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1* CreatorBacklash: Niklas ''hates'' the term "Suicidal Black Metal" label on his band, due to feeling disgusted that some bands would take the term and establish it and use the music as a sense of therapy instead of ''hurting their listeners''.* HeAlsoDid: Not only has Niklas collabed with multiple artists and such, but he's also released a book containing translations to Shining songs entitled ''When Prozac No Longer Works'' and even worked on a documentary about mental illness called ''Cold Void''.* KeepCirculatingTheTapes: The demo ''Submit to Selfdestruction'' is hard to find, only 300 copies on vinyl were ever made, hand numbered nonetheless. It wasn't until 2012 that it was reissued again...''but exactly like the first release''.** Note that the material from this demo is also available on the compilation ''Through Years of Oppression''.* NamesTheSame: There are ''seven'' projects with the name "Shining"; most people will only know this Shining if you mention that they are from Sweden or just mention Niklas. They're most commonly confused with the [[Music/ShiningNorway Norwegian band]]; while they were wildly disparate genres when they started, they now both qualify as (somewhat different, admittedly) strains of ProgressiveMetal.


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