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1Hello everybody. My usual name on the interwebs is Aaymeirah. I have little social life so I browse websites like this one, so you know, I'll have even less in common with people when I try to talk to them in real life. I write {{fanfiction}} under the same name on both Website/ArchiveOfOurOwn [[ here]] and [[ here]] For any curious ones, you can browse the list of tropes that fit me in some ways and also check out the links to some of my major fanfics. ²²Alignment: ChaoticNeutral, I work on a situational basis and²I freely admits to being an Eclectic Troper²²[[folder:Applicable Tropes]]²* BadassBookworm, emphasis on brain.²* DeadpanSnarker, to the annoyance of those around me. ²* Ocassionaly I graduates into the DistaffCounterpart of GentlemanSnarker.²* TheSmartGuy, because no one else around me is.²* SmartPeopleWearGlasses, one part of that is subject to debate.²* ItAmusedMe, because, sometimes I get bored.²* FourTemperamentEnsemble, Choleric-Sanguine.²* FourPhilosophyEnsemble, the apathetic.²* MyersBriggs, ENTP²* TheGadfly, I mean well, truly, i'm just curious.²[[/folder]]²[[folder:Written Works]]²* [[ Jury Summons]] Written in the Sherlock(TV) Fandom. Words: 26,120 Chapters: 26/26. Sherlock receives a letter. JURY SUMMONS it says. No way, he says. Sherlock knows that when you're part of a jury, you have to decide the fate of someone. That doesn't bother him. What does is the boredom. And Sherlock has never been good dealing with a lack of stimulus. Or ignoring a convoluted murder.²* [[ Chosen ones]] Written in the Valdemar fandom. ²Words: 15,223 Chapters: 4/4. Four choosing stories, each featuring my OCs introduced in 'to be a Heraldic Trainee'. ²²** 1-Meryl is afraid of horses. But what's this? A Companion?²²*** 2-Alyn is in disgrace and banished from Haven. While snowed into a inn, a Bard with no instrument, horse or pack comes stumbling in.²²*** 3-May your life be interesting, curse the Shin'a'in, Richenda certainly got that when a brawl started.²²*** 4-Mac, and orphan lives at the Monastery of Juros the Helping Hand. A dead Herald and severely injured Companion are found by a dangerous stream. Why is the Companion still alive, what does he want with Mac?²*** part one of [[ Tales from the Collegium]] series.²* [[ To be a Heraldic Trainees]] Written in the Valdemar fandom. Words: 19,271 Chapters: 6/6. Come Hell or high water, Meryl and her friends are determined to earn their whites. (or die trying.) A series of stand alone stories featuring my OCs in the land of Valdemar. ²** Part two of [[ Tales from the Collegium]]series.²[[/folder]]


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