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1[[quoteright:350:]]˛[[caption-width-right:350: A kid and a monster.]]˛˛''Apothecia'' is a short webcomic written by Taz Muir and illustrated by Shelby Cragg. An eleven-year-old girl named Jessie finds an intergalactic mass murderer trapped in the woods behind her house. It wants her to free it or kill it, but [[TakeAThirdOption she instead keeps it alive]] until it can be found by the extraterestrial authorities and punished for its crimes. In the end, she faces the consequences of that choice.˛˛The webcomic can be found [[ on Tumblr]] and [[ on Tapastic]]. It began on March 27, 2014 and ended November 21 of the same year.˛˛----˛!!This comic provides examples of:˛* AliensSpeakingEnglish: Jessie and the alien are able to communicate through English, though the alien's English is generally broken and sprinkled with strange phrases.˛* AndThenJohnWasAZombie: [[spoiler:Jessie is]] possessed/merged/infected by [[spoiler:the alien at the end of the story]].˛* BizarreAlienBiology: The alien appears to have innumerable eyes and mouths. It's also made of some kind of fungus.˛* BlueAndOrangeMorality: Neither Jessie nor the alien can comprehend the other's morality.˛* BlobMonster: The alien, which is a giant blob of fungus, eyes, and mouths.˛* BrokeYourArmPunchingOutCthulhu: [[spoiler: Jesse unsuccessfully tries to blow up the alien and is used as a host by it for her efforts.]]˛* CameFromTheSky: The alien is stuck in a crater from where it crash landed onto Earth.˛* CallAHumanAMeatbag: In just the first few pages, the alien refers to Jessie as a "meat wheel," a "limb treat," and "bone mass."˛* ChildrenAreInnocent: Discussed, when the alien brings up how Jesse promised to kill it.˛-->'''Jesse:''' Why do I have to pull the trigger?\˛'''Alien:''' [[IronicEcho Because you don't go back on promises!]]\˛'''Jesse:''' I was just a kid. You were a monster in a hole.\˛'''Alien:''' And now I am a monster in a tank. And you are still so very young.\˛'''Jesse:''' Kids don't know about death. They don't know what it means.˛* CosmicHorrorStory: Although the alien's nature is more thoroughly explained that is usual for the genre, it's still a story where [[spoiler:an OmnicidalManiac space monster with BlueAndOrangeMorality [[DownerEnding wins]] at the end, and where the "heroine" is gradually corrupted and driven insane]]. ˛* DownerEnding: [[spoiler:The alien is freed and is using a]] now-corrupted Jessie [[spoiler:as a host.]]˛* FateWorseThanDeath: What the Interstellar Protectorate will apparently do to the alien when/if they find it.˛-->'''Alien:''' For what I am they will keep me ''dying'' when your Sun squashes in on itself. ''And it will not be my torment even half done.'' '''[[LaughingMad HAHAHAHAHAHA]]'''˛* FloweryInsults: Every other word out of the alien's mouth is a weird insult towards Jessie.˛* ForTheEvulz:˛-->'''Alien:''' Murder is a profession. Job. ''Employment,'' you tiny leg dog. There you are, walking along. Walk walk walk. Now you are a walker. Good job. Special child. ''Murder is like this.''˛* FriendshipDenial: Jesse corrects the alien whenever it starts to imply that she must've grown fond of it to some extent after all the time they've spent together.˛-->'''Jesse:''' Augh, you're not my friend! You're just. You're my duty. I got you. When you're through, I'll be done.˛* {{Gorn}}: Pages 39-41 show with no lack of detail [[spoiler:a man being devoured by the alien.]]˛* HellishPupils: The alien's many eyes are yellow, some with cross-shaped pupils.˛* IDidWhatIHadToDo: Jesse's explanation for why she [[spoiler: killed the kidnapper and will kill the alien.]]˛-->'''Jesse''': But nobody ''stops'' being wrong, they just keep it going so they can watch the news. So I'll do it. I'll stop you, and then I'll turn myself in. After I make right happen as hard as I can.˛* ImpliedDeathThreat:˛--> '''Jessie''': I'm not afraid of you.\˛'''Alien''': You have much enthusiasm for mistakes.˛* LastOfHisKind: Though the alien is this, it claims to be proud of this fact and even offers to make Jessie the last of hers.˛* MoreTeethThanTheOsmondFamily: It has teeth everywhere.˛* NiceJobBreakingItHero: If Jessie had killed the alien while she had the chance, everyone probably would have been happier.˛* NoBiochemicalBarriers: Jessie feeds the alien rabbits and dog food. However, it's unable to escape the crater because the environment around it is incompatible with its ability to create spores.˛* NoNameGiven: The alien is never named.˛* NotSoDifferent: The alien eventually concludes to its joy that Jesse is a kindred spirit to it after she reaffirms that she'll kill it.˛-->'''Alien:''' The girl has got ''no pity! This is why you and I are one.''˛* NotWorthKilling: The lack of anyone who would mourn for her is why [[spoiler:the alien let Jesse live.]]˛-->'''Alien:''' But I had long ago concluded that your death would have been the death of a star. So joyous! Much radiance. So pointless.˛* OneWordTitle˛* SerialKiller: The alien claims that killing and causing suffering is in its nature, just as walking is in Jessie's.˛* ShoutOut: There are a number of references to ''Literature/HarryPotter'': Jesse can be seen reading ''Literature/OrderOfThePhoenix'' in several panels, she mentions what she thinks her wand would be made of, and she calls the alien "space Voldemort" at one point.˛* StarfishAliens: The alien is not remotely humanlike- if anything, it's a giant sentient fungus with disturbingly random eyes and mouths sprinkled around.˛* StrangeSyntaxSpeaker: The alien.˛* SuperiorSpecies: The alien seems to think so, deriding humans constantly as inferior to it for their weakness and foolishness.˛* TakeAThirdOption: Jessie refuses to kill or save the alien, instead opting to leave it where it is.˛-->'''Alien:''' To make no choice is not a choice.˛* TerroristsWithoutACause: The alien's gang terrorized galaxies just because they wanted to.˛* TimeSkip: Partly through the comic, to nineteen years later. ˛* TroublingUnchildlikeBehavior: Jessie, at eleven years old, [[spoiler: kills a child abductor and throws his corpse to the alien.]]˛* YouShouldHaveDiedInstead[=/=]SurvivorGuilt: When the alien tries to gives her an implied death threat.˛--> '''Jessie''': Shut up! You should've died back in the woods. ''I'' should've died back in the woods.˛* YouWillBeSpared: The alien promises to spare Jessie if she lets it out. [[spoiler:It keeps its word.]]˛* YourApprovalFillsMeWithShame: Jesse is visibly angry and discomforted when the alien stops insulting her and starts ''complimenting'' her on her ruthlessness.˛----


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