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The Mysterious Troper lurks in the shadows, helping Tropes that need more wiki love. However, an influx of vandals means they have their work cut out. Can they do it?

"Who was that masked troper?"

We may never know.

Man or woman? Old or young? Human or sophisticated computer program?

The Mysterious Troper is a singular individual (or are they?) who wanders the various articles adjusting and improving as all tropers are wont to do. This Mysterious Troper's ambition, however, seems to be quite extraordinary.


Currently, personal missions seem to include uploading as many pictures to comic book characters, teams and titles as possible by the wiki's limitations, as well as a frequent patrol officer of the Frequent Redlinks List. (Also dislikes parentheses used within trope example lists, rather than colons and normal punctuation).

Not the same figure as the Unknown Troper.

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