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1* CreatorBacklash: The band has expressed disappointment with ''Antipop'', finding it unfocused and relying too much on the guidance of others. Les Claypool has some fondness for "Coattails of a Dead Man" though, which explains why it was included on the GreatestHitsAlbum ''They Can't All Be Zingers'' instead of either of the album's official singles, "Lacquer Head" and "Electric Uncle Sam". He confirmed if the band hadn't taken a hiatus after its release, there's a chance Primus would have broken up for good. * HeAlsoDid: Les performed the theme to ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark'', composed the theme to ''WesternAnimation/RobotChicken'', and composed the soundtrack to ''VideoGame/MushroomMen''.** Ler was the original lead guitarist for the TropeNamer of DeathMetal Possessed before permanently joining Primus in 1989. ** Ler ''and'' Les were in an early lineup of ThrashMetal group Blind Illusion before the former joined Primus - both can be heard on Blind Illusion's 1988 album ''The Sane Asylum''. * NamesTheSame: Lester Claypool, a RecordProducer and engineer who has worked with artists like Music/SuicidalTendencies and Music/YngwieMalmsteen, is not the same person as Les Claypool, nor is he a relative. The "Les" in the latter Claypool's name is short for Les''lie'', not Lester. * ThePeteBest: Original guitarist Todd Huth, though he did compose guitar melodies on ''Frizzle Fry''. Subverted with Jay Lane, who would rejoin and perform on ''Green Naugahyde''.** Sausage was a brief in-all-but-name reunion for an early lineup of Primus (Claypool, Lane, and Huth). Their 1994 album ''Riddles Are Abound Tonight'' is the only official release they've all appeared on together. ** The drummer before Jay Lane, Tim "Curveball" Wright, never recorded as Primus, however a snippet of concert footage appears of him on the ''Animals Should Not Try to Act Like People'' EP. * WhatCouldHaveBeen: Imagine if James Hetfield accepted Les into Metallica.


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