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Kaji: Okay, listen: Shinji, you are becoming a man...
Shinji: [horrified] What?!
Kaji: Let me put it this way: some day, you'll learn to appreciate melons.

The Ur-Example of The Abridged Series.

Evangelion: ReDeath is a 2000 Gag Dub of Neon Genesis Evangelion made by Studio Sokodei. It takes both the series and the movie and somehow boils it down to a half hour Coming of Age parody, which is quite an accomplishment. ReDeath is frequently shown at anime conventions, and remains one of the more popular and quoted fan-parodies of Evangelion out there. It was recently re-released in a ReDux version.


In the film, we follow Loser Protagonist Shinji Ikari, who sets out on his epic quest to discover exactly what this "nookie" thing everyone keeps talking about is, and, most importantly, how he can acquire some of it. Meanwhile, his father, Gendo the Pimp, attempts to bring about The End of the World as We Know It through the use of a horribly-outdated pop song by Prince.

The ReDux version can be viewed here.


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