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1->''[[AC:WELCOME! ONE DAY IN A PEACE FUL GALAXY SOMETHING BAD HAPPENED... Something really totally uber bad!]]''˛˛The story of this game goes that superintelligent sunfish from space have invaded Earth. You, being a guy with a knife, set off to kill them. Over the course of the journey, you discover a group of mines that teach you how to fly, a time machine that turns you into a lightning storm with chicken instead of clouds, and the keyboard even interrupts the story at one point.˛˛Along your journey you will play as a monster in a trash can named Dirt Man, who eats dirt, a dinosaur named Poglodontasaurus who jumps into a hellish alternate dimension, a spider who shoots lasers, and in the final battle, You, playing as Dr. Bob's nemesis, face off against the Cyber Sunfish.˛˛You can find it [[ here]].˛˛----˛!!Tropes used:˛* AcidTripDimension: The whole game is arguably an acid trip.˛** And sort of the chess dimension.˛* AmazingTechnicolorPopulation: Dr. Bob with his blue skin.˛* AntiFrustrationFeature / MercyMode: That acid trip after killing that man with the car got you pooped? That is when you can hit the escape key to stop now. Your only chance.˛** Had enough of the game? Finally made it to the final level and already felt too burnt out to continue? Hit the escape key a few times to skip to the last sections or straight to the end [[AWinnerIsYou where the congratulations screen showed up]].˛*** Alternatively, if you die enough times in each section, you'll move on to the next until the final boss.˛** A lot of sections can be difficult to pass. Thankfully, dying allows you to progress. Some sections do not allow this, but they are comparatively easy.˛* ArtShift: Nothing stays the same!˛* TheBadGuyWins: Subverted. If you fail the TowerDefense level, the sunfish allegedly enslaves the human race, but that does not affect the game since you'll go straight into the StealthBasedMission, regardless of how that mission goes. Not to mention, [[RedHerring it is never brought up ever again.]]˛* BaitAndSwitchBoss: [[spoiler:Dr. Bob's invention, the cyber sunfish, kills him and fights you.]]˛* BigBad: Dr. Bob.˛* BigEater: Dirt Man to dirt.˛* BladderOfSteel: There is no pause button. There are times where you can stay idle and take a break during the game, though it is not recommended. Also, the only way to exit the game, at all, is to bring up task manager, or wait til the "exit points" occur as explained in the AntiFrustrationFeature above.˛* BlatantLies: Sometimes, the game will lie to you about certain things, like saying you have a jet pack when jumping just lets you jump higher or jump as high as you want. Then it's referred to as the fly spell.˛* BottomlessPit: Subverted for the most part. That deep hole in the beginning? You can hit the ground when you fall in.˛** Averted in different ways. Sometimes, you'll just die as soon as you hit the bottom of the screen. Sometimes, it does nothing but act as an invisible platform. And most of the time, you just go straight to the next section.˛* CallBack: In an inversion, Poglodontasaurus later reappeared in the unrelated and unaffiliated webcomic ''WebComic/CreaturesOfZenith'' as a minor antagonist. He even brings the alternate dimension feature he experiences in the game!˛* ColorFailure: In the hearts level, your hat can be red or white depending on the direction.˛* DeathIsASlapOnTheWrist: Some levels, you cannot die on. Some other levels let you die, but you'll always respawn. In most of them, dying leads to another level (sometimes dying once, three times triggers this). Rarely, you will be required to die in order to progress.˛* DecapitatedArmy: [[spoiler: Killing the Cyber Sunfish forces the whole army of sunfishes away, stopping the invasion.]]˛* EasterEgg: Hang out in the level where you're a deformed green head that shoots red stuff with a bunch of butterflies around, and eventually, [[spoiler: music from VideoGame/MegaManClassic begins to play, and a green head just appears out of nowhere.]]˛* EveryoneHasLotsOfSex: With a KEYBOARD named Glenda.˛* EvilLaugh: Dr. Bob has one.˛** [[spoiler:Poglodontasaurus]] has one too when you start his stage... which all you need to do is go right to pass.˛* EverythingsBetterWithDinosaurs: There ARE dinosaurs in this game.˛* EverythingsSquishierWithCephalopods: There is a squidlike character.˛* {{Expy}}: You may find some games play very similarly to other games. One happen to play just like VideoGame/{{Robotron2084}}.˛* GameBreakingBug: Depending on what you are running on (say a Windows 8 PC with a 8-cord AMD processor), the games frame rate can just stop and only change if you hit a key. Time to end the process. Frustrating or merciful.˛* GamePlayRoulette: Expect the game to play differently each time you enter into a new area.˛* GoodColorsEvilColors: Red is bad and green is good in the time machine level.˛* HellIsThatNoise: Dr. Bob and Poglodontasaurus' evil laughs, and the sound identity game. Weird noises also play during the 'cutest animal' game, and if you pick anything other than the Seal, you hear an extremely loud scream with an evil face shown on the screen. What makes this divulge into NightmareFuel is the 'NOT THAT ONE' message which appears alongside the face whenever you pick the wrong animal.˛* LateArrivalSpoiler: Inverted. If you complete the StealthBasedMission, you learn that [[spoiler: Dr. Bob is working with the Sunfish to conquer the world!]]˛* PlotDevice: Two of them.˛** The sunfish.˛** The skills you get.˛* RandomEvent: There is one level in the game that seemingly takes you to a random spot in the game. If you're lucky, the game might end early this way.˛* ReplayValue: A lot of levels can lead to other different levels depending on how you complete them (or don't), usually leading to a unique experience each time you play it (until you discover them all, that is). Eventually, you'll come across intersections. See the BreatherLevel entry in YMMV.˛* RuleOfCool: Aside from the messed up levels that comprise the whole game, there are rare levels that are just flat out cool. Like the head-bobbing ninja who can instantly kill anything. How does he die? By exploding into little ninjas!˛* ScreamerPrank: Not really a prank. In the sound identity level.˛* SecretLevel: A few areas are accessed by interacting with secret parts of a level, whether by moving a mouse around a certain dot, or touching a certain part of a level.˛* SquashedFlat: And killed. The kid in the dreams come true land level.˛* StealthBasedMission: There's one level where you have to sneak in and avoid being detected to discover a crucial plot point: [[spoiler:Dr. Bob is helping the Sunfish!]]˛** It does not matter since you'll find out when you make it to the end of the game.˛* StuffBlowingUp: The sunfish seen killing people at the start causes explosions.˛* StupidityIsTheOnlyOption: The teleporting head stage. Every time you run away from that tractor beam of a monster's mouth, you teleport all over the place, and keep getting teleported back. At first, it may seem like a maze (and it ''might'' be), but you'll eventually just get eaten.˛** The Mystical Rock. Running away gets you grabbed. Touching the circle gets you shocked. But actually touching the rock gets you mauled and allows you to advance one more level.˛* TakingAThirdOption: This can happen depending on the level. Most notably, there is a level where a sketchy character tells you to trust him, because he's a doctor. You can hit Yes or No, or kill him instead.˛* TimeMachine: There is one.˛* TheCakeIsALie: You simply never get it.˛** "I am not open to bribery"˛* TheCameo: Music from other games.˛* TheCatCameBack: The sunfish.˛* ThoseWackyNazis: One stage features Adolf Hitler (who for some reason has had his face placed on a Valentine heart) collecting more hearts. The game manages to pull off a rather clever pun before giving you control.˛--->'''COLLECT ALL THE HEARTS TO PROGRESS ''FUHRER'''''˛* TowerDefense: There is a mission where you play as a toaster, fighting off waves of androids (who look like babies) from planet earth.˛* UpToEleven: In the "what were we made of" quiz level.˛** Clicking glass shows a human being shot, being glass and shattered.˛** Clicking milk shows a guy shaking milk with skulls in it and a gore effect appears.˛** However, water, the correct answer, just brings you to the next level.˛* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: The first guy you play as (the afro green dude with a knife) pretty much disappears after a while, with you controlling different characters, sometimes reverting back to him, but officially disappears by the keyboard level, with a completely new guy (fully human too) finishing the job.˛** [[FridgeLogic Unless maybe you have been playing as him the entire time?]]˛* YouBastard: The game says this, but has an s at the end of it, making it "You bastards"˛* YouRebelScum: The sunfish get called "Sunfish Scum"˛˛----˛''You have done a good job mate!''˛----


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