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1* CastTheRunnerUp: Luke Pasqualino, who eventually won the role of Freddie, originally auditioned for Tony.* TheCastShowoff: A great many of the actors in Generation 1 are also great singers, with Nick Hoult (Tony), Mitch Hewer (Maxxie), April Pearson (Michelle), Mike Bailey (Sid), Joe Dempsie (Chris), Aimee-Ffion Edwards (Sketch), and Siwan Morris (Angie) all showing it off at various points.** Mitch Hewer is also a great dancer, which was kind of a necessity to play Maxxie.* TheDanza: Josie Long playing Chris' career counsellor Josie.** Humorously averted with the Fitches. Katherine Prescott plays Emily while Megan Prescott plays Katie.* DawsonCasting: Averted with the main cast. Played ([[JustifiedTrope justifiably]]) straight in series 6 with [[spoiler:Poppy, the 14-year-old Alo has sex with without realising she's underage, who's played by a 19-year-old.]]** Holly Earl, the girl who played Poppy Champion who was supposed to be 13 and who had a pedophilic storyline revolve around her, but Holly is in fact a year older than Will Merrick, who played Alo. She is 23 while he's 22.** The American version found out the hard way why so many {{teen drama}}s employ this trope -- MoralGuardians accused the show of being [[PaedoHunt child pornography]] for putting its 17-year-old actors in risque situations.* DirectedByCastMember: Harry Enfield directed two episodes of series 2. Creator/DanielKaluuya, aka "Posh Kenneth," also wrote Jal's S2 episode and Thomas's S3 episode.* EnforcedMethodActing: When [[ JJ blows fire]] in his S3 episode, when he's in the shed with Freddie, Effy and Cook. While Ollie Barbieri was learning the trick, Luke, Kaya and Jack were put under the impression that the fire would be added in with special effects, so their shock when it happened was completely genuine.* FakeNationality: The Polish student from the pilot episode. It's obvious from even from her pretty much [[ "niezrozumiale"]] (incomprehensible) "Ostatnio! Prawdziwa chłop przybywa." that Polish is not the first language of the actress. Judging from her actual skill (OrSoIHeard) in Italian, it's not her second either.* FanNickname: Sorry Mandy but being the threat to the Naomily ship has earned you the unflattering name of "Giant-Not-Naomi".** And after a [[CreatorBacklash stroppy]] Merveille Lukeba (Thomas) [[Website/{{Twitter}} tweeted]] about "the nation's favourite lesbian couple", it became a nickname for Naomily the fans were [[AppropriatedAppellation only too happy to pick up]].*** Some fans also use "DJ Merv" as a sarcastic nickname for him -- his big ego has not made him particularly well liked within fandom.** Alo, Rich, Grace and Franky are called the Fab Four.** The Triangle of Doom - referring to the second generation's [[TriangRelations love triangle]] of Freddie/Effy/Cook.** In a similar vein, the Franky/Matty/Liv triangle in generation 3 has been nicknamed "FML", for the characters' initials and most fans' reaction to it.* FollowTheLeader: Highly controversial Russian series ''Shkola'' (''School'') is basically ''Skins'' [[RecycledINSPACE IN RUSSIA]] with the SerialNumbersFiledOff, and profanity, sexual content and general [[CrapSackWorld crapsackiness]] cranked UpToEleven.** It's actually much tamer than Skins - the profanity isn't as rampant and there are episodes without any sexual content at all. [[ValuesDissonance Inappropriate content is just a lot more strictly monitored there - and depicting daily life in the country in a less-than-pretty way is frowned on]]. Besides, it's not like Skins was the first show to parade around disaffected youth.** Additionally, the [=BBCThree=] show ''Coming of Age'' is Skins [-WITH MORE BAD SEX JOKES AND ONE-DIMENSIONAL CHARACTERS!-]. It's widely considered to be crap, but still gets enough viewers to get renewed.*** It's actually ''Series/TwoPintsOfLagerAndAPacketOfCrisps'' [-WITH KIDS!-] Yeah, because somebody thought that was a ''good'' idea.* KeepCirculatingTheTapes: If you want to see the original uncut episodes, yeah. Due to music costs, the dvds cut all the licensed music. This includes replacing Tony's singing On The Street Where you live with an original song, and completely removing the climactic Wild World music finale of series one. A petition for the original music is underway at:* LyingCreator:** [[spoiler: Matty DOES have ties to a character in Season 5, Nick (his brother).]]** The writers said in an interview toward the beginning of S3 that Naomi was not gay.** Many lesbian fans saw all the hyping of Tea as a super-confident lesbian, after she [[spoiler: started sleeping with Tony, repeatedly]], as this trope.** Jamie Brittain said that the pattern of having a kind of light season followed by a [[DarkerAndEdgier Darker and Edgier]] season wouldn't happen for Generation 3. [[spoiler:S6 is probably the darkest season yet, with a main character in a coma as of the first episode, and dying in the second, a character that ran away and is wanted by the cops, a pregnant girl who really doesn't know what to do and can't even admit to herself that she's pregnant, problems with Russian mafia, and most of the characters being troubled psychologicaly by grief. And from what we've seen from the previews, it's not going better to be better in the last 2 episodes.]] It doesn't. * NamesTheSame: The second generation featured a James Cook and a Naomi Campbell. The latter is briefly given a little LampshadeHanging when she becomes angry on her first appearance on the show. Averted in Real Life in that the twin who played Katie was Megan Prescott, rather than her sister, Kathryn, who played Emily.* RealitySubtext: Ironically, while at the end of series 2, Anwar is the only member of the main cast who isn't 'going somewhere' with his life--but immediately after leaving the show, Dev Patel was cast as the lead in ''Film/SlumdogMillionaire''. Not bad.* ScrewedByTheNetwork: E4 cut the budget for series 4, resulting in there only being eight episodes. For nine characters. Series 5 was also limited to eight episodes, although at least the creators were prepared that time. It was fixed with the upcoming Series 6, which has been confirmed for ten episodes.* ScrewedByTheLawyers: The US version almost had this, when MoralGuardians started asserting that the show violated child pornography laws and threatened to get law enforcement involved. The show didn't actually [[ violate any laws]], though, so all it resulted in was the loss of some gullible advertisers. Enough, however, for MTV to cancel the series, so they won.* SeparatedAtBirthCasting:** Creator/NicholasHoult and Creator/KayaScodelario are ''very'' convincing on-screen siblings with those IcyBlueEyes, [[RavenHairIvorySkin their pale skin and dark hair]] and as a credit to their acting, they manage to have also the same mannerisms;** Chris' father is played by Mark Heap, who definitely looks like Joe Dempsie, as Jal [[LampshadeHanging lampshades]] in-universe.* WhatCouldHaveBeen:** Had S4 had the full 9-10 episodes instead of getting ScrewedByTheNetwork, Pandora and Naomi would have had their own episodes. In fact, the finale was initially planned to be all Naomi's, but because of the shorter season they had to use it to wrap up some other storylines, too.** Even among those who didn't like the U.S. remake, many are upset over the show's cancellation simply because they wanted to see how much or how little the second season would diverge from its British counterpart. Particularly of interest is how Elsley was planning to redeem the Tony/Tea/Betty triangle from its RelationshipWritingFumble in the first season.** A lot of fans of the British version are wishing it because of how Elsley's return changed the plan for Series 6. Especially lesbian viewers, since Brittain had promised to [[spoiler: develop Mini's sexuality more]] in S6, and fans of [[spoiler: Grace or her relationship with Rich]], as she probably [[spoiler: would not have died]] since Brittain had said he was planning to abandon the previous generations' "rise and fall" pattern.----


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