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1[[WMG: If there's a sequel, Callum will end up suffering the Bleeding Effect]]²Perhaps Abstergo keeps him in there so long he ends up being unable to separate the past from the present, leading to him killing an innocent person by mistake.²* According to this [[ behind the scenes clip]], Callum will suffer the bleeding effect in this movie.²* Confirmed. He gains Aguilar's skills by training with his hallucinations.²²[[WMG: There will be some form of desynchronization scene.]]²* Confirmed. this happens when the first Leap of Faith is performed by Aguilar in the Animus, the effect is much harsher than the ones in-game too²²[[WMG: This movie is the reason they delayed a new game release after ''VideoGame/AssassinsCreedSyndicate'']]²Namely, that they have plans to turn the new "real world" character into a new main character for the series, and so wanted to use the movie as their version of a whole game introduction. Either that or they're doing a tie in game for this movie they're surprise releasing instead.²* Aguilar appears in a game, ''Assassin's Creed: Rebellion'', although it's a MobilePhoneGame spinoff and not a mainline episode. ''[[VideoGame/AssassinsCreedOrigins Origins]]'' and ''[[VideoGame/AssassinsCreedOdyssey Odyssey]]'' have come out since the film's release, there's no sign of Creator/UbiSoft using either him or Callum (or even the movie's Animus) in a mainline game in the near future. The delay before ''Origins'' was simply to ensure its quality, that it wouldn't be plagued by the same {{sequelitis}} problems as ''Unity'' and ''Syndicate''.²²[[WMG: Ezio Auditore will either be referenced or make a cameo.]]²In the DS game ''Assassins Creed II: Discovery'', Ezio went after Tomas de Torquemada, who survived the encounter. As Tomas is inevitably going to play a role in this film, it would make sense that he'd reference said encounter when other Assassins meddle in his affairs.²* Jossed. He never appears or gets referenced. That being said, Aguilar meets him in the MobilePhoneGame ''Assassin's Creed: Rebellion''.²²[[WMG: Kanye West is a Templar.]]²Because he so is. What if he has an Artifact of Eden? That would explain his extreme Messiah complex and millions of worldwide fans.²²[[WMG: As good as the movie may be, the movie will bomb opening up next to ''Film/RogueOne'']]²It was a bad day for the ''Alvin and the Chipmunks'' movies when the latest one opened up next to ''Film/TheForceAwakens''. Ubisoft have already said that they don't expect to make much money from the film.²* Jossed. While it didn't perform as well as expected in its opening week, it hit its stride after New Year's. As of 1/16/2017, it has made 60 million more than its production budget and as of 1/23/2017, it reached 203 million. ²²[[WMG: The modern day portion is a {{Prequel}} to [[VideoGame/AssassinsCreedI the first game]]]]²First of all, the visual design of Abstergo (not to mention Callum's clothing) is a huge CallBack to the first game. Second, every Animus change we've seen so far has made it less practical, not more, albeit [[AwesomeYetImpractical cooler to watch]]: it's possible the crane-like Animus interface was an early prototype used by Vidic's team before the video game interface was invented. Secondly, WordOfGod has confirmed that Aguilar's storyline uses [[BilingualBonus subtitled Spanish]], again suggesting this was an early version of the Animus before it was able to translate to the user's native tongue.²* Jossed. It's very much in present day. ²²[[WMG: Sofia ([[Creator/MarionCotillard Marion Cotillard's]] character) is Desmond Miles's mother. This works better if the speculation about the movie being a prequel is true.]]²* Jossed. She is Sophia Rikkin, Alan Rikkin's daughter.²²[[WMG: The next game will have the fallout of the movie be shown]]²By the end of the movie, [[spoiler: the Assassins have taken over Abstergo's Madrid facility and killed a major Templar leader in Alan Rikkin while also stealing the Apple of Eden from under their nose.]] You can be damn sure that they won't take prisoners next time.²* ''Origins'' focuses on a completely new character with no connection to the film, although the events of Alan Rikkin's death are mentioned on the protagonist's computer.²²[[WMG: The Next Game will use the movie as a prologue]]²Namely, we will begin in an action prologue by following Callum as he escapes his captivity, and then play a stealth takedown for [[spoiler: The assassination of Alan Rikkin]]. Following this, the game proper will begin with either Callum as our new lead protagonist, or with Bishop giving an update to her crew about how [[spoiler: the death of one of the templar second in commands]] has affected the templar structure. ²* Jossed. ''Origins'' focuses on a completely new character with no connection to the film, although the events of Alan Rikkin's death and Oliver Garneau's capture in ''Watch Dogs'' are mentioned on the protagonist's computer.²²[[WMG: If there's another live action movie, it will be a digital exclusive]]²²[[WMG: The release date was a [[MythologyGag Mythology Gag]].]]²The movie was released worldwide on 21 December 2016. In the [[AssassinsCreedIII games]], [[spoiler: Desmond Miles sacrifices himself on the 21 December 2012 to prevent a solar flare from destroying the world]].²²[[WMG: HistoryRepeats in the film verse]]²Just like the second game did to the first game, when a film sequel is released, it will answer all the criticisms of the first movie and blow the critics away. Then by the third movie they will say something along the lines of "it's a great movie on all accounts but we're tired of the franchise simply because it is the third movie". The fourth movie will do something innovative that is well received by most critics and the rest will repeat their "we just don't want to watch more ''Assassin's'' Creed films" line from the third one. ²** For this to work the series would have to produce side-story missions in-between numbered sequels and also update pre-existing films (via Uplay, which would have to become a streaming service in the meantime) with new story missions and exclusive skins, er, actors.²²[[WMG: The sequel will be co-directed by Creator/MichaelBay]]²Given the stigma of VideoGameMoviesSuck, Ubisoft Motion Pictures will say "screw the critics; we just want to make money" so they will hire the paragon of CriticProof. Justin Kurzel has stated that he wanted to explore the Cold War so all the many explosions and helicopters that Bay will no doubt demand will not be anachronistic. Even if they go further back, there will still be the excuse of "it's Greek Fire that just ''looks'' like modern explosions because of the Animus' rendering". ²²[[WMG: If there's a sequel, Callum will use Eagle Vision]]²The lack of Eagle Vision in the game that most famously uses it was a minor disappointment. Therefore the next film should include it.²²[[WMG: If there's a sequel, other characters from the games will show up]]²For the modern day plotline, Callum and his team of escapees will be contacted by the main Brotherhood allowing characters like Bill Miles, Shaun and Rebecca or Bishop to appear in the film. And for the Animus part, it has "Ezio Auditore" written all over it (he and Aguilar are contemporaries and roughly the same age). ²²----


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