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1* OutdatedByCanon: Much of the 2060s storyline was overridden by ''Film/StarTrekFirstContact''. In ''Federation'', Zefram Cochrane makes his Vulcan-summoning warp flight ''before'' WorldWarIII, not after, and it's launched from Saturn's moon Titan instead of Earth, using an unmanned single-nacelle probe instead of the ''Phoenix''. By the time he returns to the inner planets, the Optimum movement is gaining power. With the help of his friend Micah Brack, Cochrane makes the plans for the warp drive available for free to enable people to escape Earth and the Optimum. The Cochrane of ''First Contact'' was OnlyInItForTheMoney.* SimilarlyNamedWorks: ''Federation'' shares its title with [[ an unproduced Star Trek TV series]].----


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