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1!!General˛* StalkingIsFunnyIfItIsFemaleAfterMale.˛* Rich people are above the law. ˛* {{Jerkass}}es and [[TheSociopath Sociopaths]] will [[KarmaHoudini get away with anything]] because GoodIsDumb. ("[[Recap/MiraculousLadybugS01E24Volpina Volpina]]", "[[Recap/MiraculousLadybugS03E01Chameleon Chameleon]]", "[[Recap/MiraculousLadybugS03E24Ladybug Ladybug]]", "[[Recap/MiraculousLadybugS03E23Felix Felix]]" and every episode with Chloe in it.)˛* Don't upset people or they'll come back as a super-villain and try to kill you, even for minor offenses.˛** Disciplining your children in any way will just turn them evil. ("[[Recap/MiraculousLadybugS01E18ThePuppeteer The Puppeteer]]", "[[Recap/MiraculousLadybugS02E10Sapotis Sapotis]]")˛** Beating people in a competition fair and square turns the losers evil. ("[[Recap/MiraculousLadybugS01E12Darkblade Darkblade]]", "[[Recap/MiraculousLadybugS01E15TheGamer Gamer]]", "[[Recap/MiraculousLadybugS02E05Riposte Riposte]]")˛* Toxic and abusive relationships should always be fixed and not broken up ASAP, whether it's a friendship built on AllTakeAndNoGive or a parent who outright tells their kid they have to earn their love. This will not backfire in any way imaginable!˛* Never ever lie ''ever!'' It will ''always'' backfire no matter how necessary or harmless it is... unless its about your secret-identity, in which case no one must know, not even your partner who also has a secret-identity.˛* People are GullibleLemmings who will believe ''anything'', no matter how outlandish a complete stranger's many, ''many'' paper-thin claims are. Even if Person A paints Person B, who everyone knows to be an AllLovingHero [[NiceGuy cinnamon role]] to be a psychopathic monster (when really the reverse is true), most of them won't question it. ("[[Recap/MiraculousLadybugS01E24Volpina Volpina]]", "[[Recap/MiraculousLadybugS03E01Chameleon Chameleon]]", "[[Recap/MiraculousLadybugS03E24Ladybug Ladybug]]")˛* BeingGoodSucks.˛* The French are [[StaticCharacter incapable]] of [[StatusQuoIsGod growing as people]] and are [[PaperThinDisguise 99.8% blind and tone-deaf]].˛* Italians are evil.˛* Chinese people are magic and [[AllChinesePeopleKnowKungFu know kung fu]].˛* Don't actually call out someone if they're being a piece of shit; always give them as many chances as possible to redeem themselves instead, even if they've repeatedly proven themselves to be untrustworthy and unwilling to change.˛** Additionally, always strive to be a good example to those around you, which involves never standing up for yourself and doing the above. Are they abusing your trust or outright mistreating you because of this? [[StepfordSmiler Just suck it up and keep smiling.]]˛!!Episode-Specific˛˛[[foldercontrol]]˛˛[[folder: Season One]]˛[[AC:"[[Recap/MiraculousLadybugS01E08Rogercop Rogercop]]"]]˛* Trying to calmly and systematically rule out equally-likely suspects of a potential theft is just as bad as pinning the crime on one specific person without proof.˛* You can get fired for doing your job without violating an innocent person's rights on trumped-up charges without evidence.˛* Even if you point out that the authority in question is breaking the law, they can just say "No." and have you fired. Somehow.˛˛[[AC:"[[Recap/MiraculousLadybugS01E10DarkCupid Dark Cupid]]"]]˛* A non-consenting ForcefulKiss is [[DoubleStandard okay if its the woman doing the forcing]]. If the man acts like he doesn't want it, then he just brainwashed and doesn't know that he actually ''does'' want it.˛˛[[AC:"[[Recap/MiraculousLadybugS01E11Horrificator Horrificator]]"]]˛* Someone easily scared by a poorly-made monster-mask in a world when ''anyone'' can turn into a ''real'' monster capable of threatening an entire city to be the ActionGirl protagonist of your low-budget SciFiHorror movie makes ''total'' sense.˛ ˛[[AC:"[[Recap/MiraculousLadybugS01E12Darkblade Darkblade]]"]]˛* DemocracyIsFlawed and will turn the losers evil.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder: Season Two]]˛[[AC:"[[Recap/MiraculousLadybugS02E03PrimeQueen Prime Queen]]"]]˛* TMZ is right. People only care about celebrity gossip even if those celebrities are ''actual superheroes''.˛˛[[AC:"[[Recap/MiraculousLadybugS02E06Robostus Robostus]]"]]˛* Robots don't have rights, even if they are capable of emotions genuine enough for empathy magic to work on them.˛˛[[AC:"[[Recap/MiraculousLadybugS02E8TheDarkOwl The Dark Owl]]"]]˛* A grown man who runs a school is revealed to be a vigilante. Consequences? No. He's a loser, so why bother?˛˛[[AC:"[[Recap/MiraculousLadybugS02E09Glaciator Glaciator]]"]]˛* Ice-cream going uneaten is as bad as being falsely accused of committing a crime and being punished for it, being made to look like a fool on social media and seeing your crush get together with someone else.˛˛[[AC:"[[Recap/MiraculousLadybugS02E13Zombizou Zombizou]]"]]˛* Love is terrifying and evil.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder: Season Three]]˛[[AC:"[[Recap/MiraculousLadybugS03E01Chameleon Chameleon]]"]]˛* Let someone keep manipulating your friends, even if they outright threaten you. Your love interest said so!˛˛[[AC:"[[Recap/MiraculousLadybugS03E03Bakerix Bakerix]]"]]˛* [[WesternAnimation/{{Ratatouille}} French people love rats for some reason]].˛* Traditionalism is inherently stifling and will ruin your life. ˛˛[[AC:"[[Recap/MiraculousLadybugS03E14Kwamibuster Kwamibuster]]"]]˛* A science-teacher can involve the school she works at in an outlandish claim without consequence.˛* The Pyramids of Giza being alien spaceships and snow being boogers from a giant that lives in the clouds are more scientifically plausible than small cheese-eating critters. ˛* Outrageous claims with (admittedly faulty) video evidence is less plausible than equally outrageous claims with no evidence. ˛˛[[AC:"[[Recap/MiraculousLadybugS03E15Feast Feast]]"]]˛* Taking a child from their family arbitrarily so that they could dedicate their lives to a holy mission they have no emotional investment in is perfectly understandable. It's an ''important'' holy mission that they have no emotional investment in. What could go wrong?˛˛[[AC:"[[Recap/MiraculousLadybugS03E22CatBlanc Cat Blanc]]"]]˛* [[AbusiveParents Child abuse]] can lead to [[WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds the destruction of the city and nearly the entire galaxy]]. Don't do it. ˛* Don't be honest with the one you love or he will kill you eventually.˛* Always be afraid of how your actions will effect the future. You could be the key to killing everyone and everything in the universe.˛* Just because [[AbusiveParent your parents are aware that they've abused you throughout your entire life doesn't mean that they'll stop abusing you when pointed out to them]]. In fact, they may just yeet you into the Eiffel tower after realizing this.˛* Your girlfriend breaks up with you, then its your parent's fault because they purposefully want to upset you.˛˛[[AC:"[[Recap/MiraculousLadybugS03E25HeartHunterBattleoftheMiraculousPart1 Heart Hunter ]]" and "[[Recap/MiraculousLadybugS03E26MiracleQueenBattleoftheMiraculousPart2 Miracle Queen]]"]]˛* Humor the SpoiledBrat with [[EntitledBastard an inflated sense of entitlement]] or she'll become completely evil and willingly join the sociopathic supervillain out of spite.˛* The guy who repeatedly turns your loved ones into monsters and frequently uses you as a target is more trustworthy than the superhero that fights him because she was too busy to indulge in your fantasy for five minutes.˛* Your dysfunctional parents will only love each other when you don't want them too. ˛* CharacterDevelopment is for quiters. ˛[[/folder]]


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