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2''The Doomsday Crisis Line'' is an online game where you are running a crisis line during the apocalypse. You have four options and can either give the callers a good outcome, a random outcome, a bad outcome, or immediately kill them.
5!!''The Doomsday Crisis Line'' provides examples of:
7* ApocalypseHow: The game is set during a Class 1 one where the sky has turned red, and society has gone crazy. It's not made clear what exactly caused this apocalypse.
8* BadIsGoodAndGoodIsBad: Choosing the "good options" will lose you money, while picking the bad options gains you money.
9* ExcusePlot: The plot is minor and only there to justify you being in a call center.
10* ILoveTheDead: One of the people you talk with likes women who are already dead. You only get this result if you choose the "good option".
11* ImAHumanitarian: Quite a few choices in the game will lead to cannibalism.
12* InsaneTrollLogic: Many of the people that call you, have solutions to problems that border on this. For example, one woman's solution to the issue of the noise that is bothering her children is to cut their ears off.
13* MayorPain: The unnamed mayor that people keep talking about seems to qualify, as he is downplaying the crisis that is going on, though this is also downplayed to an extent as we don't get much info on how much he is responsible for.
14* MortonsFork: {{Exaggerated|Trope}}. The game presents the illusion of you being able to choose if the person gets a good outcome or not. In reality, all of the options are equally bad, and often the "good options" are even worse.
15* MultipleEndings: The game has a few endings depending on your choices.
16* SadistShow: The purpose of the game is to watch just how bad things go and how much damage your choices do. You are encouraged to pick the bad choices, and if you pick the "good choices" too many times, you are forced to pick the bad ones. It doesn't matter anyway, as the good choices are just as horrible.
17* SlasherSmile: The skeleton that is constantly watching you has a very unsettling smile all the time.