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1* AllStarCast:** The anime has some fairly famous Japanese voice actors in it. Namely: Creator/JunichiSuwabe (Akura-ou/Kirhito), Creator/HirokiTakahashi (Otohiko), Creator/AkiraIshida (Mikage), Creator/HyoSei (Narukami), Creator/NobuhikoOkamoto (Mizuki), Creator/YuiHorie (Himemiko), and Creator/SatomiSato (Ami).*** Season 2 adds Creator/ShowtaroMorikubo (Ookuninushi) to the mix.** The English dub features Creator/MonicaRial (Himemiko), Creator/RobertMcCollum (Ryuuou Sukuna), Creator/JoshGrelle (Kotetsu), Creator/JadSaxton (Onikiri), Creator/JMichaelTatum (Tomoe), Creator/MicahSolusod (Mizuki), Creator/AlexisTipton (Ami), and Creator/TiaBallard (Nanami and Yukiji).** The Latin American Spanish dub also features several well-known voice actors such as Jessica Ángeles (Nanami and Yukiji), Cecilia Gómez (Ami), Alan Fernando Velázquez (Mizuki), Melissa Gedeón (Himemiko), Jocelyn Robles (Kotetsu), Daniel del Roble (Ryuuou Sukuna) Héctor Emmanuel Gómez (Otohiko), Creator/JoseAntonioMacias (Ookuninishi), Creator/JoseGilbertoVilchis (Kurama), Circe Luna (Izanami), Creator/LilianaBarba (Onikiri), Creator/MariaFernandaMorales (Narukami), Creator/RicardoTejedo (Akura-ou) and Creator/CristinaHernandez (Nanami's mother).* CastingGag: In the Latin American Spanish dub, it's not the first time Creator/JoseGilbertoVilchis (Kurama's VA) [[Film/{{Thor}} voiced a demon god before]].* TheCastShowoff:** Sean O'Connor gets to sing his own songs as Kurama in the English dub.** The same goes for Creator/JoseGilbertoVilchis (Kurama's Mexican VA) in the Latin American Spanish dub.* CompletelyDifferentTitle: Called ''Soy una Diosa ¿Y ahora qué?''[[note]]''I'm a Goddess, and now what?''[[/note]] in Latin America. And ''Jak zostałam bóstwem?!''[[note]]''How I became a goddess?!''[[/note]] in Poland.* CreatorCouple:** In the Latin American Spanish dub, Creator/RicardoTejedo (Akura-Ou's Mexican VA) and Creator/CristinaHernandez (the Mexican VA of Nanami's mother) are husband and wife, although this isn't the first time [[Anime/SaberMarionetteJ they]] [[Film/{{Thor}} worked]] [[Anime/DragonBallSuper together]].** Also from the Latin American Spanish dub, Héctor Emmanuel Gómez and Karla Falcón (Otohiko and Isohime's Mexican actors, respectively) are married in real-life, but this also isn't the first time [[Manga/{{Naruto}} they worked together]].* LimitedSpecialCollectorsUltimateEdition: [[ The US release of the anime has one.]]* RealLifeRelative:** In the Latin American Spanish dub, Dafnis Fernández voices Jiro while his son Darhey voices the younger Jiro.** Also in the Latin American Spanish dub, Arturo Castañeda, the ADR director, provides additional voices with his sister, Carla. Their father, Creator/MarioCastaneda, served as the executive producer for the dub's first season.


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