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1%%[[quoteright:238:]] ²²I'll just leave this box of spray paint here.²----²!!Make a mess here²* [[ HAAYY]] -@/DrNoPuma²* Can I have my bacon back? ~ {{Tropers/BaconZorp}}²* ( ・ ω ・ ) hi. -[[ anza_sb]]²* [grabs bottle of spray paint and tries to spray it] Hmm, It's not working, maybe the nozzle's blocked? [[TooDumbToLive [turns it towards face]]] AHHHHHH MY EYES MY EYYEESSSS!!!!! ~ Tropers/{{Cailleach}}²* And now, to make my escape! ''Explodes a can of spray paint''. Gah! My eyes! Why did I think this was a good idea? - [[ Cabe_Bedlam]]²* -BUSTS DOWN DOOR- DID SOMEONE SAY [[ DAFT PUNK]] -- @/{{Tre}}²* Ain't I a stinker? - Tropers/{{katnissfire}}²* (Falcon Kicks door) MWAHAHAHA!- {{Tropers/Revaryk}}²* *Whack* [[MemeticMutation Surprise, muddy trucker.]] -- @/StarAndroidJaguar²* Giorgio Moroder was better. -[=EeveeGirlChey=]


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