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1[[quoteright:350:]] ²''Crayon Chronicles'' is a {{Roguelike}} {{RPG}} by Outer Grid Games [=LLC=]. It was [[ funded]] on Website/{{Kickstarter}} on March 9th, 2013, and was then released for [[UsefulNotes/IBMPersonalComputer PC]] through UsefulNotes/{{Steam}} on May 18th, 2013.²²Your friends have been kidnapped by the villainous Lord of the Swampyards, Stratolustrious Von Danderbreak the 37th (just Strato for short). Now you've gotta go rescue them. It shouldn't take too long, maybe a two-to-four hours. Doesn't sound too exciting, huh?²²Well, what if we told you each adventure was different? Different lands to explore, different enemies to face, different people to meet, and all of it got recorded in the Heroic Hallitorium so you can see how your adventures stack up against each other, and against the adventures your friends have?²²[=THAT=] is the real hook of this game. It's a Roguelike full of a ton of different things to see and do, and places to go.²²!!Crayon Chronicles contains examples of:²* AlliterativeTitle: '''C'''rayon '''C'''hronicles.²* BeeAfraid: The Spelling Bee enemies.²* BigBad: Stratolustrious Von Danderbreak the 37th (or just Strato for short) who kidnapped your friends.²* CaneFu: One of the weapons you can wield is a cane.²* DemBones: Graveyard features Half-Buried Bone Archers, which essentially act as immobile turrets.²* EliteMooks: Every enemy type has a Dire version with improved stats. They are represented by scaled-up sprites that also have a thick red outline around them.²* FogOfWar: Many levels have parts of them concealed by fog. Late-game undead-filled areas upgrade it to Smelly Fog.²* InformedEquipment: Averted. All the gear you wear and wield will be reflected on your character's sprite.²* ImprobableWeaponUser: Early-game weapons include tools like saws and ''rulers''.²* LuckilyMyShieldWillProtectMe: You can carry shields in the off-hand slot for the sake of a block chance.²* LuckStat: One of your character's four primary stats, along with Power, Dodge and Aim.²* MultipleHeadCase: One of the characters you encounter in the game is a two-headed female ogre.²* NoFourthWall: Even the opening cutscene features phrases like "It's just not safe being an [=NPC=] in this town anymore." ²* OurZombiesAreDifferent: The Zombie Pits area has you regularly face off against Headless Zombies, Durable Zombies, or (just as often) a whole Undead Horde bunched up into one tile.²* PlantPerson: The Zombie Tree include Creepy Trees as one of the enemies you'll face.²* PunnyName: Some of the enemies have names like "Spelling Bee", "Illiter-Rat" or [=ArcHive=].²* RareCandy: Stale Outmeal Cookies boost your character's max HP by 1 point, Stale Sugar Cookies do the same for luck, etc.²* RascallyRaccoon: Book Bandits are brown raccoons.²* SerratedBladeOfPain: One of the basic weapons that you may even find in the starting room is a humble wood saw. It realistically deals a mere 2-3 damage a turn. ²* SinisterScythe: One of the available two-handed weapons.²* SpikyHair: The male PlayerCharacter has spiky yellow hair.²* TheVonTropeFamily: He [=IS=] called Stratolustrious [=VON=] Danderbreak the 37th.²* YouDirtyRat: The Illiter-Rats enemies.²----


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