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1[[quoteright:256:]][[caption-width-right:256: Our Hero]]˛A little-known ActionRPG developed by Blam! in 1999 for the UsefulNotes/{{Playstation}}. ˛˛It plays very similar to ''Franchise/TheLegendOfZelda'' and ''VideoGame/SecretOfMana''. You control Monkey, a, well, [[ShapedLikeItself monkey]] who must defeat the Nightmare King, who is trying to take over the Waking realm. In order to defeat the Nightmare King, Monkey must [[GottaCatchThemAll collect all the pages of the Magic Storybook]], which are scattered in dungeons all over the world. ˛˛Has [[SimilarlyNamedWorks no direct relation]] to the 2019 ''VideoGame/MonkeyKingHeroIsBack'', although both are loosely InspiredBy ''Literature/JourneyToTheWest''.˛˛!!This game provides examples of:˛* AndIMustScream: The Great Dragon in Dragon Mountain. Also [[spoiler: the fate of the Nightmare King in the ending, being sealed forever in a book. It's even shown he's still conscious.]]˛* ArmlessBiped: The Fontunes, though they weren't always like this. Their arms were removed by the Nightmare King because they [[HeelFaceTurn turned against him]].˛* BaldOfEvil: The Boss monk of the ruins dungeon. He even shields himself with other ,smaller monks and attacks with difficult to dodge energy beams˛* BigBad: The Nightmare King. Duh!˛* CreepyCemetery: The Mausoleum. ˛* DeathMountain: Dragon Mountain.˛* DreamLand: The Dream Realm, apparently.˛* EverythingsBetterWithMonkeys: The main character, also the monkey soldiers.˛* FeatheredFiend: The Phoenix, which is the boss of Dragon Mountain. The divebomber enemies (the birds that drop eggs on you) also qualify.˛* FinalBossPreview: Played with. The first boss you fight is the Nightmare King (or at least his head), but you actually CAN defeat him, and quite easily too (this is justified, since the boss fight takes place in the Waking realm). However, he scatters the pages of the Magic Storybook upon defeat, thereby kicking off the main plot of the game.˛* HeartContainer: The Magic Big Peaches you collect are pretty much the monkey hero equivalent of [[Franchise/TheLegendOfZelda Legend of Zelda]]'s heart containers. Each Magic Big Peach adds an extra peach to your health bar. ˛* HeroicMime: Averted, despite being a [[Franchise/TheLegendOfZelda zelda]] clone. Monkey occasionally speaks throughout the game.˛* HyperactiveMetabolism: The pie pieces which restore 8 peaches of health and also the mushrooms which not only fully restores your health but also doubles as an AutoRevive˛* InfinityPlusOneSword: [[spoiler: The Dream Staff which is obtained when you collect all 20 dream crystals]]˛* InterchangeableAntiMatterKeys: Each key only works on a door or a treasure chest once, after that it disappears.˛* InvincibilityPowerUp: The Guardian Statue which makes you temporarily immune to almost all forms of damage (You can still be damaged by falling into a bottomless pit though), but is a permanent inventory item which costs coins to use and can be used at any time.˛* LetsPlay: Believe it or not, there's one by Gavaroc [[ here]].˛* MacGuffin: Arguably, the pages of the Magic Storybook.˛* {{Mordor}}: The nightmare realm, which is home to the Nightmare King. Everything seems like a run down, rusty version of the dream realm. ˛* {{Mooks}}: The Nightmares.˛* NoobCave: The Mines.˛* PalmtreePanic: Sandy's Beach, which is also home to a dungeon called "The Ruins"˛* PlayableMenu: The Main Menu is represented by three rooms you can enter called "Load" ,"Start" and "Options". You can't use any of your items/equipement here but you can fiddle around with the sound and volume in the "Options" room by pushing two slides. ˛* ShoutOut: The password that Sandy creates for you to enter the spaceship is [[Film/TheDayTheEarthStoodStill1951 Klaatu]]. Also, the whole game could be considered a ShoutOut to ''Franchise/TheLegendOfZelda'' and ''Literature/JourneyToTheWest''.˛* SimpleStaff: The bamboo staff, the rock staff and [[spoiler: The Dragon Bone staff, The metal staff and the dream staff]]˛* TheMaze: The Bamboo Grove, which must be navigated to order to find a dungeon.˛* TheReveal: [[spoiler: near the end of the game it's revealed that the Nightmare King and his nightmares are aliens]]˛* UndergroundLevel: The Mines which is also the very first dungeon in the game.˛* WarpWhistle : Monkey can use his cloud to warp to areas he previously visited, similar to Sūn Wùkōng's "somersault cloud" in ''Literature/JourneyToTheWest''.˛----


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