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1[[WMG: Either Anansi or Loki will have a cameo in the next Literature/JourneyToTheWest video]]²Wukong had a cameo in the Literature/Momotaro video when Red mentioned the monkey, so why not?²²-> '''Red:''' So they continue island-ward, whereupon they encounter a monkey no not that one.\²'''Wukong:''' [[LampshadeHanging This isn’t China.]]²** Likely {{Jossed}}; Not Anansi nor Loki made cameos in Part VI or Part VII.²²[[WMG: Red will mention the 1986 Tv adaptation in the Blue Wave Lake video (Literature/JourneyToTheWest)]]²And the Horse will have a human form.²Explanation: The 1986 Tv adaptation makes the Princess from the Blue Wave Lake the non-married wife of the Third Prince of the West Sea (AKA the White Dragon Horse).²²[[WMG: Blue's girlfriend Cyan isn't human.]]²[[ He's dating the immortal spirit of Venice.]]²²[[WMG: Red is actually a vampire.]]²Think about it; Red said she [[{{ProneToSunburn}} sunburns]] [[{{WeakenedbytheLight}} cartoonishly easily]], is always wearing an [[{{ImprovisedCross}} Ankh necklace]] whenever shown in-person, and her speed of speaking is [[{{MotorMouth}} clearly]] [[{{UptoEleven}} supernatural]]!²²* Her [[{{HalloweenEpisode}} Halloween]] attire certainly doesn't ease suspicions...²* Nor does the [[{{MilestoneCelebration}} One Million Subscribers]] fanciness celebration...²----


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