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1''[[ Beaver and Steve]]'' is a [[DadaComic dada webcomic]] by James Turner. It revolves around the unfeasible adventures of an OddCouple consisting of a quiet, polite beaver and a psychotic [[strike:lizard]] [[strike:dinosaur]] reptile thingie with a knack for MadScience. A must read for everybody who wants to verify how much SurrealHumor his/her forebrain can take before trying to run to safety.²²Currently on an indefinite hiatus since Turner is working on other projects, it amounts to 346 strips.²----²!!This comic provides examples of:²* ArchEnemy: The Shoe Goblin, as far as the comic's flimsy continuity can allow it.²* [[BrickJoke Brick Jokes]]: a lot of them. Used nearly all the time.²* DyingDeclarationOfHate: Steve delivered one to Beaver when the two were trapped in an alleyway with monsters and it looked like they were going to die.²* EmotionChip: Parodied with Emotibot, the robot programmed to feel emotions. And make toast.²* FantasticVoyagePlot: [[ A novel approach]].²* FullyAbsorbedFinale: [[ Possibly a joke.]] [[RocksFallEveryoneDies We certainly hope it is.]] Either way, it's clearly a parody of the trope, what with creating a new comic, for the sole purpose of ending an old one.²* HeterosexualLifePartners²* LetsMeetTheMeat: only in this case it's a [[ vegetable]].²* NoFourthWall: The author, on the 100th strip for example.²** [[ This strip]] takes it UpToEleven.²* OrderVersusChaos: Beaver and Steve, respectively.²* PandaingToTheAudience: Averted. Pandas are not very nice in this comic. Steve in particular bears a grudge against them.²* RoboSpeak: Emotibot, of course.²-->'''Emotibot:''' Informal non-gender specific greetings!²* TimeTravel: Lots, with at least a TimeCrash.²* UnsoundEffect²----


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