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1->''The Mysterious Troper lurks in the shadows, helping Tropes that need more wiki love. However, an influx of vandals means they have their work cut out. Can they do it?''²->-Flanker 66, [[ the invent a premise thread]].²²"Who was that masked troper?"²²We may never know.²²Man or woman? Old or young? Human or sophisticated computer program?²²The Mysterious Troper is a singular individual (or are they?) who wanders the various articles adjusting and improving as all tropers are wont to do. This Mysterious Troper's ambition, however, seems to be quite extraordinary.²²Currently, personal missions seem to include uploading as many pictures to comic book characters, teams and titles as possible by the wiki's limitations, as well as a frequent patrol officer of the Frequent Redlinks List. (Also dislikes parentheses used within trope example lists, rather than colons and normal punctuation).²²Not the same figure as the Tropers/UnknownTroper.²²!!Pages Started/Significantly Added To (chronological):²* VideoGame/RockNRollRacing²* {{ComicBook/Hourman}}²* Film/TheGreenHornet (2011 Film)²* VideoGame/BloonsTowerDefense²* ComicBook/TheEndLeague²* {{Film/Jarhead}}²* {{Analysis/Journey}} (Analysis)²* [[Film/BabettesFeast Babette's Feast]]²* Film/TheSecretLifeOfWalterMitty (2013 Film)²* Film/MillionDollarArm²* Film/MenWomenAndChildren²* Film/AmericanUltra²* Series/FutureMan


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