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1[[quoteright:350:]] ² [[caption-width-right:350: [[CatchPhrase KOOKABUNGA!]]]]²²->''"But wait...what if we...caused...all of this?"''²''"Sheah right! Unpossible! you didn't invent an army of pissed off robots did ya? No? then we're good here."''²-->--'''Commander Repeatski and his past self''', Game intro.²²²''Super Time Force'' is an action game created by Toronto-based developer Capybara Games. (The brains behind ''[[VideoGame/SuperbrothersSwordAndSworceryEP Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP]]'' and ''Below'') The gameplay is reminiscent of side-strolling run-and-gun games like ''Contra'', but with the added ability of time travel. When you die or choose to "time out", you can rewind time back to any previous moment, at which point you can select another character and play from there, while your previous copies still perform their actions. This leads to situations where you rewind multiple times to add additional firepower or obtain normally out-of-reach items (Cloxs, Shards, and Glorbs) among other things.²²²The story begins in Philadelphia, during the year 1987. A man named Doctor Repeatski invents time travel, and ''immediately'' the world is overrun by robots. However, Repeatski's future self, now known as ''Commander'' Repeatski, comes back with the Super Time Force to save the day, and the days of other time periods. While at the beginning the player starts with three members of the force, French machine-gunner Jean Rambois, Scottish sniper Aimy [=McKillin=], and shield-wielder Shieldy Blockerson throughout the training tutorial. New characters can be found and be unlocked in different time periods as well as with the amount of Shards and Glorbs that are collected in each level. ² ²The game was released on May 14, 2014 for the UsefulNotes/XboxOne and UsefulNotes/{{Xbox 360}}, on August 25, 2014, The game was released for PC, with an updated edition to game titled ''Super Time Force Ultra'' (abbreviated as ''STFU'') The game was later released on September 1, 2015 for the UsefulNotes/PlayStation4 and UsefulNotes/PlayStationVita and earlier the Xbox platforms in April 1, 2015.²²²You can watch the game's animated trailers/shorts [[ here]] and [[ here]]. This game is [[SimilarlyNamedWorks not to be confused with nor actually a videogame adaption of]] Series/PowerRangersTimeForce ²²²²!!''Super Time Force'' provides examples of:²* AwesomeAussie: [[VideoGame/TeamFortress2 SAXTON]] [[GuestFighter HAAAAAAALE]]!²* AwesomeMcCoolname: Several members of the force, like Aimy [=McKillin=] and Jef Leppard.²* ActionGirl: Aimy [=McKillin=], Melanie Gibson, and Cleo, as well as [[VideoGame/Left4Dead Zo]][[GuestFighter ey]]. ²* AntiVillain: [[spoiler:Dr. Infinity's goal is to stop the STF and his past self from completely messing up time]].²* BadassAdorable: Cleo may be a wild, razor boomerang throwing, post apocalypse survivor, but she's still a little girl who sleeps in a pet bed between adventures.²* BalefulPolymorph: Merlin's charge attack turns enemies into WoodlandCreatures.²* BigBad: Dr. Infinity is the main antagonist trying to stop the STF, for some reason. [[spoiler:It's a ''very'' good reason, though]].²* ButtMonkey: Poor, poor Davy in one of the animated trailers.²* BraveScot: Aimy [=McKillin=].²* BlondeBrunetteRedhead: Jef Leppard and Cleo have blonde hair, [[spoiler:(The latter used to have black hair)]] Jean Rambois and Melanie have a shade of brunette, while Aimy is the only redhead. Shieldy's is unknown due to wearing a helmet.²* BookEnds: The first boss is also the final boss. [[spoiler:Well, the first part of the final level at any rate]].²* CatchPhrase: Zackasaurus commonly says "Kookabunga!", and spray paints it on dinosaur eggs when first encountered.²* ChargedAttack: Each character has one, which does different things like shooting a rapid-fire SpreadShot or [[OneHitPolykill piercing laser]].²* ChestOfMedals: Commander Repeatski's chest is entirely covered in medals.²* ChainsawGood: Stash has this ability along side with his shotgun weapon. ²* DeadlyUpgrade: The ''Ultra'' characters are super powerful versions of regular characters that can deal ''crazy'' damage but last for only ''TEN SECONDS'' before [[MadeOfExplodium violently blowing up the area around them]]. Which is awesome for when you need stuff to just die. Just be warned that you can't use them that often.²* DeathCryEcho: Playable characters do this when they die.²* DrunkWithPower: Commander Repeatski. He saves dinosaurs from extinction, steals the Holy Grail, and ''destroys Heaven'' just because he can.²* EyepatchOfPower: Parodied with Commander Repeatski, who has two eyepatches, covering both eyes.²* Main/EverythingsBetterWithDinosaurs²* EvolvingAttack: The general effect of what happens when you team up two of the same character, though most obvious with Cleo as she can summon boomerangs while charging.²* TheFaceless: At least to the STF, as Dr. Infinity covers his face with a digital display that he's always holding up [[spoiler:to hide the fact that he's Commander Repeatski]].²* FunWithAcronyms: ²** The team is known as the Super '''T'''emporal '''I'''nfinite '''M'''anipulation '''E'''xpert Force.²** The PC/[=PS4=]/Vita/(Later) Xbox release adds ''Ultra'' to the title, making the game's acronym ''STFU''.²* GuestFighter: ²** Only in the Steam edition, ''Super Time Force Ultra'', includes Zoey from ''VideoGame/Left4Dead'' and the Pyro and Saxton Hale from ''VideoGame/TeamFortress2'' as playable characters. ²** The distribution of the game does not figure those guest characters. ²** The [=PS4=] and Vita versions of ''STFU'' include Sony president Shuhei Yoshida, who attacks using a cell phone that shoots emoticons and Twitter messages; Sir Galahad from ''VideoGame/TheOrder1886'', and the hooded journeyman from...uh, ''VideoGame/{{Journey}}''.²* IHatePastMe: Dr. Infinity isn't particularly fond of his previous self, [[spoiler:also known as Commander Repeatski]].²* {{Jerkass}}: Commander Repeatski. [[IHatePastMe He makes himself cry]] in the very intro to the game!²* MeaningfulName: Oh, so much.²** Repeatski invented time travel, and uses it a lot.²** Aimy [=McKillin=] is the team's sniper.²** Shieldy Blockerson can use his shield to block shots and can also throw down defensive barriers.²** Dolphin Lundgren is [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin a dolphin.]]²* MyOwnGrampa: One of the consequences stated in the opening scroll is "accidentally dating your mother".²* OneHitPointWonder: Every playable character can only take one hit before dying, unless they save a comrade and absorb his/her temporal essence, then they can take one extra hit.²* OneHitPolykill: Aimy's charged attack fires a laser that pierces walls and enemies.²* OneUp: Glorbs give you one extra time rewind upon pickup.²* PowerUp: The concept is toyed with in this game: if one of your characters die, and with another character you avert their demise, you can collect your saved comrade, allowing you to use their charge attack alongside your own and absorb one extra hit without dying.²* RainbowSpeak: ''Every'' instance of "time" and "travel" is colored red, and "super" is colored blue. Even in mundane sentences.²* {{Retraux}}: The art direction of the pixel graphics are vividly colorful and very fluid in animation.²* RuleOfCool: Repeatski's motivation for going to 1,000,000 BC is to save the dinosaurs from extinction, [[EverythingsBetterWithDinosaurs because dinosaurs are awesome]].²* {{Running Gag}}: Each and every beginning level has random characters get crushed by the time beacon.²** You'll even find random people making out to each other in every level.²* ScoreScreen: When you complete a level, a window pops up showing how long you took to complete it, and how many collectibles you picked up.²* SetRightWhatOnceWentWrong: The Super Time Force's mission is to jump through time, correct history's dumb mistakes, and kill stuff that never should have happened.²* ShieldBash: This is Shieldy's basic attack.²* SpreadShot: Jean's charged attack shoots a rapid-fire version of this.²* SequelHook: [[spoiler: After the credits when you beat the game in Super Hardcore Mode, An extra ending [[Main/EvilAllAlong reveals the Looker and his sister talk into the idea of destroying the Super Time Force]].]]²--->[[spoiler:'''Looker:''' That was a very enjoyable look, Sister]].²--->[[spoiler:'''Sister:''' Yes brother, I agree. The Super Time Force are really good looking]].²--->[[spoiler:'''Looker:''' We should probably destroy them though, don’t you think]]?²--->[[spoiler:'''Sister:''' Oh most assuredly. The Super Time Force must die for the good of all dimensional life]].²--->[[spoiler:'''Looker:''' Ok, cool. So we’re on the same page]].²--->[[spoiler:'''Sister:''' Ya, Totally]].²** This is, however, ''very'' confusing when you paid more attention to normal mode’s ending, Which had [[spoiler: Repeatski’s commander self explaining to his alternate versions (his past self as a scientist and as Dr. Infinity) to "take old space-time for another spin around the block." As all three did what he said, ''the entire earth exploded (again!)'', closing in to the game’s logo. In the Looker scene, It shows Repeatski himself and the rest of the Super Time Force alive and well on a parade float. This leaves you wondering if he and the rest would have died after destroying earth, or it could be just the Looker's view in order to jump into the event where they're at after saving 198X.]] ²* ShortRangeShotgun: Melanie Gibson's shotgun pellets literally poof out of existence when they get too far, but boy do they tear up bad guys.²* ShoutOut: The references are pretty plentiful.²** 199X is inspired by the post apocalyptic wastelands similar of the ''Film/MadMax'' trilogy. With placements like New Homez Depots and the "Funderdome". The Max Rockatansky-look alike is even the poor sod who [[OnceAnEpisode gets crushed]] by [[BuffySpeak the time beacon thing]].²* SuperSpit: Zackasaurus's charge attack is corrosive spit.²* ThrowingYourSwordAlwaysWorks: Lou Don Jim's charge is a boomerang version of this.²* TimeTravel: The game's plot, ''and'' the main mechanic.²* TimedMission: Every level is timed. Usually, it starts at 60 seconds, but there are pickups that extend the limit.²* {{The Squad}}: The Super Time Force themselves.²* TitleScream: Occurs at the title screen. ''[[NoIndoorVoice SUPER, TIME FORCE!]]''²* TheEighties / TheNineties : The game's setting (198X) and pop culture references.²* [[spoiler:{{The Reveal}}]]:[[spoiler: In the end of the game's normal difficulty mode, Dr. Infinity is really Repeatski the whole time trying to stop his future self from changing history.]]²* TooDumbToLive: Repeatski. He demands that you get 7-year-old Cleo from the future after he gets bored of dealing with her as an infant, he ignores the fact that reviving the dinosaurs was a bad idea because he thinks they'll work out all the kinks, steals the HolyGrail to save a bankrupt medieval themed restaurant, and he thinks some "sooper chime forbs or something" are what ruined 199X because the guy he was talking too mumbled.²* VideoGameLives: The time rewinds work like this. You start each level with 30, and lose one each time you die, run out of time, or voluntarily time-out.²** The ''Ultra'' characters only have five.²* WilhelmScream: Two bosses die like this²* WorthIt: The "Risk" stated in the opening scroll.²* YearX: Two time periods you visit are 198X and 199X.²----


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