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Context Trivia / LessThanPerfect

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1* KeepCirculatingTheTapes: Specially as the home releases have been subpar: Lionsgate only issued Season 1 on DVD, and Amazon has for punchase just seasons 1 and 4 - the latter with just half the episodes!* MissingEpisode: As mentioned below, 8 out of 13 episodes of season 4 were not aired on ABC due to them abruptly cancelling the show, though the missing episodes did later air on Lifetime.* ScrewedByTheNetwork: ABC downsized it's season 4 order from 22 to 13 episodes, only 5 of those episodes aired before the show was cancelled without any sort of explanation, to make matters worse, two more episodes were scheduled to air, but both were pre-empted by NBA games.


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