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1* ActingForTwo: They do this automatically for Chick Tract videos, but the guests also get in on it from time to time.* ApprovalOfGod: Even though they've had some disagreements with him in real life, after a brief dispute with his company, they got Ray Comfort's permission to review his films, with clips, on Website/YouTube. Though they feel this is more so him allowing them to do it for the views the reviews will give his movies, and the ad revenue, as a result of people checking out his movies through their reviews.* ColbertBump: Through their appearances on other channels, they've gained subscribers quicker than just by themselves.** Logicked also wanted this to happen to his channel when he read a Chick Tract with them.** Armoured Skeptic also joked that he got them the last 90 subscribers they needed to hit 50,000 in their crossover reading of the 'Last Generation' Tract's cold open.* CrossDressingVoices: When they read Chick Tracts. Special mention goes to Mr. Repzion, who genuinely sounds like a little girl in the Tract he read with them.* DoingItForTheArt: Since [=YouTube=]'s policy changes to their monetization system, The Quran Reloaded has, pretty much, become this for the moment.* MissingEpisode: They had a movie review and a few other videos on their Vidme page before that site went down that are not on [=YouTube=].* OldShame: Their first bunch of Bible videos, since they weren't up to their current humor or commentary.** Hannah and Jake both hate some of the ways they used to act in the first several years of the channel and even regret some of their crossover Chick Tract videos due to some of the guests being or becoming horrible people afterwards.* TheOtherDarrin: In their Chick Tract videos, God is usually voiced by Hugo, but has also been done by Jake. Jesus has also been voiced by both of them, Logicked, and Steve Shives. The Devil has also been voiced by Steve Shives and a few others.** In the "Origin of Harold P. Penisman" Chick Tract video, Hannah voiced Penisman for the first 95% of the tract, but then Jake reassumed the role after Penisman started his transformation into who he'll be in "The Last Generation."** Early on, they were gonna switch off who read the bible each video. However, this was quickly done away with and Hannah remained narrator for the rest of the Old Testament. Come the New Testament, Jake is officially the narrator of The Bible.* ScheduleSlip: Occasionally with The Quran Reloaded, especially during mid-2017, where there were sparse new video uploads on it due to outside things causing them to put it on hold as well as [=YouTube=]'s monetization policy changes in 2017 making that a smart thing to put on hold until they got their stuff sorted out.** This has returned in 2018, as they got a few community guideline strikes on that channel and are waiting for them to go away before posting to it again.* TalkingToHimself: Yep, during Chick Tracts when they play multiple characters in the same scenes.* ThrowItIn: Basically anything in their Chick Tract or Bible reading videos, but also a part of one of their reviews where Jake told Darwin to follow him and Darwin barked as he did, which he knew really sold the joke they were doing.* WhatCouldHaveBeen: In a few of their videos, Jake has mentioned that, at one point, Conservative commentator Milo Yiannopoulos and [=YouTuber=] John Scarce were to record videos with them for their channel. Safe to say as Milo's fallen out of popularity with his fans, as well as their evolved politics, that won't happen, as it hasn't yet. The jury's still out on Scarce, though.** Special mention goes to their crossover with Brad Jones, which never materialized due to scheduling conflicts with all of them. Eventually, Hannah confirmed in a livestream that it was for the best, since he was a main source of inspiration for her and, after Brad revealed his true feelings on the Change the Channel controversy and basically disavowed everyone who left Channel Awesome because of the problems they had with Mike Michaud and Doug or Rob Walker or any of the other higher-ups, it became better that they didn't, as it would've been one of her biggest regrets in hindsight.


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