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1!!Film˛* AbilityOverAppearance: Tanner Bolt was originally written as an Creator/AlecBaldwin-type. Creator/TylerPerry was cast.˛* {{Defictionalization}}: The UsefulNotes/BluRay comes with an ''Amazing Amy'' book ("Amazing Amy The Tattle Tale"). It's every bit as creepy in its over-the-top portrayal of Amazing Amy as the real Amy claims it was.˛* DawsonCasting: Creator/BenAffleck is actually ''nine'' years older than Creator/CarrieCoon, despite playing twins. He was actually concerned about the age difference, and decided that the twins should be thirty years old, to make it more believable.˛* DoingItForTheArt: Creator/BenAffleck postponed directing ''Film/LiveByNight'' in order to work with Creator/DavidFincher, even stating, "He's the only director I've met who can do everybody else's job better than they could." On-set one day, Affleck changed the lens setting on a camera an almost indiscernible amount, betting a crew member that Fincher wouldn't notice. Affleck lost the bet as Fincher brought up, "Why does the camera look a little dim?"˛* DyeingForYourArt: ˛** Creator/RosamundPike gained and lost thirteen pounds three times to play the character at different times in her life. She stuffed herself with hamburgers and malts to gain the weight, and exercised with a professional boxer for as long as four hours a day and ran five miles (in forty-two minutes) to lose the weight.˛** Creator/KimDickens, normally blonde, became a brunette to play Detective Boney.˛* FakeAmerican: Englishwoman Rosamund Pike plays Amy, a full-blooded American. And she pulls off quite a convincing American accent, which is one of the reasons she is lauded for her performance.˛* InspirationForTheWork: The author said she was inspired to write the story after hearing about the Laci Peterson case, where the handsome, seemingly perfect husband of a heavily pregnant woman was shown to be curiously unfeeling and calm regarding the disappearance of his wife. Turns out he was having an affair, too, and attempted to continue the affair all throughout the search efforts. The difference is that the husband was eventually convicted of murdering his wife, while Amy was actually the mastermind behind her disappearance. ˛* LyingCreator: Fincher and Flynn claimed that the film would feature a reworked third act. [[spoiler: The film's third act, up to and including its ending, is almost entirely faithful to the book.]]˛* PlayingAgainstType: A dark thriller featuring several actors better known for their comedic work, including Creator/NeilPatrickHarris, Creator/TylerPerry and [[Series/HappyEndings Casey Wilson]] (although the latter two play somewhat comedic characters).˛** Kim Dickens, who has played very sexual characters and has shown nudity before, plays the stern and conservative Detective Rhonda Boney.˛** Rosamund Pike is best known for heroic leads play the sociopathic Amy.˛* StarMakingRole[=/=]CareerResurrection: Rosamund Pike has been in many notable movies beforehand but hasn't truly been in the spotlight since ''Film/DieAnotherDay''. This, however, gave her a really big boost and an Oscar nomination.˛* ThrowItIn: Creator/RosamundPike said in a magazine article about making the movie that she including some levity during a scene where she's making pancakes that wasn't in the script, in order to convey a light-hearted friendliness to Creator/BenAffleck. Pike said that the nature of Nick and Amy's relationship didn't allow or call for much (if any) playfulness, but she wanted to add it because it could play as either genuine and showing some basic affection between Nick and Amy, or it could be another part of Amy's warped psychology relative to everything else she says and does in the film.˛* WagTheDirector: Originally, Nick was supposed to wear a Yankees cap in one scene. But Creator/BenAffleck, a die-hard Red Sox fan, refused to wear it. Ultimately, he and Creator/DavidFincher compromised, and he wears a Mets cap.˛* WhatCouldHaveBeen:˛** Creator/JonHamm was seriously considered for Nick Dunne, but his schedule on ''Series/MadMen'' didn't allow this. Creator/BradPitt, Creator/RyanReynolds and Creator/SethRogen were also considered.˛** Creator/ReeseWitherspoon had originally intended to play Amy, but scheduling conflicts meant Rosamund Pike took the role (Witherspoon remained on board as one of the producers). Creator/EmilyBlunt, Creator/JessicaChastain, Creator/AbbieCornish, Creator/RooneyMara, Creator/NataliePortman, Creator/CharlizeTheron and Creator/OliviaWilde were also considered.˛* WorkingTitle: ''Psycho Bitch''.˛----


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