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1''Taps on the microphone.'' '''Is this thing on!?''' Oh, it is. Well then, let me introduce myself. I am Black Hole Of Food. I am a simple teen who likes to get into some misadventures and likes to try new things.²Black Hole Of Food [[MeaningfulName makes eating her hobby]]. She enjoys listening to TheMegas and shooting at [[strike: babies and puppies]] paper targets. [[red: CAUTION: Know to spontaneously burst into song.]]²²----²!!This Troper Provides Examples Of²* BigEater²* BerserkButton: Don't irritate her²* BrilliantButLazy²* CrazyPrepared: Seriously, she carries duct tape wherever she goes. And has a spare of everything she carries!²* DaddysGirl: Why else would he let me do a load of dangerous things?²* HiddenHeartOfGold²* NiceGirl²* PassThePopcorn: If you see her, she is most likely watching something interesting, popcorn in one arm.²* SupremeChef: Any pastry I make. That is all.²* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Doritos and ginger ale.²* TrueNeutral²----²!!Tropes Other Tropers Would Describe Me As²²* CuteBruiser - Kind of. ~ @/{{Radd}}²* BlackHoleBelly - Heh ~ {{@/Loid}}²----²!!This Troper Is A Fan Of²* AzumangaDaioh²* BlackBird²* BobAndGeorge²* CivilProtection²* DetectiveConan²* EdEddAndEddy²* FostersHomeForImaginaryFriends²* FreemansMind²* {{Hetalia}}²* HomestarRunner²* {{Kirby}}²* MegaMan²* MysteriousGirlfriendX²* {{Pokemon}}²* RegularShow²* {{Tetris}}²* TheMegas²²!!My fellow Tropers, write anything you want down here!²²Hey there, bestie. ~ @/{{Radd}}²²-hugs- I love ya! Happy holidays and may your wishes come true~ {{Tropers/Compassionate Sadist}}²²How did I miss this page? Ah well, one more tick in my vandalism box. - @/{{Phoenixor}}²²YOU! -points- are amazing in many ways and I enjoy having you on the forums. Goodbye. --[[@/{{Tre}} Stephen Tuck]]²²'''HI BLACK!!!!''' - @/{{anamonkey48}}²²So this one time in High School, this kid asked me, "What's the capital of China?" And before I could answer "Beijing," he shouted "Bangkok!" and tried to kick my groin but missed. Anyway, I'm trying to figure out if this should be cataloged as a '''FAIL''' or '''EPIC FAIL''', and I want your opinion on the matter because I can't make up my mind. -- @/SeanMurrayI²²greetings friend- @/{{fringeman}}²²Since you took the time to '''VANDALISE!''' my page, I feel I must return the favour. So... Erm... Hi! - @/{{A Crack In Time}}²²You want to know what's sweet? Me getting copies of GlennBeck's family Christmas cards ([[ 2009]] and [[ 2010]]) from one of his distant relatives. All I had to do was ask for them and here they are. Only now, I don't know what to do with them! (And personally, I prefer the one with the attack hounds.) --@/SeanMurrayI²²I will now unleash '''my own''' black hole... '''''[[WhatDoYouMeanItsNotAwesome OF VANDALISM!!!!!]]''''' --[[@/{{sgrunt}} a vandal]]²²I... never vandalized this page? :( Hi! ~{{Tropers/Fuzy2K}}²²The faeries bring gifts of food [[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial which most certainly won't trap you in their world forever.]] - @/{{StolenByFaeries}}²²''VALENTIMES''!! --[[@/{{Snicklin}} Black Hole Of Fddo]]


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