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1[[quoteright:252:]]Three Sisters Story is an adult VisualNovel published in 1996 by Sakura Soft and was translated into English by Jast USA. It is a PC game which is widely available on {{Abandonware}} sites today.²²The background story is that the three sister's father is suspected to have been the reason Koichi and his older brother Eiichi's father committed suicide. Both were put in foster care. Ten years later, Eiichi, now the owner of a company, came to Koichi, who was still in high school, saying that he had found the man. Koichi befriended the three sisters in hopes of getting revenge for his family, but he wasn't expecting to fall in love with one of them.²²----²!!Tropes in this game include:²²* BrokenPedestal: Koishi initially looked up to his brother, Eiichi. As he talked to his brother and learned about what Eiichi had done to the other rival companies and their CEO's [[spoiler: and giving an ImpliedDeathThreat to his own brother for so much as call the sister's innocent,]] Koishi's opinion of him slowly changes throughout their conversation.²* ButThouMust: There is one rape scene which is unavoidable, even if the player doesn't want to do it. The recipient is a female security guard who earlier in the game will kill the player character if they make a certain choice, but the scene feels much rougher if the player never makes that choice thus not knowing this information.²* EasilyForgiven: Koichi rapes the security guard and then when he comes out, the two present sisters say they heard everything going on in the room. Despite this, those two sisters seem to continue to accept Koichi as a friend [[spoiler: and potential brother-in-law]] in the good ending.²* GoldenEnding:[[spoiler: You live through the ending and the three sisters and their father welcome you with open arms, and Emi loves you.]] To get this:²** [[spoiler: ''Don't'' have sex with the two sisters Yuki or Risa (You can save and do it, then restore)]]²** [[spoiler: ''Always wear a condom for sex when prompted'' - you can get condoms from the school nurse. If you aren't prompted, you don't have to worry. If you don't, that girl will show up at the end, pregnant.]]²* HairColors: the sisters are ColorCodedForYourConvenience.²** YouGottaHaveBlueHair Yumi, the eldest.²** Emi, the middle child and your love interest, has brown hair²* HeWhoFightsMonsters: Koichi shows some shades of this.²* InfoDump[=/=]WallOfText: The {{Exposition}} at the very beginning of the game is particularly wordy and requires a fair bit of reading considering the game is aimed [[JustHereForGodzilla at horny males]].²* InternalConsistency: Averted in an easy to miss spot. On the last day, Koichi goes to a plot-important meeting in a park at 6pm. Shortly after that point, Koichi goes to a building and enters the front lobby - the time on the clock visible in the lobby artwork is 4pm. ²* InnerMonologue: Often you have to choose the option "Think" for exposition.²* InLoveWithTheMark: Koichi for Emi.²* MakeOutPoint: The park in the game is this UpToEleven. Though you don't see it (unless you are spying on plot-relevant characters), Koichi says there are lots of couples having sex in the park, and plenty of perverts watching.²* MultipleEndings: There are many bad endings in this game, but not all fatal. For the good ending you have to [[spoiler: Not have sex with any of the sisters except for Emi, and always wear a condom if asked to wear one.]]²* NoPeriodsPeriod: Koichi has sex with quite a few females over the course of a few days. Not a one of them is at that time of month, obviously.²* PlotPoweredStamina: Koichi can possibly have several sexual encounters in one evening. Yeah, he's a teenager, but he could probably use a nap afterwards.²* PornWithPlot: The story is actually rather engaging once you get into it. The porn, however, is unavoidable.²* ReallyGetsAround: Koichi, before long.²* SaveScumming: The only way you can have sex with everyone on one playthrough but still get the good ending. You can save, do whatever you want to check out the artwork, then reload.²* SideQuest (Which is not surprisingly an OptionalSexualEncounter): The school nurse wants you to "help" several girls at the school who are having problems.²* STDImmunity: Koichi puts on a condom a few times, but just as a safeguard against pregnancy. Several times he doesn't bother and it isn't brought up in game. (Seeking the best ending: if prompted, do it.)²* TheUnseen: The sisters father. He is referred to often, calls once on the phone, but is only mentioned to have returned in the epilogue, not seen to return.²* ThirdPersonPerson: Risa speaks this way - yes, Risa does!²* WeirdTradeUnion: One of the perverts in the park says that Koichi is in his spot, and that he is leader of the Japan Perverts Association.²----


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