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1Hello troper, I see that you are lost, and most likely confused about who I am. I am Wade, I'll leave it at that. Honestly, I'm just a guy who dreams of fame, loves gaming, and also has a couple of screws loose in his head. 께Age:15께Lives in Virginia께Sexuality: Asexual께Gender: Male께[[folder:Tropes About Me]]께* 께** AffectionateNickname: I am very prone to giving these to my friends.께** BeserkButton: Use racial slurs or jokes about suicide around me, and the results aren't pretty.께** OnlySaneMan: I'm seen as this by my friends. It's quite obvious that it's averted on this wiki.께** SuperOCD: I have a problem with most asymmetric shapes and strive for complety equality. [[/folder]]


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