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1''Camp Calomine'' is a webcomic by [[Creator/RalphHayesJr Ralph E. Hayes]], who is better known for works like ''Webcomic/GoblinHollow'' and ''Webcomic/TalesOfTheQuestor''. The story focuses mainly on a camp counselor named Charles, who has become a DeadpanSnarker after the camp was bought and run by Hyper Tree Huggers who have no idea how anything works. The two main reasons he sticks around are to make sure the kids coming to the camp actually learn something about surviving in the wild and the RuleOfFunny when it comes to most of the other counselors.²²The first ones are also collected in a volume.²----²!!This webcomic provides examples of:²* AdultsAreUseless: Most of the staff.²* AnimalWrongsGroup: Show up on a few occasions, mostly falling afoul of the camp's population of badgers.²* CompetenceZone It seems the only competent ones are Charles, the kids and one of the other camp counselors, the rest fall under TooDumbToLive²* DeadpanSnarker: Charles definitely meets the requirements for this to the point that his stating correct facts gets him in trouble with his "superiors". He actually shows this at page one.²* EpicFail: Charles's boys challenged Cathy's girls to a peeing-for-distance contest... and ''lost''.²* HeroicBSOD: Cathy goes into one when confronted with the "superbrats".²* ItCanThink: Grizzle the Badger [[ apparently knows how to open soda cans]].²* RussianRoulette: After getting fed up with other councilors pilfering her sodas from the fridge, Cathy proposes a variant of this. She puts a batch of seven pre-opened sodas in the fridge, one of which she'd previously spat in. The others are welcome to try their luck.²* SnipeHunt: Councillor Fred has, at various times, signed petitions to ban snipe hunting, save the habitat of the Northern Egress, and ban oxydihydride use.²* TooDumbToLive: Quite a few members of the adult cast seem to be excellent candidates for this if they don't actually qualify.²* WhoWillBellTheCat: When Cathy lectures Charles about how irresponsible it is to feed the leftover cinnamon buns to the camp's mascot badger, Grizzle, Charles asks her if she would like to be the one to explain to the 35 pounds of claws and teeth why its sweets are getting cut off.²----


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