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1* KeepCirculatingTheTapes: Despite being a popular DirectToVideo series, the series never got released to DVD, possibly because production of the series ended before they were created. ** The television cuts of the show, which ran for four two-week periods to promote the tapes [[note]]The first two-week period aired in syndication before the videos came out, while the last three aired on Creator/{{Nickelodeon}} as part of the Creator/NickJr timeslot to promote episodes "An Eye For A Tooth", "The Brush In The Stone" and "Rainy Day Adventure". [[/note]], are harder to find than the actual DirectToVideo episodes themselves due to these cuts only airing for a brief period of time.** Then, in June 2020, Kevin Carlson (co-creator and voice of Timmy) commented on a retrospective video on [=YouTube=] made by Colin [=LooksBack=], stating that all ten episodes would be released on the Creator/{{Peacock}} streaming service. He wasn't lying: the episodes became available on the service upon launch.* FridayNightDeathSlot: The first two-week television run of this show ran daily at 6:00AM on most TV stations that got it, a timeslot usually used for kids' programs that networks aren't interested in or are meant for children under five.* ReferencedBy: The show appears in one scene of the movie ''Film/AmericanPie2''. Some members of the Gingivitis Gang also got reused for the show ''Series/GregTheBunny''.


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