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1[[quoteright:350:]] ˛''Omega Race'' is a 1981 arcade game programmed by Ron Haliburton and manufactured by [[Creator/MidwayGames Bally/Midway]]. It was ported to the UsefulNotes/{{Atari 2600}} (which came with a special Booster Grip joystick adapter), the UsefulNotes/{{ColecoVision}}, the [[UsefulNotes/VIC20 Commodore VIC-20]], and the UsefulNotes/{{Commodore 64}}.˛˛Set in the year 2003, the game involves using a spaceship to destroy enemy droid ships. The player's ship is controlled using a spinner to rotate the ship's direction, a button for thrusting, and a button for firing lasers. The enemies that the player must destroy or avoid are drone ships, commander ships, two types of space mines, and shooting star ships.˛˛!!This game provides examples of˛* EndlessGame: You play until you run out of ships.˛* PlayerVersusPlayer: The [=ColecoVision=] version allowed two players to play together on the same screen at the same time.˛* ScoringPoints: For destroying enemy droid ships, space mines, and shooting star ships.˛* ShootEmUp: Similar to ''VideoGame/{{Asteroids}}'', only in a confined space.˛* VectorGame: The only one released by [=Bally/Midway=]˛* WrapAround: Averted except in the [=ColecoVision=] version, where there is a tunnel the player can use to travel from one end of the screen to the other.˛----


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