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1->'''Kaji:''' Okay, listen: Shinji, you are becoming a man...\²'''Shinji:''' ''[horrified]'' ''What?!''\²'''Kaji:''' Let me put it this way: some day, you'll learn to appreciate melons.²²The UrExample of TheAbridgedSeries.²²''Evangelion: [=ReDeath=]'' is a 2000 GagDub of ''Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion'' made by Studio Sokodei. It takes both the series and the movie and somehow boils it down to a half hour ComingOfAge parody, which is quite an accomplishment. ''[=ReDeath=]'' is frequently shown at anime conventions, and remains one of the more popular and quoted fan-parodies of ''Evangelion'' out there. It was recently re-released in a [=ReDux=] version.²²In the film, we follow LoserProtagonist Shinji Ikari, who sets out on his epic quest to discover exactly what this "nookie" thing everyone keeps talking about is, and, most importantly, [[QuestForSex how he can acquire some of it]]. Meanwhile, his father, Gendo the Pimp, attempts to bring about TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt through the use of a horribly-outdated pop song by Music/{{Prince}}.²²The [=ReDux=] version can be viewed [[ here]].²²----²!!''Evangelion: [=ReDeath=]'' provides examples of:²²* TheAbridgedSeries: Well, sort of. The term was not yet invented when it was made, so it is kind of [[UrExample a predecessor.]]²* TheAhnold: Asuka.²* Music/AlsoSprachZarathustra: The first appearance of the SEELE monoliths (in case the [[Film/TwoThousandOneASpaceOdyssey reference]] wasn't already clear).²* AudienceParticipationSong: Showings of this at [[FanConvention anime conventions]] usually feature the audience clapping along to Gendou's theme and singing along to a video that sets Music/{{ACDC}}'s "Big Balls" to Franchise/{{Pokemon}}.²* BigNo: Kaji lets one rip after he uses a crowbar to "free himself" from Misato. It's actually more of a [[GroinAttack scream of incomprehensible pain]].²* BlatantLies: Gendo insists that all rumors of him being a pimp are "wild allegations" and he won't respond to them.²* CoolButInefficient²-->'''Aoba:''' [[ThePowerOfRock The power of song]] has no effect on the target!\²'''Gendo:''' I, uh, know. I just ''love'' that song.²* DistractedByTheSexy: Di$ney fails to stop Gendo because they are all busy ogling Ritsuko.²* GagDub: It is notable not only for becoming one of the first highly popular and [[MemeticMutation meme-spawning]] Gag Dubs in Western fandom, but for doing so years before the genesis of Website/YouTube and the AbridgedSeries phenomenon.²* GoToYourRoom: Gendo tries this on Shinji when he starts asking questions about his plan. It doesn't work.²* LarynxDissonance: Asuka, who has the voice of Arnold Schwarzenegger.²* LeftTheBackgroundMusicOn: As Gendo enters the Di$ney meeting accompanied by his theme music²-->'''Billy Dee Williams (green member):''' Man, am I gettin' sick of his theme song!²* {{Leitmotif}}: [[ It's Gendo!]]²* LukeIAmYourFather: "Shinji, I am your father."²-->'''Shinji:''' [[SarcasmMode Riiiiiight...]]²* MakeOutPoint: According to Misato, a hill overlooking Tokyo-3 is one.²* MemeticBadass: InUniverse. Gendo is portrayed as a KavorkaMan pimp with his own ThemeSong.²* TheOmniscientCouncilOfVagueness: Di$ney.²* OverlyLongGag: A still frame of Asuka's reaction to Touji's "manhood" set to the Hallelujah Chorus from Handel's "Messiah."²* {{Pluralses}}: Misato feels the need to establish that she has "two breasteses".²* PottyFailure: Shinji pees in the entry plug.²* ThePowerOfRock: NERV attempts to bring down the attacking angel by performing "[[Music/{{Queen}} Bohemian Rhapsody]]." It doesn't work.²* ShoutOut: Plenty of em...²* TemporalParadox: Gendo creates one (and causes Second Impact) by playing the song "[[Music/{{Prince}} 1999]]" in the year 2000. [[spoiler:And Third Impact by playing it again in 2014.]]²* ThirdPersonPerson: Keel Lorenz/Bob Dole.²-->'''Bob Dole:''' Bob Dole doesn't have to take this kinda crap! Bob Dole is a cyborg!²* UnwittingPawn: Kaji to Gendo.²-->'''Kaji:''' I found the original CD of Music/{{Prince}}'s ''Greatest Hits'', so I gave Gendo the disc he needed so I could discover the truth behind his plans.\²'''Misato:''' But you gave him the disc!\²'''Kaji:''' Yeah. It was the only way I could get close enough to the truth!\²'''Misato:''' But you ''gave'' him the ''disc''.\²''[{{beat}}]''\²'''Kaji:''' [[OhCrap Aw, crap!]]²* VolleyingInsults²-->'''Misato:''' Bitch.\²'''Ritsuko:''' Slut.\²'''Misato:''' Skank.\²'''Ritsuko:''' Tramp.\²'''Misato:''' Whore.\²'''Ritsuko:''' ...[[Anime/SuperDimensionFortressMacross Minmay]].\²'''Misato:''' [[ITakeOffenseToThatLastOne You take that back!]]²* WingdingEyes: Kaji gets spiral-eyed at one point in the ''Redux'' version.²* YouCantHandleTheParody: Gendo starts reciting the (in)famous lines after Shinji directly asks him what the "nookie" is.²----


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