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1[[WMG: This inadvertently inspired WebVideo/PoohsAdventures and its ilk.]]* It's a MassiveMultiplayerCrossover featuring every cartoon that was popular at the time of its release. It likely left something of an impact on the generation of kids who grew up watching such cartoons, and when they became old enough to learn how to work a video making program/write a story, they decided to create their own versions.[[WMG: If a sequel is made...]]* Not only would it feature modern cartoon characters, but it would switch focus from the effects of drugs on the individual to how The War On Drugs has been tearing families and communities apart, and Smoke would be [[ContrastingSequelAntagonist replaced]] with a SleazyPolitician who profits off of said Drug War by throwing poor people into for-profit prisons as slave labor.


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