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1* AbsenteeActor: ** Mike Channel is uncharacteristically absent from the 1987 episode "God Alone Knows," probably because the host of Radio Active's religious show - the Right Reverend Reverend Wright - is also played by Angus Deayton.** Similarly in the ''KYTV'' episode "Speak for Yourself", Mike Channel is absent (except in a reused clip) because Angus Deayton is playing Sir Kenneth Yellowhammer throughout.** Helen Atkinson-Wood doesn't take part in a few episodes, with her place taken by Morwenna Banks.* ActingForTwo: All the actors play multiple roles.* ActorExistenceLimbo: As Geoffrey Perkins died in 2008, the character of Mike Flex was absent from the 2016 stage revival. In the radio broadcast of said revival, one of his old skits was used as TheStinger. * ActorAllusion: In the radio version of "In-house Documentary", Martin Brown annoys the family by singing Spitting Image's "The Chicken Song". Michael Fenton Stevens performed the lead vocal on the original track, which was written by Philip Pope.* CrossDressingVoices: In ''Radio Active'', Michael Fenton-Stevens quite often played female roles whenever a second woman was needed to play against one of Helen Atkinson-Wood's characters. ''KYTV'' by contrast had more female actors, and the female roles tended to be played by actual women.* LifeImitatesArt: The ''KYTV'' episode "2000 'n' Whither" was a parody of programmes such as ''Tomorrow's World'', and therefore was filled with intentionally ridiculous predictions about the future. Such as criminals [[ demanding payment or they'd infect your computer with a virus]] -- what could be more implausible?* NamesTheSame: Mike Channell (double L) is one of the presenters of the [=YouTube=] show WebVideo/OutsideXbox. * PlayingGertrude / DawsonCasting: A running theme in ''Radio Active'' is the rivalry between up-and-coming Mike Flex and fading old star Mike Channel. Geoffrey Perkins, who plays the youthful Flex, was actually the oldest member of the cast. Angus Deayton, who is three years younger than Perkins, plays a generation older. ----


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