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1[[foldercontrol]][[folder:Tropes]]* AscendedFanon: Rather appropriate that the game has a pirouette-like short dodge, considering it came after one that [[ had a pirouette-style dodge as a mod]].* ColbertBump: Not that the game wasn't a commercial success already, but the release of the [[Series/TheWitcher2019 Netflix series]] caused a [[ massive resurgence of players on Steam]], at one point peaking at [[ over 100,000 concurrent players]], more than there was in the weeks following its launch in 2015.* {{Defictionalization}}: ** Gwent was well-received enough that the "Hearts of Stone" and "Blood and Wine" expansions have limited editions which include a physical Gwent set.*** To a lesser extent, Gwent in general was defictionalized as a ''Heartstone''-esque digital [=CCG=].* FanNickname: The [[IncrediblyLamePun Switcher]] [[note]]The nickname fans sometimes use to refer to the UsefulNotes/NintendoSwitch port of the game, occasionally accompanied by the subtitle [[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaBreathOfTheWild "Breath of the Wild Hunt"]].[[/note]]** "El Brujero" -- The series's nickname among Hispanic fans, after the Netflix live action series was announced to have a Spaniard dub, in reference to the {{Blind Idiot Translation}}s that European Spanish dubs are infamous for. Also "El Magias" (The magical one), "El brujerias" (The witchcrafter) and "Geraldo Revilla y su caballo maravilla" (Geraldo Revilla and his wonder horse). All usually pronounced with a ''THICK'' Spaniard accent.* LimitedSpecialCollectorsUltimateEdition: Including the physical versions of bonus content found with a digital purchase as well as [[{{Feelies}} a game map, a Witcher medallion, and a 33x24x26cm hand-painted statuette of Geralt fighting a Griffin. The Xbox One version even included a couple decks of Gwent cards.]] All for the low price of $149.99. However, unlike other instances of this trope, this actually ''was'' a Limited Edition - most retailers sold out within a couple weeks if not days of it being announced. Although the Witcher wolf medallion, unlike the ones included in collector's editions of the previous games, [[ is available as a separate purchase.]]* MythologyGag: One that's easy to miss is in the cutscene after you defeat [[spoiler:Eredin.]] The move Geralt uses in that cutscene - taking the momentum from [[spoiler:Eredin's]] parry and turning it into an attack of his own popped up way back in [[Literature/BloodOfElves Blood Of Elves]] in an early scene of Geralt training Ciri on the pendulums; specifically how to use that very move to successfully complete the exercise.* NamesTheSame: ''Almost''. Master Mirror's name is nearly identical to one of ''ComicBook/TheFlash'' supervillains, Mirror Master. Strangely, they also share a colour-scheme (orange and green).* PromotedFanboy: When a fan wrote to CD Projekt Red about how ''The Witcher 2'' helped him cope with his cluster-migraines, CDPR responded by [[ offering to make him an NPC]] in ''Wild Hunt''.** Flash, a prominent modder for ''The Witcher 2'', was brought on as a gameplay designer for ''The Witcher 3''* StuntCasting: Polish dubbing for ''Blood and Wine'' involves ''two'' cases easily overshadowing Creator/CharlesDance in English dubbing, considering it's just an expansion pack and the roles are ''very'' minor:** Roach is voiced by Wojciech Mann, a famous radio speaker with a ''very'' characteristic voice. [[ Just check yourself]].** In the conclusion of ''Big Game Hunter'' quest, Geralt can visit the painting presentation. The woman making a lecture about monsters (virtually a nameless extra) is voiced by Krystyna Czubówna, a voice every single Pole knows due to her extensive work as a lector in documentary films about wildlife. It borders on CastingGag, since she's yet again providing a lecture in style of documentary film, in completely serious tone, about fictional monsters.* TroubledProduction: A mild example. If CD Projekt Red's [[ Glassdoor page]] is any indication, development of the game happened at a breakneck pace that took a toll on employees, resulting in a staggering turnover rate.* WhatCouldHaveBeen:** [[ Apparently,]] the game was originally scheduled to include a section where Geralt [[SnowMeansDeath fights while ice-skating.]] The below article reveals that this section would've involved [[spoiler:Ciri ice-skating in a boss fight against Caranthir]], a MythologyGag from the books.** [[ Another article]] reveals a wide array of people, places, monsters and mechanics which didn't make it into the final product. One of the most notable alterations detailed is that Iorveth, one of the most prominent characters from ''The Witcher 2'' and [[ChuckCunninghamSyndrome one of the most conspicuously missing individuals in the game]], originally had a large role planned in the game along with the Scoia'tael. Unfortunately, for unexplained reasons, the story had to be cut in development and the writers decided to leave him out of the game entirely instead of just shoehorn him in somewhere else.[[/folder]]----[[folder:Misc Trivia]]* The game has won 250 Game of the Year Awards, along with 650 other awards. Combined, the game has over 800 awards.* [[ The Taxman Cometh]] quest, the monster [[ Chort of White Orchard]], and the related cards in Gwent (the Chort and "Cow"), are in-game additions that reference player exploits that used to result in a lot of crowns very, very fast. Without clicking the wiki links and spoiling the fun, let's just say that killing six cows in White Orchard results in the Bovine Defense Force Initiative getting deployed.[[/folder]]----


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