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1[[quoteright:300:]]²²->''"Today, the Empire is victorious! The Rebellion is no longer a threat. The Rebels' desperate attack on the Emperor's Death Star has failed. Rumors of the Emperor's death are treasonous fabrications. For those of you who listen to these lies, who wish to test the Empire's strength, you will answer to me!"''²-->--'''Moff Adelhard'''²²Following the events of ''Return of the Jedi'', Darth Vader is no more, the Emperor is dead, and the galaxy is forever changed. As word of the Emperor’s death quickly spreads throughout the galaxy Imperial forces struggle to maintain control. In the Anoat Sector, home to both Bespin and Hoth along with Burnin Konn, Imperial Governor Adelhard locks down the entire region. This “Iron Blockade” stops all incoming and outgoing space traffic and communications, trapping the people within.²²Adelhard denies all “rumors” of the Emperor’s death and kills anyone who speaks otherwise; while his second-in-command Commander Bragh, the leader of the dreaded Purge Troopers, ruthlessly crushes any hint of Rebellion. As the Alliance was chased from the Anoat Sector following their defeat on Hoth, their presence in this part of space is still relatively weak. Instead, smuggler groups, local assassins, crime cartels, and the former nobles of the sector have all banded together to form a rebel group of their own.²²Announcement trailer can be viewed [[ here]]. Gameplay trailer can be viewed [[ here]].²²The game [[ was shut down]] on November 17, 2016, with many of the plot threads left with NoEnding. ²²----²!!This game provides examples of the following tropes:²²* BadassCrew: You can make one of your own. As you progress, you will recruit crew members who can go on missions to get new loot for you.²* BigBad: Moff Adelhard took over the entire sector, and as such serves as the primary antagonist against all other factions.²* BlatantLies: Moff Adelhard claims that Endor was a victory for the Empire, even as holorecordings of the destruction of the Death Star are being circulated. Doubles as ImplausibleDeniability.²* CanonImmigrant: ²** Amongst other things the game re-canonizes the mining planet Burnin Konn, Mataou and the Ivax Nebula.²** The [[VideoGame/EmpireAtWar Zann Consortium]] is one of the factions in Anoat Sector.²** The Purge Troopers first appeared in VideoGame/TheForceUnleashed.²** Crew skill missions also refer to General Grievous having a laboratory on Belsus (a reference to the General Grievous comics) and to "King Ozz of the Ughnauts", a character from an old Marvel comic.²* [[CanonName Canon Species]]: The young woman depicted on all promotional art is [[PlayerCharacter your sister]] Riley, implying the "canon" PC is human.²* CantStopTheSignal: Moff Adelhard may have enacted a naval blockade and news blackout of the sector but word of the Death Star's destruction still leaks through.²* ContinuityNod: ²** Tiplar and Tiplee's species, Mikkian, shows up from ''The Clone Wars''. [[WhatCouldHaveBeen It was originally on the docket to become a player race]], but more fans voted to instead include the Mirialan race, which had had a great deal more exposure in ''Legends'' properties.²** The distillery behind the bar in the Carbon Score Cantina on Burnin Konn resembles the same distillery seen in the Mos Eisley Cantina in ''Film/ANewHope''.²* CoolBigSis: Riley, to the PlayerCharacter.²* CutShort: With the cancellation of the game, a proper conclusion to ''Uprising'' was never seen and neglect to write down all of the story while the game was still up has cost information that not even [[WikiRule the Wook]] has. However, some folks on reddit and [] that managed to get far in the game are tried to gather what they had and are hoping that the story of ''Uprising'' gets continued in another form.²* TheDragon: Commander Bragh enforces Adelhard's reign in the sector.²* DoomedHometown: [[spoiler:After a fashion. After the player recovers the blocked message from Princess Leia, Purge Troopers slaughter the player's hangout, the Carbon Score cantina, and everyone (not relevant to the game) that they and Riley know, forcing them to flee off-world.]]²* DoomTroops: Imperial Purge Troops, an elite corp of stormtroopers charged with maintaining order. ²* EmpoweredBadassNormal: It is now possible for your character to learn Force abilities in the game. ²* EndOfAnAge: The Emperor and Darth Vader are both dead and the Empire's dominance on the galaxy has been broken, but die-hard loyalists like Adelhard and Bragh aren't gonna take it lying down.²* EvilOverlooker: Bragh looms large in the offical artwork for the game.²* EvilSoundsDeep: Moff Adelhard has a very deep and commanding voice.²* {{Expy}}: It's pretty clear that [[BigBad Adelhard]] and [[TheDragon Bragh]] are expies of Palpatine and Vader, respectively. At least with Adelhard, the resemblance is subtle; Bragh, on the other hand, is a full-on DarthVaderClone.²* FloatingContinent: Cloud City is one of the main quest hubs of the game. ²* FluffyTheTerrible: You start the game working for a gangster with the name "Happy Dapp".²* GameplayAndStorySegregation: [[spoiler:Plotwise, [[YouCantGoHomeAgain Riley and the player have to flee Burnin Konn after Purge Troopers destroy the Carbon Score cantina]], but you can visit the still-intact location afterwards as if nothing happened.]]²* GeneralRipper: Adelhard has anybody who dares to tell the truth about what happened at Endor shot and he has imposed a total blockade on the Sector, turning it into his own personal fiefdom. He is also the first post-Endor Imperial warlord in the new canon.²** And we later find out that when he was a junior officer Adelhard convinced everyone that the best way to take care of the dissidents on Anoat (the planet, not the sector) was to gas the ''entire damn planet''. ²* HappyEndingOverride: In the old EU, Bespin was liberated fairly quickly after Endor by the Alliance military; here it is still an Imperial stronghold and they have just initiated a brutal crackdown and the Rebel Alliance is unable currently to break the blockade.²* HeavilyArmoredMook: The Purge Troopers which are larger and more menacing than the Stormtroopers.²* KilledToUpholdTheMasquerade: The Imperials are willing to go to this length to silence information from outside the Iron Blockade. [[spoiler:Case in point, when the player recovers a transmission from Princess Leia, their hangout cantina is wiped out by Imperial troops.]]²* LargeHam: Moff Adelhard is clearly enjoying himself in his speech to any would-be upstarts against his command.²* LaserBlade: Lightsabers were added with the latest update, along with Force powers. ²* LaserGuidedKarma: The goons that crippled Riley can be killed by the player late in the game by Riley herself.²* MeaningfulName: [[spoiler:The Carbon Score cantina gets blasted up (i.e. carbon-scored) after the player recovers the transmission Princess Leia sent out after the Battle of Endor, the Imperials wanting to have them KilledToUpholdTheMasquerade.]]²* MissingBlackWomanFormation: In one of the trailers.²* NavalBlockade: Imperial Naval forces loyal to Adelhard have the Sector locked down tight and it is up to you to try to break this blockade. ²* PollutedWasteland:²** Burnin Konn. It has been strip-mined for chromium and other ores for centuries; as a result of this the native vegetation was completely destroyed and the surface was almost entirely uninhabitable.²** Anoat is even worse. It used to be a city planet a la Coruscant, which was bad enough. And then [[spoiler: it got hit with poison gas because the Empire couldn't find the rebel cells stationed on the planet]]. It's not toxic anymore, but it's still quarantined because the people left on Anoat after that are not...''people'' anymore.²* RageHelm: Commander Bragh's helmet looks like somebody crossed Darth Vader's mask with a stormtrooper helmet.²* RagtagBunchOfMisfits: The Empire chased the main Rebel Alliance forces out of the Sector after their victory at Hoth. As a result, the post-Endor uprising is made out of criminal cartels like the Trade Spine League, ex-nobles and generally anybody else with a grudge against the Empire and a willingness to fight. ²* SingleBiomePlanet: Hoth in general and Echo Base in particular makes a return. Scavengers have set up shop to loot the remains of the battle.²* SociopathicSoldier: Bragh is sadistic and fanatical in addition to being Adelhard's chief enforcer. The rest of the Purge Troopers take after their commander.²* TheSyndicate: Comes in multiple flavors.²** Ivax Syndicate: The secretive Ivax Syndicate takes its name from the Ivax Nebula in which it originated and is best known for its involvement in underground gambling, racing, and blood sports. Behind that simple veneer lies a vast and powerful criminal enterprise able to exert influence through the entire Anoat sector.²** Trade Spine League: Half-union, half privateer network, this group of smugglers and freelance mercenaries values personal freedom, independence and relaxed regulations above all else.²** The Zann Consortium: Coming over from ''Legends'', the Zann Consortium operatives continue with their racketeering while waging a brutal war against those who once did business with the Black Sun.²* ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill: Adelhard's solution to the Imperial Army having trouble rooting out rebel cells on the planet Anoat? Bombard the entire planet with chemical weapons. ²* UndyingLoyalty: The Emperor may be dead and the Empire starting to fracture but people like Adelhard and Bragh are still loyal to Palpatine's New Order and are willing to fight for it. ²* TheWarHasJustBegun: Villainous example. Adelhard throws down the gauntlet to any Rebel sympathizers and dares them to pick it up.²----


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