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1* FandomLifeCycle: Strangely, despite being a sub-franchise of the media giant that is ''Mario'', the ''Wario'' franchise has hovered between Stages 1 and 2. Despite many of the games selling at least a million copies, the series' fandom is rather disjointed, barely scraping [[CultClassic cult]] status. Theories as to why this is range from the fact that Wario's AntiHero isn't quite as marketable as the friendlier Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, or Donkey Kong, or the fact that Wario's franchise is uncharacteristically disjointed, as not only do the Mario spinoffs, ''Wario Land'', and ''[=WarioWare=]'' not share any characters, Wario almost feels like three different characters in these series. The constant [[SequelGap long gaps between new releases]] is also a likely factor.
2* WordOfSaintPaul: In fact, multiple! One of Wario's voice actors, Thomas Spindler, confirmed that one of Wario's {{Catch Phrase}}s is "So ein Mist"[[note]]German for OhCrap[[/note]], not "D'oh, I missed!". Longtime Mario-universe voice actor Creator/CharlesMartinet, however, [[ claims]] he was the one who said it, and that it indeed was "D'oh, I missed."