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1Hello. I'm a fangirl of Jericho the Vampire Hedgehog. I am 14 years old and my birthday is on June 15. I enjoy roleplaying as VideoGame/SonicTheHedgehog characters. I have many of the games and will not hesitate to play them. I also love Kanye West music very much. I probably would consider myself as a fangirl when it comes to Jericho because of my reaction whenever I see him. Please don't hate on me, but I would actually consider myself as a Furry.²²²!! These are the other websites that I use in my life:²²* Website/{{Scratch}} :²²* Website/{{Twitter}} :²²* Website/DeviantArt :²²* Website/YouTube : (Mephiles West)²²* Website/{{Tumblr}} :²²* Quotev:²²* [=TikTok=] :


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