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1This page covers tropes in ''VideoGame/{{Warframe}}''.²²Warframe/TropesAToD | Warframe/TropesEToH | '''Tropes I To M''' | Warframe/TropesNToS | Warframe/TropesTToZ²----²* IaijutsuPractitioner: The [[ReverseGrip Blind Justice]] and Tranquil Cleave stances for [[KatanasAreJustBetter Nikana]] turn a Warframe carrying any of them into this.²* IdleAnimation: Each Warframe has various different idle animations depending on the type of weapon they're holding. There are two idle stances that can be selected in customization; [[RedOniBlueOni the "Agile" animations are energetic and aggressive while the "Noble" animations are calm and graceful]]. With platinum, an animation set can be purchased for use on any Warframe. [[spoiler:Operators]] can similarly choose between a set of idle animations [[spoiler:for each Focus school they've unlocked]].²* ImpaledWithExtremePrejudice:²** The Bolto pistol [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin fires bolts]] that, upon a kill, nail the victim against whatever was behind them. The third skill of the Excalibur frame, ''Radial Javelin'', has a similar effect. As of Update 6, the Bolto now comes in dual (Akbolto) and rifle (Boltor) formats as well. Update 7 brings the ''Paris'', a high-tech bow that can also pin enemies to surfaces, while later updates brought the ''Dread'', ''Cernos'' and ''Paris Prime'' which do much the same.²** One of the longsword animations for a counterattack after a successful parry has your warframe stab your target through the chest with an upward thrust powerful enough to leave them suspended on your sword for a moment.²** Nezha's ''Divine Spears'' does this to all enemies in a radius around him, leaving them struggling and helpless if they manage to survive the initial impalement.²* ImprobableWeaponUser: Grineer Flameblades and Corpus Prod Crewmen wield electrified clubs, and Grineer Butchers wield rusty cleavers; Grineer Scorpions wield Machetes. This, in spite of all the rocket launchers and assault rifles and laser guns and wahey lying about the place. They can still be surprisingly dangerous if they close to range, however.²* ImprovisedWeapon: A lot of weapons in Warframe are supposed to be this:²** The Twin Gremlins are actually nailguns used bolting decks and armor plates to Grineer ships. Naturally, it also bolts Grineer to the decks and bulkheads with bone-shattering, armor-piercing force. Apparently, they're dual-wielded to make up for their lack of fire rate.²** The Serro saws are used to tear apart derelicts and decommissioned ships for Corpus scrap. Rebels in their scrapyards also found it useful for tearing apart their Corpus slave drivers. ²** The Spectra pistol was a laser used for deep space construction. ²** The Quanta -- and their Infested counterparts, the Mutalist Quanta -- were originally mining tools used to cut through rock.²** The wrist-mounted Gammacor laser was initially designed for mineral analysis before being applied to combat. Fittingly, the inquisitive Cephalon Suda offers an upgraded version to her most dedicated followers.²* IncomingHam: ²** [[ "Tenno! Tenno, Tennooohhh..."]]²** Any time a system boss taunts you through messages.²** Played literally with [[spoiler: orrupted Vor.]] He'll pop up after certain conditions are met in Tier 4 Void missions, [[IShallTauntYou taunting you]] [[LargeHam with 500lbs of high-quality pork,]] then he shows up to kick your teeth in. Fortunately, if you aren't prepared to handle him, you can [[BonusBoss just avoid him.]]²* InfinityMinusOneSword:²** Despair, [[spoiler: Stalker's]] kunai. Faster, sharper, longer-range and just overall deadlier than the basic kunai, these knives are very versatile and have the added advantage of being silent. Sadly their nature and stats don't quite hold up to very high levels of play, but they're still fantastic weapons... if the RandomNumberGod [[LuckBasedMission blesses you.]]²** Karak. [[FanNickname Affectionately know as the "Space AK"]], this Grineer assault rifle has good, balanced stats all around, and can be modded for nearly any purpose. Built and upgraded, it can easily carry players to near-endgame content. Best of all, it's cheap, having a cheap blueprint and being crafted from very common materials, meaning it very nearly approaches DiscOneNuke-levels of power. It does start to flounder against very powerful enemies, but it can reliably be used up to nearly that point.²** Amprex and its sidearm companion, Atomos. ChainLightning at its best; with a good build these guns can vaporize entire armies of lower-level enemies with almost no aiming needed. However, their ammo efficiency is lousy which, combined with their damage output falling flat against high-level enemies, makes them less useful at higher levels of play. As of the Beam rework, the Amprex gained a massive power boost, being able to crit and status at very high levels in addition to chaining to nearby enemies, making it more of a [[GameBreaker Game Breaker]].²** Galatine, a {{BFS}} available relatively early. Though slow as molasses, its high base damage and good reach ensure reliable [[OneHitPolykill One Hit Polykills]] for quite a while.²** Orthos is a Tenno polearm with decent damage and speed, and ''superb'' reach. Properly modded, it can shred Infested, and even do well against other factions. Its Prime version is even better, and can be best described as a "portable blender" (though obviously not available quite as easy.)²** As of Update 18, "War" is the most damaging weapon in the game per instance of damage. It's also a huge pain to acquire: either shell out 595 platinum[[note]]approximately 32 USD without a discount[[/note]] for the Hunhow's Gift Bundle (which at least comes with tons of free cosmetics) or pray to the RandomNumberGod that Stalker will be in a good enough of a mood to drop a blueprint for you. You're much more likely to find players using Broken-War, which is almost as strong as the Galatine above but much faster, and more importantly you get it for free with a pre-installed Orokin Catalyst and a weapon slot after a certain quest.²** The regular Hek can be acquired at a fairly low MR, and can be built with a fairly forgiving amount of resources. Even with a low amount of investment, it can clear through a lot of content in the entire game, even some late-game content. What keeps it here is that when it reaches the aforementioned late game, it starts getting pushed out by stronger weaponry.²* InfinityPlusOneSword: ²** [[spoiler: The Stalker]]'s bow has become this as of update 11, with the decapitation mechanic finally kicking in. It is now capable of dishing out critical hits of over 7,000 damage without mods upon fully charged headshots. With a Critical build, it's not unheard of for a double-crit to one-shot ''bosses.'' Including [[spoiler: [[HoistByTheirOwnPetard the Stalker himself.]]]]²** Boltor Prime was this, though it's arguable if it still falls there. With the right setup, this beast is capable of shredding hordes of powerful enemies in seconds. It has problems with ammo, but enterprising players can easily find ways to counteract that.²** Soma Prime takes the Soma (already an InfinityPlusOneSword before its {{Nerf}}) and gives it a whole slew of upgrades. What results is one of the most powerful weapons in the game with the right build, capable of gunning down waves of the highest-level enemies in the game from ''any'' faction.²** In secondaries, the Vaykor Marelok from supporting Steel Meridian. The Marelok is already a fantastic sidearm, functioning as a high-power SniperPistol with none of the usual drawbacks thereof, and Meridian's unique variant only makes it better, with numerous stat boosts plus a powerful HerdHittingAttack that also heals the user. Many players swear by it and never use another secondary again.²** Tigris is this for shotguns, having disgustingly-high damage that can let it gun down even the most badass of enemies in a single salvo. It can be tricky to use, but mastering it offers an absolutely insane amount of burst damage. New Loka's Sancti version only makes it better, and as of July 2016, a Prime variant is set to be released with Nekros Prime. That Prime variant has since been vaulted, making the shotgun even rarer.²** Also in the shotgun department, the Hek is a heavy, high-powered quad-barreled shotgun. It has high base damage, a four-round clip, surprising range for a shotgun, and reloads relatively quickly. The Hek by itself isn't this trope. What ''is'' is the Vaykor Hek from Steel Meridian, which comes with improved stats plus the requisite HerdHittingAttack.²** For a ''literal'' InfinityPlusOneSword, see the [[KatanasAreJustBetter Dragon Nikana.]] This high-powered katana is a direct upgrade from a previous katana, requires a lot of rare resources to craft, can't be crafted unless you're at a (reasonably-high) level, and has superb stats across the board. It's a fantastic, versatile melee weapon that can be modded to fare well against high-level enemies of any faction. Although it's been supplanted by the Prime version, which itself has been trumped by the War.²** War itself has been trumped by the [[{{BFS}} Galatine]] [[UpToEleven Prime]], which tops even War's damage output with a higher attack speed and range. All this raw power however, is locked behind the unusually high mastery ranking of 13, well over the average for Tenno, even if they can gather the parts.²** The piercing melee weapons, such as the [[SinisterScythe Anku]] and [[DualTonfas Boltace]], have proven to be devastatingly-effective against Grineer. While not this trope overall, as the Grineer tend to traditionally be resistant to most melee weaponry, these weapons definitely qualify against them.²** Riven mods allow for a dramatically higher increase of stats compared to regular mods, although many of them have drawbacks. Furthermore, riven mods start out "veiled," and require strange challenges to unveil before you can actually use them. The tasks are often extremely difficult.²** Zaws are unique melee weapons introduced in the Plains Of Eidolon update that require a MASSIVE amount of investment in just about every single aspect of the titular open world area. A well-built one can be the best available weapon of that melee weapon type, and rival/outclass even Prime melees with their incredible stats.²** The ''Fortuna'' update introduced Kitguns, the technological secondary counterparts to Zaws. Much like their predecessors, Kitguns can be specced to deal absurd amounts of damage that rival or exceed their Prime counterparts. Also like Zaws, they require a ton of investment to get the necessary parts.²* Instant180DegreeTurn: Averted for walking around, though a Tenno's turning radius is so tiny you have to ''try'' to run afoul of it[[note]]If you just barely tap the directional buttons, your Tenno will inch forward instead of the direction you pressed, but holding it down for more than a quarter-second will orient you to the new direction[[/note]]. Play straight for aiming your weapons.²* InterfaceScrew: The Ancient Disruptor's main attack used to subject you to ''severe'' interface screw (color scrambling/inversion everywhere) and instantly drains all of your shields and energy. Somewhat reduced in 5.3/5.4 since it was a bit ''too'' disorientating/dangerous for those with epilepsy or similar conditions -- now it mostly just scrambles the appearance of your HUD and disables part of it, rather than applying any trippy color shifting. Combas and Scrambuses can do this through proximity alone, minus the shield and energy drain.²* InvincibleMinorMinion: Targets on the Capture missions are inexplicably completely immune to any and all warframe powers. Not even The Stalker or major region bosses can boast that! Less "minor" example would be Grineer Queens' [[PraetorianGuard Kuva Guardians]], who are completely invincbile to both weapons and powers as long as they're holding their halberds.²* {{Invisibility}}: One of the Loki frame's primary powers turns it invisible for several seconds. Attacking does not break this invisibility. Ash can SmokeOut and turn invisible for a few seconds, without attacks making him visible.²* InvisibilityFlicker: If using Shade on the other hand, attacking enemies with your weapons does cause invisibility to break. Very annoying when you're trying to BackStab and sneak. For some reason, your abilities don't break cloak.²* ItemCaddy:²** Nekros' Desecrate, which has a chance to make enemy corpses roll for loot a second time.²** Hydroid's Pilfering Swarm Augment makes enemies captured by Tentacle Swarm have an increased chance for additional loot upon death, with the percentage determined by the rank of the mod up to double the chance. Khora's Strangledome Augment, Pilfering Strangledome, does the same for any enemies caught by the chains of the cage but at a reduced chance, trading off for a greater amount of enemies captured at one time.²** Chroma's Effigy and the Secura Lecta increases the amount of credits its victims drop.²** Ivara's Prowl effectively pickpockets nearby enemies if she stays close for long enough.²** Atlas' Ore Gaze scans petrified enemies and has a chance to make them drop additional loot.²** Enemies killed by Mag's Pull and Oberon's Reckoning have a higher chance to drop energy and health respectively.²** In addition to the above, Mag's Greedy Pull augment allows Pull to affect items. ²* JetPack: The Archwing is a Warframe add-on system that allows the Tenno to navigate and fight in both deep space and deep-sea environments. ²* TheJuggernaut: Rhino. Like Frost he's very slow and can in fact show up to most fights too late to even help if he's paired with faster frames, but his abilities can make him more or less untouchable. It's fully possible for well equipped Rhinos to walk up to ''bosses'' and casually beat them to death [[NighInvulnerability without ever taking damage.]]²** The Infested Juggernaut deserves its name in full, as it has an extremely thick armour that can't be reduced in any way, strong attacks, one of which can OneHitKill all but the sturdiest frames, and using crowd control skills on it is actually counterproductive.²** Surprisingly enough Valkyr is now the only frame in the game with outright invincibility.²* KarmaMeter: The Sun/Moon meter introduced in ''The War Within'', which can go in either direction depending on choices made in certain quests. Unlike most examples, this one is less "good or evil" and more "RomanticismVersusEnlightenment", with Sun being Romantic (ethical, constrained, and warm, but prone to questionable acts and putting one's own morality first regardless of context) and Moon being Enlightenment (intellectual, merciful, and respectful, but shamelessly power-hungry and amoral).²* KatanasAreJustBetter:²** The basic sword a Tenno gets is a faintly organic-styled katana-esque blade. It's rather effective -- though not the best sword by a long shot. All longswords and shortswords are wielded with the characteristic downward slashing motions.²** Update 13 added the Nikana, a hard hitting katana, and its upgrade the ''Dragon'' Nikana, which is one of the best options for melee in the game. The Nikanas were notably the first category of melee weapons to get a third Stance. Later updates added the Nikana Prime, further increasing damage and solidifying the PowerCreep.²* KickThemWhileTheyAreDown: Knockdown is an ability both coveted and feared. Enemies will mercilessly wail on you while you're struggling to get back up, but you can return the favor with a melee attack that's specially animated for stabbing downed enemies... for 600% damage!²* KineticWeaponsAreJustBetter:²** While the Orokin were undeniably capable of creating far more advanced weaponry, they ultimately fell back on traditional firearms because they would be too low-tech for the Sentients to subvert. Naturally, this carried over to the Tenno as well.²** The Grineer fall into this trope, but not out of choice; they just don't have the technology to reliably produce EnergyWeapons (although a couple of their attempts have fallen into Tenno hands on occasion) on the [[WeHaveReserves massive scale]] of most of their other technology. Of course, it doesn't seem to hinder them much, since some of the nastiest weapons in the game, such as the [[ShotgunsAreJustBetter Hek]], Brakk shotgun pistol, Sobek autoshotgun (Easily the best autoshotgun in the game, damage-wise) and the [[SniperPistol Marelok]], are of Grineer origin.²* JackOfAllStats: The Karak assault rifle, aka the "Space AK", particularly when compared to the rest of the Grineer weapons.²* JobSong: "We All Lift Together" is a song sung by the Solaris under the Corpus' thumb. It sings about the work they do to escape debt, working together until they either die or are free.²* {{Knockback}}: Present in all its forms. Most notable causes would be the Bo staff, Furax gauntlets, and Fragor and Jat Kittag hammers however, because [[PunchedAcrossTheRoom any enemy killed by them will be sent flying]]. Rhino Stomp has the added effect of slowing time, so your teammates can use them as target practice, or you can leisurely smash them into pieces.²* LandMineGoesClick: Both played straight and averted. Grineer Latchers emit loud beeps to warn you that they successfully latched on you and are now active, and Grineer Land Mines on Kuva Fortress start beeping when you get close to them before exploding. Averted by schrapnel mines on the same fortress, who lie quietly in the dirt and don't make a sound only to leap up and explode on your proximity without any warning if the security system has spotted you. Landmines on the Core Hijack stage of the Nightmare Law of Retribution also did not give you any warning.²* LargeAndInCharge:²** The bigger the enemy, the more dangerous they are. The bosses of each region are therefore the largest of the lot. Tyl Regor is taller than the Rhino and probably clocks in around eight or nine feet tall.²** The Grineer Empire as a whole definitely qualifies. As can be seen during any engagement between them and the Corpus, such as the Gradivus Dilemma, they utterly dominate the battlefield due to their superior heavy armor and willingness to use more effective weaponry than Pew-Pew style Lasers, a willingness the Corpus aggressively refuse to share. ²* LaserBlade: The Gram and Plasma Sword use a pair of plasma blades mounted on either side of the weapon, allowing them to cleanly slice-and-dice enemies. The War and Broken War swords also seem to have an energy blade emanating from them.²* LargeHam:²** [[ Councilor Vay Hek.]] As a propagandist for the Grineer, he is quite glad to take large bites out of the scenery and healthily chew on it. While not quite as hammy, his comrade Sargas Ruk is all too happy to boast in big grunts that he will crush those who oppose the Grineer.²** "Did you really believe IT WOULD BE. [[PunctuatedForEmphasis THIS]]. EASY?!"²** Worth noting that Hek's hamminess is ''weapons-grade.'' His hamming-it-up in his boss battle actually empowers his soldiers.²** Actually, every single Grineer {{mook}} does this (TENO SCOOM!!!), so chewed scenery should be their second largest source of damages after the Tenno.²* LaserHallway: ²** More like laser threshold/door. Prevalent in Corpus ships. You have to either destroy a security camera, or wait for it to blink out. They damage your shields, but this damage can be mitigated by spin-attacking through the lasers or avoided altogether with some abilities (Ash's Teleport, Nova's Worm Hole, or being in the Rift Plane courtesy of Limbo's various abilities).²** More conventional Laser Hallways are in with Update 8 and the Void Tower missions. One optional timed segment sees you sprinting past a number of moving and stationary lasers, and requires a fair amount of parkour and/or high-mobility powers (Slash Dash, etc.) to complete within the time limit.²** Spy missions have you infiltrating a secured server room in the style of Splinter Cell and Metal Gear Solid... complete with cameras to shoot out with a silenced weapon, patrols to avoid or gank, and a proper LaserHallway or two to dodge through, blitz, or look for that darned switch to turn the lasers off.²* LateArrivalSpoiler: If you watch recent trailers without having played The Second Dream, it may somewhat lessen the surprise that [[spoiler:the Tenno are [[TouchedByVorlons void-warped]] human teenagers piloting the Warframes through a remote mental link]]. Update 19 also displayed this information front and center in player profiles and the splash screen when you first load up the game, so you can't even avoid the spoilers by dodging the trailers.²* LaughingMad: Grineer Manics have [[ very memorable laughter]] that they use to announce their arrival (or departure, after they kill you). Tyl Regor lets out progressively more sinister and unhinged chuckles as you progress through his boss fight. Kela De Thaym as well, but hers are more of a hysterical variety.²* {{Leitmotif}}:²** As of Update 15.6, all three main enemy factions as well as the Orokin Void and Derelict missions have their own dynamic battle music, each factions and syndicates as well as certain locations have their proper sound.²** A mixture of an Orchestra and Industrial sounds is used to represent the Grineer. Perfect for a kit-bashed race of decaying clones. This is also used for Steel Meridian.²** Purely electronic Industrial Music with a peculiar cold and hollow sound represents the Corpus. This is also used for The Perrin Sequence.²** Dissonant Orchestral music is used for the Infested, accentuating their "otherness".²** The Tenno are represented by subtle, balanced tones and low, indistinct hymns, and by rapid naga drums and other traditional Japanese instruments in combat. Their Leitmotif is [[BattleOfTheBands also frequently interwoven into the other faction's soundtracks to represent the Tenno fighting against said faction.]]²** As of update 18, ''The Second Dream'', [[spoiler:the Operator's theme makes use of a more traditional leitmotif along with a specific use of the Erhu. It's first played on the Erhu, chanted afterwards, then on full strings; after which the Erhu joins again. This particular version plays in the Operator's room. An extended version of the theme adds an action section with the usual Tenno drums.]] [[A variant of this theme also plays at the end of The War Within.]]²** Orokin Void missions uses Zen motifs and chanting for a soothing, meditative experience and a more energetic variant with added percussion and orchestra during combat.²** Orokin Derelict missions uses a mixture of Infested and Orokin Void music, complete with distorted chanting.²** Similar to the Infested, [[spoiler:the Sentients music highlights their otherness, but instead of an orchestra, fast paced bells and screeching metal sounds are used.]]²** The Grineer Fortress uses orchestra and military drums, [[spoiler:along with Orokin chanting alluding to the Twin Queens.]]²* LeParkour: Many such feats are simple for a Warframe. Wall-running and jumping, climbing, [[UnnecessaryCombatRoll rolling]], Vanquish-like sliding, and huge goddamn flips. They are required to access some of the treasure vaults found in the Void, and hidden locker rooms in Grineer asteroids.²* LightningBruiser: [[UpToEleven Almost every Warframe]] is something of a lightning bruiser, apart from one or two that are either [[MightyGlacier too slow]] (Frost, Rhino) or [[FragileSpeedster too squishy]] (Loki, Nova) to really qualify properly.²** Special points to Ash, who is marketed as the offensive stealth class, with powerful offensive abilities as well as invisibility. Not as well known is that he has the 2nd highest health in the game, good shields, and good armor rating, making him second in tankiness only to the dedicated tanks and Saryn. He is also the second fastest frame behind fragile speedster Loki, and has a spammable teleport. Put it all together and you have the very model of a lightning bruiser.²** Rhino, one of the aforementioned tanks, also gets extra points. By default he's tied with the other tanks Frost, Saryn, and Wukong for 2nd slowest and is one of the tankier frames in the game. What puts him over the top is his Iron Skin ability, which gives him a hefty layer of hit points while his shields recharge, lets him shrug off all crowd control, and can be chained continuously, provided he has the energy. While he is usually slow, he can spam a charge ability to quickly move around the map, bowling over any enemies in his path at the same time. His prime version is no slower than an average frame, and with his speed boosting Vanguard Helmet Rhino Prime is tied for fastest frame in the game.²** For a literal ''lightning'' bruiser, look no further than Volt. Like Ash and Saryn having the 2nd most health (behind Inaros), Volt has the 2nd strongest shields (alongside Mag, Rhino, and Frost, only Frost Prime has stronger shields). He has average health and run/sprint speed, but can put on a burst of SuperSpeed using one ability, and his others are all about ShockAndAwe.²** Valkyr has a faster than average sprint speed, more than 3x as much armor as the average frame, can swing around like Spider Man, and is one of the very few frames with true invincibility.²** With a fast sprint speed and flight capability, Zephyr is every bit as mobile as you'd expect a wind frame to be. Curiously enough, she also has the joint highest health and shields in the game (other Warframes tie her for one or the other, but not both).²* LightningGun:²** First up is the "Synapse", an infested-style rifle that fires damaging beam of electricity.²** Second is the "Amprex", a Corpus-style electric rifle that fires electricity in a manner similar to the Synapse, the main difference being that it chains between targets, allowing Tenno to fry entire groups of enemies at once.²* LivingWeapon: Several weapons from Bio Research Labs are Infested in origin, giving them a very organic look and feel. Embolist in particular is explicitly marked as one.²* LostTechnology: The Warframes and other Orokin constructs are significantly more advanced than even Corpus technology (which is derived from it anyway). In-game, Prime weapons and Warframes are stronger versions of those whose blueprints the Tenno can readily access and are largely made of recovered components instead of raw materials. ²* LosingYourHead: An unfortunate Excalibur-clad Tenno loses his head at the start of a teaser trailer for Alad V and the Jupiter tileset. ²* LuckBasedMission: Finding mods and the resources you need to build the equipment you want are both hard enough, but extra-special note goes to the Warframes Vauban and Mesa.²** Mesa combines the worst parts (formerly) Hydroid. Like pre-update 15.13 Hydroid, her parts drop from a boss (Mutalist Alad V) that requires a special key to access. The key requires special Nav Coordinates that are only available as battle pay from high-level Infested Invasions. It's essentially random whether an Invasion offering the Nav Coordinates will appear, and since Invasion missions end when enough players have run them, they don't stay up for very long.²* LuckilyMyShieldWillProtectMe[=/=]ShieldBash: Grineer Shield Lancers carry a bulletproof shield (see ShieldBearingMook below) which they like to smash into your face; a nice high-{{Knockback}} attack.²* LudicrousGibs:²** On top of already-existing gore effects (such as total gibbing from Rhino Charge), Update 7.9 brought new 'damage deformers' for enemies, which basically meant a significant increase in the amount of gore. Expect to see many {{Clean Cut}}s if you're using a powerful bladed weapon, and most firearms can ''easily'' blow off limbs, pulverize heads, or take chunks out of torsos.²** Damage 2.0 takes this UpToEleven, with the variety of deaths players can inflict reaching ''VideoGame/{{Fallout}}'' levels of variety:²*** [[CleanCut Slash]] causes mixtures of AnArmAndALeg, LosingYourHead, and HalfTheManHeUsedToBe.²*** Piercing frequently blows large, gaping holes through enemies.²*** Impact pulverizes enemies, leaving bloody stumps and crushed heads behind.²*** [[KillItWithFire Heat]] reduces enemies to piles of ashes.²*** [[AnIcePerson Cold]] leads to LiterallyShatteredLives.²*** [[ShockAndAwe Electricity]] has no bloody aftermath, but enemies will still convulse and scream before collapsing.²*** [[PoisonousPerson Toxin]] ''[[ImMelting melts]]'' enemies into puddles of goo.²*** You can combine these into even more elements, with even more death animations, from dissolving foes with [[HollywoodAcid Corrosive]] to blowing them to pieces with [[StuffBlowingUp Blast.]]²* MachineWorship:²** Sargas Ruk has been using profits from hunting pre-War artifacts (by annexing everyone else's dig sites) to outfit himself with the latest and greatest cybernetic body modifications. There's also the Corpus, who have a bit of this going on. One of Sargas' taunts says it all;²--->'''Sargas Ruk:''' Flesh is the flaw!²** However, the Corpus take the cake for this trope. They literally worship machines -- namely, Orokin machines.²* MacrossMissileMassacre: The Odonata Archwing allows Tenno to perform this in space. ²* MadeOfPlasticine: Most mooks can be sliced and diced by edged weapons or have chunks blown out of them with firearms. The Flux Rifle especially tends to cause a lot of gibbing and mangling of bodies.²* ManaBurn:²** Ancient Disruptors. Get hit with their [[WeaksauceWeakness Magnetic debuff]], ''all'' your energy is gone -- whether you had only 1, or 300, and will negate any energy you pick up while it scrambles your HUD. Note that [[DemonicSpiders your energy does not regenerate on its own.]] for about 5 seconds. They used to be truly awful, guaranteeing Magnetic debuffs with EACH AND EVERY HIT; this was nerfed to burning about 10 energy per hit with a 10% chance of Magnetic debuff.²** Hyena Thorium will automatically inflict Magnetic debuff to anyone within 10 meters, continuously -- and as it's a boss fight, kiss goodbye to any replenishing energy spheres. ²** The reworked Vay Hek now also has a laser that he will use to deplete your energy in the first phase of his bossfight.²** For a brief period of time, [[EliteMooks Shock Eximus]] auras would inflict a Magnetic debuff to any Tenno within range. This was ''very'' quickly changed to an Electric proc instead.²* ManaShield: Equipping the mod Quick Thinking will redirect lethal damage into your energy reserves instead, with the side effects that you'll get staggered and left at 2 HP. If you're not careful, you'll get stuck in a CycleOfHurting, so it's best used as an emergency safety net rather than a method for tanking hits.²* MasterOfAll: Rhino Prime, especially with the Arcane Vanguard helmet. Extremely durable, possesses a powerful mobility power and with the Vanguard helmet can keep up with the ''fastest Warframe in the game'', can buff allies and temporarily neutralize enemies in a wide radius. Outside of Defense and Excavation missions, he is one of the most powerful and adaptable warframes. Prior to its nerf, the Synoid Gammacor secondary weapon was a handheld DeathRay with nigh-infinite ammo that could scythe through entire platoons of troops before having to reload, all while restoring your energy every so often, causing all other secondaries and even most primaries not called the "Boltor Prime" to become redundant, though the post-nerf version drains ammo at a truly alarming speed.²* MasterOfNone: The mod system is designed to encourage you to use a few mods at max rank rather than a bunch of low-rank mods. Mods cost between 2 and 10 points to install at rank zero, but their effects double with each additional point. Thus you'll get much better mileage with three max-ranked mods that let your weapon do one specific thing really well rather than six or seven mods unranked mods that give a lot of really negligible bonuses. Or you can invest Catalysts and Formas into your weapon to eventually make it a MasterOfAll.²* MeatMoss: Ships infected with the Technocyte Plague have these disgusting slug/algae-like things covering the floors and walls. You can also see slightly more plant or web-like growths when on Infested-based Missions that use the Corpus Outpost and Grineer Asteroid Base sets. One interesting thing is that, according to the in-game lore, the inorganic materials morphed by Technocyte actually retain their original properties and characteristics. So, those ugly organic-looking bulbs and web-like tendrils growing on the walls of a space ship? Those are not some mutated organic culuture growing on the walls, those are the ''walls'' themselves, warped by technocyte. Hard and metallic to the touch.²* MechaMooks: The Corpus deploy [=MOAs=] and Osprey robots to back up their squishy crewmen, with both kinds coming in multiple flavours. Their foot soldiers may be partially robotized as well; it's hard to tell with their bulky environmental suits.²* MechanicalMonster: The Corpus' ''Jackal'' warbot, quadruped beast armed with heavy shields, dual machine guns, vertically launched missiles, sticky grenades, and a ShockwaveStomp attack. They later refined it into the ''Hyena'' and ''Zanuka'' -- whilst these lack some of the raw firepower of the Jackal (which is more suited to engaging the Grineer) they are much faster and more agile, better suited to fighting with the Tenno.²* MechanicallyUnusualClass:²** Octavia, [[ThemeMusicPowerUp the musical warframe]], makes arguably the most drastic mechanics' changes -- using this Warframe adds an ''entire, fully-functional music sequencer'' to the game, allowing you to create a custom melody which you and your team can use to power up her abilities by jumping, crouching, and attacking along with the beat, essentially weaponizing MickeyMousing.²** Vauban, [[TheEngineer the engineer Warframe]], relies on grenade-based and deployable abilities rather than his own Void-granted abilities. The difference is highlighted by Vauban's appearance -- while the other Warframes are generally sleek and form-fitting, Vauban wears a hulking huge helmet with a neck guard, and is "wearing" what appears to be a trench coat and a high-tech jumpsuit.²** Chroma, the [[OurDragonsAreDifferent dragon]] Warframe, was inspired by the chromatic dragons from ''TabletopGame/DungeonsAndDragons'': he can change the element his powers use by switching his [[ColorCodedElements energy color]], which also adjusts the secondary effects of his second power, Elemental Ward. Reds and oranges give him [[PlayingWithFire Heat]] damage, which gives Elemental Ward a health buff effect. Blues and purples correspond to [[ShockAndAwe Electric]] damage, causing Elemental Ward to boost shields and store up damage to unleash later. Greens turn his element into [[PoisonousPerson Toxin]] damage, which lets Elemental Ward reduce stamina consumption (prior to Update 17) or boost reload speed (as of Update 17). Grayscales and pastel colors give [[AnIcePerson Cold]] damage, turning Elemental Ward into an armor buff that can reflect enemy projectiles.²** Equinox, the [[YinYangBomb yin-yang]] Warframe, follows in Chroma's footsteps with a variable power set, but with a very different implementation. Metamorphosis switches Equinox between her offense-oriented Day form and her support-focused Night form, which also switches her remaining three powers between complementary effects. For example, the Day form's Rage power speeds enemies up and makes them take more damage, while the Night form's corresponding Rest power puts enemies to sleep and renders them vulnerable to melee finishers. Once again, energy color has an effect on gameplay, although much more minor than with Chroma: darker energy colors will cause the player to start out missions in Night form, while lighter ones will cause the player to start in Day form instead.²** Inaros, the mummy Warframe, boasts the highest base health in the game: 550 at rank 0 (for reference, the Warframes with the next highest health only reach 450 at max level). Of course, he needs all that health, because his final ability is CastFromHitPoints, and he has no shields at all to protect him, in a game where RegeneratingShieldStaticHealth is in play. Fortunately, his powers all revolve around draining life, and getting melee finishers restores a large chunk of his health. He also has a unique downed state where he retreats into a coffin, firing a laser beam that drains health from nearby enemies; draining 2 enemies gets him back up and running (think Second Winds from ''VideoGame/{{Borderlands}}'').²** Nidus, the Infested Warframe, much like Inaros before him, completely lacks shields, but while his health and armor are above-average, they're still within "normal" ranges. Instead, he's the only Warframe with innate health regeneration, and his powers focus on improving the regeneration rate and offloading damage to nearby enemies. He also gets a unique resource to manage during combat, Mutation stacks. By damaging enemies with his powers, he builds up stacks, which provide a number of bonuses. First, they passively increase his armor and trigger certain cosmetic changes as he builds them up. Second, they're used instead of energy to cast his third and fourth powers. Third, should he take lethal damage, he'll consume 15 stacks (assuming he has enough) to restore 50% of his health and become invulnerable for 5 seconds. Not bad, considering what you have to go through to get him. Furthermore, in addition to the usual increases to health, shields, and energy upon leveling up, Nidus also gets bonuses to his armor, health regeneration, and power strength, the first time the developers have experimented with these stat boosts.²* MeditationPowerup: The special ability of Nyx, the psychic Warframe. On activation, Nyx hovers in the air in the Lotus position, and absorbs all attacks, then returns them in the form of a highly damaging explosion. The more damage she takes, the more she unleashes -- a brutally effective power against enemies that like to engage close up.²* MeetYourEarlyInstallmentWeirdness: In update 14, Liset landing craft were updated with a sleeker, more high-tech design. In the Vor's Prize quest you can see an old-model Liset [[SoLastSeason get shot down by Vor]], forcing you to steal a new-model Liset from a nearby landing pad.²* MegaCorp: The Corpus, a corporation that controls every major trade route and flow of goods in the solar system. They won't let anything or anyone get in their way -- Tenno or Grineer be damned -- in the name of securing every last piece of precious Orokin-era technology. They're, according to in-universe information, deliberately patterning themselves on old merchant guilds from long ago in Earth's history, most of which were ludicrously powerful. All of their (brainwashed) employees talk in a disturbing, inhuman choke-screech and are partially robotized, which takes 'soulless corporation' to a new extreme.²* MeleeATrois:²** As of 5.3, one faction can begin spawning in any other faction's missions. For instance, a mission that starts out against the Grineer may take a turn for the grim when Infested suddenly begin to spread throughout the ship, prompting the Grineer to begin fighting the Infested as well as you. Or you might mow down a ship's Grineer Marine contingent and start running into Corpus Crewmen, [=MOAs=], and Ospreys.²** The Grineer, Corpus, and Infested will also attack the mysterious Stalker, who is more than happy to return fire. You can take advantage of this to wear the Stalker down before facing them yourself.²** With the release of the Phobos starchart, Grineer Settlements are also occupied by manta-like [[SandWorm Desert Skates]] that will attack both the occupying Grineer and invading Tenno.²** The Gradivus Dilemma takes this to the logical extreme with a ''full-out war'' between the Tenno, the Corpus, and the Grineer over the large cache of sleeping Tenno.²** Taken UpToEleven with Update 13.2's "Specters of Liberty" event: With the introduction of the allied Red Veil faction, Rescue missions will always consist of at least three factions. However, Corpus maps (even those invaded by Grineer) also have consoles that will spawn [=MOAs=] to fight for the Tenno, while the extra holding cells of a Rescue map also have a chance to hold an Infested enemy in captivity. Therefore, in one map, it is entirely possible to see up to ''5 different factions'' fighting a three-way battle -- and that's ''before'' Stalker shows up...²** Update 15.13.8 added in Crossfire missions, a special class of Exterminate missions that have the Tenno hunting both the Corpus ''and'' the Grineer at the same time. This time around, there's no EnemyMine; the Corpus and Grineer are working just as hard at killing each other as they are at killing the players.²** With the introduction of Feral Kavats in Update 18.5, it's possible for Orokin Derelicts to get ironically crowded. Derelicts are filled with Infested, but Grineer or Corpus (sadly not both at once) will often show up to loot the place. And if a Tenno opens an Orokin Vault with a Dragon Key the Vault will summon Corrupted. Lastly, packs of Feral Kavats usually spawn in to try and feed on whatever they can kill. That's a '''five-way battle!'''²* MetalSlime: Oxium Ospreys are an uncommon Corpus enemy and one of the few sources of the Oxium resource. They love to charge at unsuspecting Tenno and blow up without dropping anything. They do make a unique noise beforehand, allowing Tenno to dodge and get their hits in, but newer players can become frustrated at missing a chance at more Oxium.²* MickeyMousing: The [[ intro]] for ''Fortuna'' has the characters working in time with the music.²* MightyGlacier:²** Rhino. He has the second (after Valkyr as of update 11) heaviest base armor of any warframe (reducing all damage to his health by 38%), very high shield and comes complete with charging and ground stomping attacks, but it's also painfully slow, sprinting just over half as fast as any other warframe. A team with a Rhino player in it can count on him chugging along far behind everyone else, often arriving long after everything has been killed off by the faster teammates. However, sometimes everyone else is dead and a good Rhino can easily solo a mission.²** Similarly ([[AnIcePerson and somewhat literally]]), Frost, who has the same speed disability, but has the same amount of armor, and utilizes AOE storms and beams of ice to damage enemies. He's more geared toward status effects, however, with his basic power being a damaging flash-freeze that works to slow down enemies (until they're damaged).²* MileLongShip: The Corpus ships are ''massive''; those with the "hammerhead" style nose are at least several miles in length. Planetary missions on Europa take place in the ruins of a crash-landed Corpus ship, part of which takes up a huge swathe of the skyline. Grineer ships generally are less obviously huge as their windows are not visible, but their Balor Fomorians appear to be at least half a mile ''tall''.²* MinMaxing: Corrupted mods were added to the game specifically for this purpose -- strengthen one attribute in exchange for weakening another.²* MirrorMatch:²** The Stalker, a mysterious high level enemy which may hunt you down in retaliation for taking down a boss. Like the player, he uses a primary, a secondary, and a melee -- currently a SinisterScythe, throwing knives, and a strange bow with arrows that can decapitate a target. If you're lucky, he may drop the blueprints for you. ²** With the implementation of clan battles over Dark Sectors, you may find yourself fighting a Tenno Spectre of a player who has the exact same or a similar build as you.²** Clan battles with spectres are gone. Now, there is Conclave: true, right and proper PlayerVersusPlayer. All warframes and weapons have a second set of stats, specifically balanced for Conclave, and a much more limited selection of mods. It's entirely possible to play Conclave and run into another player using the same warframe as you, with the same weapons, and even the same mods.²* MixAndMatchWeapon:²** The Redeemer and the Sarpa are Gunblades; specifically, the Redeemer is a shotgun-sword while the Sarpa is a burst rifle-sword. The appropriate Stances, High Noon and Bullet Dance involve firing the built-in guns in-between swipes.²** Later on, we get spear guns, which are large rifles that can also be thrown as a javelin for differing effects: the Javlok explodes, dealing area-of-effect damage at the point of impact with the remaining ammo increasing the amount of damage done; the Ferrox attracts enemies towards it; and Harrow's signature weapon, Scourge creates a 'bullet attractor' that pulls bullets towards the heads of enemies that stand near it.²* MookHorrorShow:²** One moment, you're an ordinary Grineer grunt, going about your boring daily life. The next, out of nowhere, you're fighting for your life against a group of highly-armed, highly-mobile, utterly implacable killers. They [[IAintGotTimeToBleed never bleed,]] [[TheDeterminator never retreat,]] [[ImplacableMan and never stop.]] They [[TheVoiceless don't even vocalize when you blast them point-blank with a shotgun.]] Blow them up with a rocket launcher? [[OhCrap You just made them]] [[ShootTheMageFirst focus on you instead.]] Hose them down with an LMG? [[NoSell You're just]] [[ShootingSuperman wasting your ammo.]] Summon your buddies to help you fight them? [[EnemyRisingBehind They're all dead by the time you're reaching for that panic button on the console,]] [[ThisIsGonnaSuck and you can already hear footsteps behind you.]] It doesn't matter how many of your allies came to help you, either, because [[QualityVsQuantity even the best you have isn't going to be enough for this.]] If you kill them, in all likelihood [[BackFromTheDead they'll be back with in seconds.]] To top it all off, [[ParanoiaFuel this scenario can happen to you, anywhere, any time]] -- even your leaders are not safe. It sucks to be a Mook in the Warframe universe. ²** [[HalfTheManHeUsedToBe Being sliced in half]]. [[PinnedToTheWall Getting nailed to the wall]]. [[ManOnFire Burning alive]]. [[ShockAndAwe Electrocution]]. [[DeathOfAThousandCuts Slowly, agonizingly bleeding to death]]. You need not worry about which of these options, [[TheJoysOfTorturingMooks or the many more alternatives]], are the worst to suffer before you die -- [[NightmareFuel they will decide for you]].²** There is a [[GoodBadBugs bug]] where Mooks refuse to leave the room where they spawn which is usually some kind of pantry and can even lock the doors from there. In the same time it makes things worse as all of these mooks will fire at you simulatenously should you enter the room.²** This is emphasized in the trailers for Prime Warframes, as the Warframes mow down their foes to Ballas' slow, deliberate narration describing how monstrous they are and his vision for them. Especially creepy is Nekros Prime's [[ trailer]], which shows a Grineer serviceman running for dear life from Nekros and the zombified remains of his crewmates before being converted himself. [[ Valkyr Prime]] is little better, as she rips apart her foes with all the ferocity of a wild animal.²* MoreDakka:²** This is basically the Grineer's [[PlanetOfHats hat]] when it comes to combat. Their assault rifle (the Grakata) trades stopping power for a high rate of fire and good capacity, their sidearms -- the Kraken and Viper -- are a double-shot handcannon and a rapid-fire machine pistol respectively, and they make the Gorgon and Hek (see below). ²*** The Wild Frenzy augment mod for the Grakata dials up its rapid-fire capabilities to insane levels. The alternate fire button will fire off the gun's entire magazine in one burst, at ''400%'' the base fire rate. If you manage to kill at least two enemies with that barrage all of the spent ammo is refunded, potentially allowing you ''infinite dakka''.²** One of the primary weapons is the Gorgon, an enormous machine gun that trades the usually graceful Tenno ways of killing for ''more bullets.'' ²** There's also the Furis, if you want more dakka in your sidearm slot -- and you can get two (the Afuris), for double the pleasure. Or you can slot Fire Rate and Ammo Capacity mods into your guns. ²** And now you can get a dual version of the Viper pistol which has an ''even faster'' rate of fire than the Furis, but trades away accuracy. The Twin Vipers have ''the'' highest possible DPS of all the handguns currently in the game. Taken UpToEleven with the Twin Vipers Wraith, which have even more dakka.²** In an odd variant, the Hek is a quad-barreled shotgun that unleashes a vast amount of pellets with every trigger-pull.²** The Corpus have the Tech, who wields the Supra Energy Repeater. Essentially an 'energy bolt' version of the Gorgon, the Supra can be developed by clans in the Energy Research Lab. A close look at the model shows that it apparently has ''three'' barrels.²** The limited edition upgrade to the Supra, the [[AceCustom Supra Vandal]], holds the record for most ''sustained'' dakka, tying for the highest magazine size in the game and having a generous ammo reserve besides. Also, being the only non-hitscan weapon amongst the automatic primary weapons, users get the treat of seeing an absolutely monstrous stream of plasma thud into enemies.²** The Tenno have their own machine gun, the Soma, that has a hundred-bullet magazine, an extreme firing rate, and a high critical chance, at the cost of doing only 10 damage without crits. And then there's the Soma Prime, which is basically the Soma with a magazine holding ''two hundred bullets'', and ''eight hundred spare rounds'', and a modest 12 points of damage without crits.²** The Boar and Sobek are ''automatic'' shotguns.²** The Cestra and Dual Cestras are pocket laser [=LMGs=] in pistol size. The dual version features one of the highest fire rate with a huge magazine. ²** Far surpassing the above mentioned Furis and Viper pistols, since U17 we have the Twin Grakatas. These beasts have a fire rate of 20 on paper, but shoot two bullets per "shot", effectively firing off 40 bullets per second, and have an absurdly high magazine size and ammo pool. If modded purely for dakka and not for effectiveness, they can produce around 400 bullets in under a second.²** The Kohm shotgun, much like the Boar and Sobek, is fully-automatic. What sets it apart is its unique mechanic: each shot fires successively more pellets. It's been adjusted several times because it would wreck low-end [=GPUs=]. It also comes in single and double pistol form, with the Kohmak and Twin Kohmak.²* MsExposition: The Lotus. She'll explain why she activated you, and she also provides information on your target during Assassination missions.²* Multiple-TailedBeast: Kavats usually have several tails, wich range from long tendrils to fish-like tails.²* MundaneUtility: The Cryotic you're collecting during the Cryotic Front event is being used to [[spoiler: refrigerate a particular species of Martian jellyfish which is a delicacy but also spoils easily.]] Yep, you just killed a few thousand Grineer and Corpus to [[spoiler: stave off substandard refrigeration]].²* MyRulesAreNotYourRules: The Rathuum and The Index matches are shamelessly rigged in the host faction's (Grineer and Corpus respectively) favour:²** In [[TrialByCombat Rathuum]] the Executioners will always outnumber Tenno at least by one, and while Tenno are forbidden from using consumable gear and bringing companions with them, Executioners are free to deploy assistant drones and pets to help them fight. One can only pity poor sods who were sentenced to participate in Rathuum under such conditions without having Tenno skills and Void-fueled powers to fall back on.²** As for [[BloodSport the Index]], the teams always start even, but Brokers can get extra members if the match progresses long enough. Tenno are still restricted from using companions and gear while Nef Anyo's Brokers do not have any such restriction, and in addition Tenno need to win three consecutive rounds to obtain victory in a match, while Brokers need to score only one round to win the whole match. [[spoiler: During the Glast Gambit quest Nef goes even further, by rigging the match so that Tenno become unable to score any points at all]].²* MysteriousStranger: The Stalker, who seems to be a "rogue" Tenno that comes after you to "avenge" the various bosses you've killed. It's really not clear which side they're on at this point, as the Grineer and Corpus will readily open fire upon the Stalker as well. The Infested, being Infested, will attack him too. [[PlayingBothSides No reason not to take advantage of that]]. [[spoiler: Scanning him sufficient times will reveal that he is a surviving Orokin, a lowly guard who went mad after the Tenno slaughtered his peers. Exactly how he survived or got to be such a badass is still not explained]]²* {{Mythology}}: There are lots of references to various flavours of classic mythology. The Grineer have a habit of naming their weapons for various mythological beasts. For instance;²** Myth/CelticMythology: One of the Warframes is named Banshee, and she (unsurprisingly) [[LoudOfWar uses sonic-based attacks and powers]]. During the Operation Sling-Stone event, the Grineer ''Fomorian''-class ships also bore names of namesake creatures from Irish myth, such as Balor, Ethniu, Buarainech, etc.²** Myth/EgyptianMythology: The ''Sobek'' auto-shotgun is named after the crocodile-headed god of the Nile. Valkyr's alternate helmet is called ''Bastet'', after the cat goddess of, depending on the region and age of Egypt, lotion, the sun, and ''war''.²** Myth/ClassicalMythology: A Warframe is named after Nyx, the goddess of the night. Fittingly, her default color scheme is dark greys and blacks with a splash of dull green. The Grineer ''Gorgon'' is a [[MoreDakka heavy machine gun]]. The Tenno ''Orthos'', a double-ended polearm, is likely named for [[{{Hellhound}} Cerberus']] two-headed brother, Orthrus. ²** Myth/NorseMythology: One of the Warframes is called "Loki". Loki's abilities are mostly based around stealth, misdirection, and trickery, as opposed to directly harming enemies. There is also the ''Gram'', a {{BFS}} named after the sword Sigurd used to slay Fafnir. Valkyr is named after the Valkyries, the psychopomps who take dead warriors to Valhalla, their afterlife of eternal combat. Valkyr is incidentally a rebuilt version of an older warframe named Gersemi, who took her name from an obscure Norse goddess of beauty. The Grineer also invoke Norse Mythology with the ''Kraken'' heavy pistol.²** UsefulNotes/PersianMythology: The Grineer-themed alternate skin for the Scindo is named the ''Manticore''.²* MythologyGag: One of the updates included a Glaive -- not a BladeOnAStick, but a flying triple-bladed thrown weapon, the same sort (but not the exact one) used in VideoGame/DarkSector, said to be a derivation of the weapon used by "the first Tenno". Others from that game include a stealthy boss called the Stalker and "Jackal" {{Spider Tank}}s. Hostages also use the Tekna pistol.


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