan,]] [[WrenchWench Jenny Ten,]] [[ScienceHero Dex Hamilton,]] [[CuteMachines Happybot,]] and [[PluckyComicRelief Tung.]]]]-]²²In the year 3000, Earth has become overrun by alien species of insects coming in all shapes and sizes. With the world's government being completely unable to deal with these often strange and deadly creatures, a dangerous rift between humanity and nature has begun to appear.²²Enter Dex Hamilton (voiced by Creator/DwayneHill), an Australian-accented intergalactic insect expert with an unmatched passion for all the creepy-crawly creatures of the universe. With the help of a team of offbeat characters (including a human-insect hybrid named Zap Monogan (Creator/LyonSmith), a cloned WrenchWench named Jenny Ten (Creator/StephanieAnneMills), and a frog-like alien named Tung (Creator/CarterHayden)), Dex Hamilton is dedicated to keeping Earth safe while also protecting and studying the extraterrestrial arthropods he encounters by placing the bugs in a unique sanctuary called The Habitat. However, things are complicated by a mysterious and sinister figure known as [[BigBad Syrrus]] (Creator/DanChameroy), who is capturing and genetically modifying these same insects to create living weapons and wreak destruction throughout the galaxy.²²A 2008 Australian-Canadian animated series co-produced between Canada's March Entertainment (also known for ''WesternAnimation/ChillyBeach'' and ''WesternAnimation/YamRoll'') and Australia's SLR Productions, ''Dex Hamilton: Alien Entomologist'' was the brainchild of Matthew Fernandes (who would later found Industrial Brothers, the studio behind such shows as ''WesternAnimation/{{Dot}}'', ''WesternAnimation/TopWing'', and ''WesternAnimation/RemyAndBoo''). The series originally ran on Creator/{{CBC}} in Canada and Creator/NetworkTen in Australia for a total of 26 episodes over a single season, but reruns popped up on Creator/{{Qubo}} in the United States in 2014. The show also had a made-for-TV prequel movie called ''Dex Hamilton: Fire and Ice''.²²----²²!!''Dex Hamilton: Alien Entomologist'' contains examples of:²²* AcePilot: Zap Monogan²* AmnesiacHero: Zap. In ''Rebirth'' it's established that Zap has no memories prior to joining the team. ²* BigBad: Syrrus²* BigCreepyCrawlies: Most of the alien insects Dex and his crew deal with are of the giant variety.²* CloningBlues: A source of angst for [[spoiler: [[MeaningfulName Jenny Ten.]]]] It gives her a common point of reference with [[spoiler: Zap]], who was also born as a genetic experiment.²* CuteMachines: Jenny's little flying robot Happybot. He mostly gets used for reconnaissance.²* {{Dissimile}}:²-->'''Tung:''' "It's like staring into my soul. Only with more birds. And fewer voices."²* EgomaniacHunter: Regis Stone²* EvilPoacher: Regis Stone²* EvilutionaryBiologist: Syrrus. Also [[spoiler: Dr. Monogan, the creator of Zap]] ''and'' [[spoiler: the evil conspiracy that created Jenny and her "sisters."]]²* {{Expy}}: Dex is [[Series/CrocodileHunter Steve Irwin]] [[RecycledInSpace IN SPACE!]] He even has the accent!²* FantasticVoyagePlot: The space whale episode.²* FriendToBugs: Dex is a friend to anything that can remotely be called an insect. The more [[NightmareFetishist disgusting or dangerous]] it is, the more he'll wax rhapsodic about how gorgeous it is.²* FrogMen: Tung is a relatively [[HumanAliens humanoid]] example, but we know from seeing other members of his species that he [[MetamorphosisMonster will look]] significantly more froggy when he grows up.²* TheFuture²* GogglesDoNothing: Jenny, Zap and Tung all wear goggles. Jenny and Zap never wear them over their eyes, while Tung never takes his off his eyes.²* InsectoidAliens: Dex has devoted his life to studying alien insect species, some of which are sentient.²* IResembleThatRemark: This exchange (when the characters are being forced to express their true feelings towards one another):²-->'''Zap:''' You're not exactly the brightest firefly in the swarm, if you know what I mean!²-->'''Tung:''' As it happens, I don't!²* ItTastesLikeFeet: When Dex and his crew are CaughtInASnare, Tung attempts to break the rope with his prehensile tongue, only for their captor to tell them that the rope is woven from unbreakable alien silk worm residue. Tung then adds "And it tastes like feet".²* LegoGenetics: Jenny and Zap are both the product of genetic engineering.²* MacGyvering: Jenny 10 is an expert at this.²* MetamorphosisMonster: Tung's people are amphibians, and go through a long series of weird metamorphoses on the way to adulthood. He just happens to currently be in a phase that looks more or less human.²* MultipurposeTongue: Tung often uses his elastic tongue as a weapon or an extra arm.²* OddballDoppelganger: When it's revealed that Jenny Ten was the tenth of a series of genetically engineered clones, we meet her "sister," Jenny Eight. Our Jenny wants nothing to do with Eight because she feels (quite understandably) that Eight threatens her sense of individuality. By story's end, though, we realize that their personalities are actually quite different, and the two reconcile. ²* OneWingedAngel: When Zap's insect DNA overwhelms his human DNA, he transforms into a gigantic, monstrous insectoid form. Fortunately, his friends are able to bring him back.²* OverlyLongTongue: Tung²* RipVanTinkle: When the series BigBad Syrrus awakens from a centuries long hibernation, he ponders what his first act should be. After a few seconds thought, he decides it should be to find a bathroom.²* RoleCalled²* ScienceHero²* SpaceOpera²* SpacePirates: In one episode Dex and his crew are captured by space pirates who have imprisoned a giant star fly.²* SpaceWhale: Combined with FantasticVoyagePlot when Dex and his crew have to travel inside the body of a space whale in order to save it.²* SuperpoweredEvilSide: Zap can turn into a giant destructive bug [[ArtisticLicenceBiology if his DNA becomes unbalanced]]²* TruthSerums: ''Seeds of Destruction'' has the team comes into contact with a truth serum pollen that causes them to say exactly want they are thinking. ²* UnresolvedSexualTension: Jenny and Zap.²* WingedHumanoid: Zap Monogan²* WrenchWench: Jenny Ten²* TheXenophile: Dex is absolutely fascinated by all types of alien insects, be they tiny or [[BigCreepyCrawlies ginormous]].²* YouAreNumberSix: Jenny Ten. It is eventually revealed that she is the tenth in a series of genetically engineered clones, when she encounters her 'sister' Jenny Eight.²* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Jenny 10²²²----


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