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1[[quoteright:225:]]²On July 23, 2013, a video game simply called ''[[NamesTheSame The Smurfs 2]]'', based on ''The Smurfs 2'' developed by Ubisoft and Creator/WayForwardTechnologies, was released for ''UsefulNotes/{{Wii}}'', ''UsefulNotes/XBox360'', ''UsefulNotes/WiiU'', and ''UsefulNotes/PlayStation3''. (The UsefulNotes/NintendoDS version is a much different game and will not be included in this discussion.) ²²''The Smurfs 2 Video Game'' is an action-packed [[PlatformGame platform]] where players assume the role of a CGI Smurf and immerse themselves in an interactive adventure throughout the environment of the Smurfs and all the cut scenes use the animated Smurfs, acting as an interactive storybook.²²There being over thirty levels, few set in the cursed forest, UsefulNotes/NewYorkCity and UsefulNotes/{{Paris}}, additional worlds such as The Arctic Tundra and The Lava Jungle exclusive to the game where players explore the enchanting environments, gathering smurfberries, potions, mushrooms and the like.²²Along the way, not only do the Smurfs battle creatures under Gargamel’s spell, but Gargamel, Azrael, Vexy and Hackus are also their adversaries.²²The game’s playable solo or up to four players, being able to choose between nine Smurfs featured in the film. Speaking of which, each of the nine Smurfs having their own unique ability to use when navigation through the game:²²Papa Smurf throws potions that can freeze creatures.\²Jokey throws presents to help creatures shake Gargamel’s spell.\²Grouchy stomps the ground hard and can break blocks.\²Hefty throws his barbells to release creatures from Gargamel’s spell.\²Gutsy uses super punches to free creatures or break through anything.\²Brainy uses his calculations to jump higher than other Smurfs.\²Clumsy can tumble past danger and free creatures from Gargamel’s spell.\²Smurfette can float in the air and cross areas of great danger.\²Vanity freezes in place so all can admire him or use him to get to high places.²----²!!The VideoGameAdaptation also contains examples of:²* AdaptationExpansion: Not only is the storyline altered and expanded upon to allow for various levels, more Smurfs are given roles as playable characters.²* ArtShift: The cutscenes are presented in the form of a storybook, with the illustrations done as if they were stills from a traditionally animated episode. The Narrator even pitches his voice to read different characters' dialogue as if reading aloud to a child, rather than having the actual voice actors speak those lines.²* AscendedExtra: Brainy, Gutsy, Hefty and Jokey are all promoted to playable characters.²** DemotedToExtra: By contrast, the Winslows are only given a brief cameo contained entirely within a cutscene, where Papa and the others briefly pop into New York to learn Gargamel's whereabouts before immediately leaving them behind.²* AutoSave: This game automatically saves your progress.²* AutoScrollingLevel: Two of the levels in this game automatically scroll vertically, forcing you to constantly be moving upward towards the finish line. ²* TheCorruption: Gargamel's magic causes various wildlife to turn mean and nasty, forcing the Smurfs to fight them.²* DualBoss: Vexy and Hackus.²* FinalBoss: Gargamel.²* FloatingInABubble: Some levels require you to float in a bubble to reach areas you wouldn't be able to otherwise.²* GoombaStomp: The Smurfs' primary means of attack.²* AnIcePerson: One of the Polar Bear's attacks is breathing out cold air and ice at any Smurf.²* LethalLavaLand: The Lava Jungle.²* SlippySlideyIceWorld: The Arctic Tundra.²* ThemeMusicPowerUp: ''WesternAnimation/TheSmurfs1981'' theme tune plays whenever the True Blue Spell is active.²* ToiletHumor: The Frog boss battle that takes place in the Enchanted Forest would burp out green bubbles that can harm any Smurf.²* VocalEvolution: Anton Yelchin's Clumsy voice sounds a lot deeper in the game compared to the live-action films and two animated holidays specials that came with each DVD.²----


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